Saturday, October 31, 2015

Speaker Paul Ryan

What do  think of Paul Ryan: Traitor, Rino, Big Government Liberal, Sell-Out, Open-Border Fanatic, Hater of America and its sovereignty.

The Star Spangled Banner

This patriotic national anthem may be a war song but it reminds us to wave the flag, love America, bears lots of arms all the time, and to go to war whenever internal or external punks and thugs believe that they can push around or kill God-fearing, wholesome Americans serving God and country in God's professional army, and citizen militia.

Those that hate the flag and America, and burn the flag, should feel free to leave and go to Mexico or Cuba.

Cruzing Again

"How about this time, Republicans nominate a candidate as committed to conservative principles as Barack Obama is to liberal principles?"

Ted Cruz can be our new Ronald Reagan. His above written quote on Facebook is quote here in full by me. He realizes that a principled, consistent conservative can be elected President in all those blue states, purple states and red states, where he or she delivers an articulate, media savvy message directly to the people, over the heads of the bigoted, hateful, trash-talking media elites, the academic communists, the pastoral Marxists, the educated elite, the ruling class in Washington, the-little-people -hating-billionaires, etc.

Levin is grouchy and rude as usual, but he is almost always right and very compassionate. He deeply loves American, and is working brilliantly and feverishly to save her.He knows that the American people at heart are conservative, capitalists, seeking to see the Constitution honored, the books balanced every year, Washington hollowed out, and a return to our traditions under constitutional republicanism.

Cruz could be our new Ronald Reagan.

I am trying to get in on the action, but I have been almost totally shut out and ignored. True reform only comes from the bottom up for any people, anywhere in history. It must be accomplished by people doing what is right of their own free will as a matter of conscience.

Reform first be voluntary and implemented by thousands or millions of organized individualist individuators and supercitizens, or it is a sham that will quickly perish and decline into but another totalitarian regime of repression and great cruelty.

Electing a pure conservative as US President in 2016 would go a long ways towards restoring American greatness.


We do not celebrate Halloween at our house this year. We took our kids trick or treating when we lived in Minneapolis in the 90s. We have given out candy as recently as last year.

I am not fond of Halloween as a holiday. I would classify it spiritually as a pagan holdover from the ancient Celts, my people, but what they have bequeathed to the modern world in this instance is unsavory at best. Do we really need the dead, ghosts--many or most that are evil spirits--allowed to roam the earth free without constraint this night?

Should we celebrate them, and increase their numbers and presence by making it the second most popular and financially lucrative holiday in America? Absolutely not.

Satan and Lera have always ruled this world, and until the Mother and the Father come back and establish heaven on earth, this planet is run by demons.  All people are born wicked, and live, work, socialize and die in evil packs, and live enslaved lives of misery, want, hunger, sickness, filth, non-fulfillment, self-loathing and restriction. Hierarchies, institutions and socialized economies, run by corrupt, lying vicious elites living off the masses, all contribute to evil being rampant and entrenched on earth.

On top of these heavy burdens and seemingly unsolvable problems that they spawn, now we increase our pagan embracing of Halloween? It is disastrous and immoral to do so because we are increasing and celebrating the presence of evil and evil spirits, not fighting and defeating them, by joining the ranks of the Good Spirits hard at work recruiting here on earth.

Some secular fun and innocent enjoying of this holiday by good, solid, decent Christian people is fine, but we are overdoing it and need to scale it back. We do not need to eliminate or ban this holiday, but we need to scale it back.

Twisted, Sick People

Liberals and people in general are twisted and sick, to varying degrees, deteriorating and declining in intellectual, moral, spiritual and political health, day by day as long as they live, moping around in the constricting little cliques within which they malfunction at work, at play and at home.

People hate the ones that they should love, and that are good for them, and love the ones that are toxic to them, and that do hate people.

As people begin to exit from groups and individual-live, they will find common sense, inner peace and balance. They will begin to interpret how the world, others and themselves really are. At that point they will hate none, but will love the ones that are lovable and love them back, and will assert themselves against those that hate them and attack them, fending them off and reproving them.

Sanity will prevail and many fewer destructive games will be played or stomached.

To Report

There is a lot of bad news to report, but we will leave that for another day.

Why do you not dedicate your life, from this moment forward, to improving yourself?

Then in your small but significant way, you are now part of the solution, and this is very good news to report back to the Good Spirits and to others.

Blessed Be God

Blessed be the Father and the Mother, and their followers, the Good Spirits. May they wrest control of earth, and the very universe itself, from the clutches of the dark powers.

By maverizing, you are doing your bit to change yourself and the world, to contribute to the spread of goodness in this world.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Dumbfound Them

Dumbfound those meeting you with the stunning improvement in looks, charater, self-control and work ethic.

If you come across now as remarkable, it is based on your level of development and industry.

Making A difference

Are you a dullard or are you making a difference each dy that you are on this mortal coil?

If you maverize, you make a difference. If you make a difference, you are a maverizer. It is as simple as this.

Make a difference, and be someone important that makes a solid commitment.

Look Out Paul

Ryan tg]he snake and RINo needs his butt kikrd from the get go, and this Tea Party memo ought to help. I just signed this petition, and it could serve as the new Contract for America.

Here is is: "We must demand that Paul Ryan do what his predecessor was supposed to do: Keep the promises that the Republicans made to the American people in 2010 when we handed them the Congress in a tidal wave election.

This is what Paul Ryan must fight for:

  • Repeal Obamacare! All of it. No exceptions. (Ending the Congressional Exemption from Obamacare which we’ve been fighting so hard for immediately would be a great start).

  • Defeat Common Core and save our local schools.

  • Tax reform. No more crony capitalism.

  • Start  back government spending to 2008 levels to speed the process of realizing our goal of a debt-free future."
This is from Jenny at the Tea Party. Great stuff on the way to reviving America.

Cruz Outrage

Tonight his is lambasting McConnell for his cowardice and complete capitulation to Harry Reid and Barak Obama.

McConnell needs to resign. We Tea Partyers need to take over the Republican Party, so we have the party organzation to launch or bid to take over the country.

Once we have taken over the country, seal the borders, reinstall liberty, the rule of law, Constitutional governance, uleashed capitalism, military upswing and balance budgets will do much to restore the American Way, securing our place in the world and in history going forward.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Shallow Change

Shallow, constant, whirling change is roaring all around us as we are buffeted about.

Deep, profound change is well nigh undetectable to shallow, insensitive people. Unless one maverize, live in the truth, and follows and serves the Good Spirits, one will be unable to detect the presence of actual, lasting change, and to contribute to its expansion and continuation.


I just answered a 6 page letter from an English relative that I have pen-paled with for the last 29 years.

Mary is an 83 year old widow, a great-grandmother, and a retired medical secretary.

She remembers that her father served in WWI, and was courting her mother. He had to learn to milk with a stool and a pail to fit in  with the in-laws family--sort of the price of admission into their inner circle. She recalled how warm and cozy rural, village life was there and then in the 40s.

They had no central heating, no TV, no refrigerators but they were content and happy, with full, warm and emotionally rich lives. She laments how much the world has changed--even village life--from the olden days.

This got me to thinking.

I envision an ideal society in which people live and run government locally as anarchist-individuating supercitizens.

With that local connection and touch, the emotional warmth, rootedness, sense of security and belonging enjoyed by an English girl 70 years ago, could be repeated and replicated everywhere. People could gain from the comforting closeness and familiarity of people they know well, the local touch, without the stultifying constriction that comes with rural groupism.

Local, warm structure and connectedness can be had without the rigidity and staleness of most rural group setups.

Deer Hunting

The season opens a week from Saturday. I am taking four days off go go up to the farmhouse. It will be fun--the first days I have had off for 10 weeks. Got to get ready to go--will be thinking about it all next week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cull Some More

Gather your feelings of confidence and courage so that you overcome and drown out any feels of fear, doubt and insecurity that hold you back and hold you down.

You deserve to be happy and fulfilled, and as an individuator you will find God's peace and presence.

With God's energy and constant presence permeating your entire being, you will enjoy life to the fullest.


RINOS are fanatics. Levin reveals that they are likely to work to defeat a conservative Presidential candidate, and get Hilary elected just so protect the status quo. They prefer to Cruz.

These cowards and traitors have made Obama possible, and have kept him from being stopped, impeached and kicked out of office.

2 Samuel 14, 20

A woman is impressed and surprised by how well-informed David is, and she attributes his understanding and with-it-ness to God as his source of new. She says this of David: "But my lord is as wise as an angel of God, so that he knows all things on earth."

So let us launch a crusade urging all Americans to embrace and live truth as a way of life. God will provide you with news, wisdom and understanding so that all will be made clear to you.

The Secret is Out

Here is the truth. Things can and will get better, as soon as the majority of voters will that they improve.

The grip on public opinion by the ruling class of both parties, by Academia, by the liberal biased press--these elite rulers of the masses will cease to rule and dominate as soon as the masses get fed up with being dominated, lied to, brainwashed, steered, stole from and exploited.

The only substantive, genuine reform is personal reform in the fashion of self-realization. Take a majority of Americans, once they elect to maverize, and they will rule the county, the country and the world--even the universe as living angels, united with God's departed angels.

That is solid reform from the bottom up. An bit d that is the way to go in the future, and that is the way to go and win.

God's truth can be delayed but it cannot prevented from occurring.

The Convention Of The States Push

I have signed up as a volunteer to help launch our Convention of the States attempt to save our country. They asked for my input and this is what I wrote: "I am a staunch conservative with some ideas originating from my Mavellonialist political philosophy. By blending these ideas with Levinism, traditional American political system and the Tea Party agenda, we can establish a conservative constitutional republic under which individual rights and freedom, unbridled capitalism and military prowess will restore our country in the eyes of the world, serving as a cultural, political and economic model for the entire world."

Ted's Lament

Cruz articulates his criticism of new budget deal. I quote his Facebook entry in its entirety:

"Make no mistake: the Speaker’s golden parachute budget deal is a victory for the ‪#‎WashingtonCartel‬, for the politically connected elite, and for big business and lobbyists who get in bed with career politicians to grow government.
This budget completely annihilates the 2011 budget caps, the one successful attempt at spending restraint in the Obama era. We should never default on our debt, but this deal suspends the debt ceiling, saddling future generations with the bill for our reckless spending, while making no meaningful reforms to the programs driving our runaway spending."

There is not much left in terms of political salvation in Washington from either party. All are liberals, all are socialists, and all are big government spenders. They will bankrupt the country and run it over and cliff. They realize this but just do not care.

We conservatives must go the Convention of States route, and seek to save the counntry and constitutional republic outside of Washington.

If we are principled, plain-spoken conservatives that plead our case to the people everywhere, everyday, we can win over the majority of Americans to restore fiscal and moral sanity in Washington and outside of it.

If all Christians and all Americans add the Mavellonialist faith to their set of traditional and modern values, they will begin to self-realize, and to live as wealthy, free supercitizens, and Leftism will not long appeal to these rejuvenated livers and voters.

In Rhythm

Do not cumber yourself with an erratic, intermittent sense of purpose. Find out who you are  and what you are. Find out where you are at, and where you want to get in terms of  fulfilling your life quest. That should fill you with an unquenchable sense of purpose, and a clear direction in which to head.

With your sense of purpose, you should be able to please God, and feel proud about what you are trying to get done.

Establish a rhythm to how you live and proceed, and then carry on. What you must acquire right now and in the long run to be successful is what you must move towards on your way to success and brilliant accomplishment.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Private Behavior

Be well-behaved in public, and even moreso in private where no one but the Good Spirits are watching.

Barry The Blabbermouth

He whined the other day that racism was a meme coursing through the psyche of this country.

Rather it is an obsession, a hysteria invented and whipped up by the Left to goad minorities into a race war, and to make them wards of the state, thus increasing the Democratic power base. Racism is their only prism with which they see the world.

In fact, Americans are the least prejudiced people in the world. We are all individuals first, and Americans second, and members of our ethnic and gender groups after that.

To accept these facts and live in accordance with them is the only way to end residual racism, a bigotry driven by group versus group and they hate themselves and each other

Total Surrender

The Republican Congress with the new budget deal is totally surrendering to Obama and the Democrats, according to Ted Cruz. Sounds like a great impetus to go for term limits on all federal politicians.

The deliberate ineffectiveness and phony bipartisanship as they willingly submit to demands from Democrats and Barak has emboldened the Left to carry on their spendthrift foolish ways.

It has made Obama a more lethal, destructive, unpunished dictator than he otherwise would have been. Their cowardice and betrayal is unconscionable.

Monday, October 26, 2015


It is not necessary for an individuator to be refined and cultured--although there is not reason why she or he could not be, if so living interested them.

An individuator must love a lot, fight to survive and thrive, follow the Good Spirits, do lovely and inspiring art, and grow, grow, grow.

She can be a survivalist mom living in the woods in a small cabin in rural Alaska, and still do her own thing in an impressive, royal way. Being cultured has little to do with who she is.

Follow God, love the self, and work hard to maximze one's talents are what count, and being cultured or not is just a surface affectation.


Antagonism is the lot of the good man in this world as he leads a righteous life, devoted to God.

The children of darkness resent his presence, and are jealous of his happiness and success. Therefore they will go to any lengths to waylay and destroy him.

He must continue to lead a holy, virtuous life, fight back as best he can, not be derailed or sidetracked from his  service and loyalty to God.

Wealth Liberates Us

We cannot individuate without sufficient prosperity, a sturdy material base that financially underwrites our lifestyle of creativity, brilliance, and self-development.

Having enough money to insure the continuation of our life of growth is best sustained under a capitalist system.

Generating wealth is the key to free people up to enjoy growth in their leisure time. Democracy and capitalism are hooked to the well-being and success of individual citizens. Unburden capitalism, so individual Americans can work hard, and get rich, and then make something fantastic and wonderful with their well-lived lives.

Your Relationship To The Good Spirits

May your friendship and love grow over the years as your relationship matures and strengthens. May your faith in the Good Spirits and God be an abiding source of happiness and comfort for you in good times and bad.

One Nation Under God

Let us operate as one nation under God, and let it be known through out the land that separation of church and state will be practiced in the government arena, and that is how God desires us to function.

Moderation is spiritual, moral, intellectual and political goodness, functions well and best in society where the separation of church and state keeps theocratic or secular monopoly on power from coming about. The balance of power must be operational, and separation of church and state facilitates this balance, as we exist and live as one nation under God.

No To The Following

No sanctuary cities, no open borders, no more immigration legal or illegal. We now have 42 million foreign-born people here who are not assimilating, no favoring the American Way, not learning English, not loving America and the American people.

Wordlly Wise

Know the sins and wiles of the worldly so that your innocence, ignorance and gullibility do no make you a needless, abused victim of their thievery, treachery, dishonesty and thieving games.

Be an idealist and seek to improve yourself first and constantly, while reforming the world. Remain cautious while plunging on ahead so that the wiles of the sinful will not ensnare you and thwart your beneficial efforts.

You Must Take A Chance

You cannot live the full life that De intends for you to live unless you take some chances, risk a little or a lot to experiment, learn and try new things. Go for it, but do your research first so that you can be as prudent and cautious as possible while risking your position in life to better yourself.

Tom Delay

He wants Congress to impeach Obama if he goes ahead with new executive orders for background checks on guns without Congressional approval.

The only way to stop this fool and tyrant is to kick him out of office. if only our spineless Congress had the will to oppose his disastrous and wicked agenda.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mother & Father

You are not the only gods, but you are the greatest of the gods, and the holiest and wisest. Long may you reign earth and the universe, and may we serve you as best we can.

Honoring Them

The best way to honor the Good Spirits is to emulate them, living as an alive angel becoming, becoming, becoming.


A fascinating article in Drudge tonight points out that Millennials around the world worry most about social and economic equality. They do not trust or believe government, the media, religious leaders or the military. Their heroes are liberal icons and climate change is a big deal to them.

My reaction is mixed: colleges are totalitarian indoctrination factories run by Communist professors, so that Millennials have a liberal bias is to be expected. They mostly are conformist, uniform, unthinking, herd-clustering nonindividuators. As a result and predictably,  they stampede to the Left, like climate change, hate the military and religious leaders, prefer secular socialism.

Hollywood, the media and the Twitter-world all have their Progressive bias and mind control to spout, so the young gobble that up unsurprisingly.

Over the coming decades, as we age and die, the Millennials will age. Some of them may come alive and gain wisdom. Perhaps Mavellonialist values by then will be widely accepted; if that occurs, and it might, then the Millennials will be the most impressive performs and creative generation to this time.

One can only hope and pray for the best. It is in God's hands, and De's time table is known by few or none.

Humanizing Capitalism

Socialists claim that they are not anti-capitalist; they just want to fetter it to humanize it with a tinge of government regulation, meddling and intervention to make sure the the poor, the workers, the tax payers and the unemployed are recipients of deserved, mandatory social justice benefits.

The sad fact is growing government dehumanizes, degrades, deprives the individual of liberty and self-control and impoverishes all--worse than before.

Capitalism is the most imperfect and inhumane economic system--except for all others.

To humanize capitalism, grow individuator, supercitizen capitalists: as owners, employees, tax payers and consumers, they will challenge their bosses and share holders to do the right thing for the right price. They will not take no for an answer and they will overcome all opposition and injustice.

This is how to best humanize imperfect capitalism. It is the only way. No other means works.

Trusting No One

Too often those that trust no one are untrustworthy themselves. They are users, liars, thieves, exploiters and abusers.

This is a dangerous world, so some mistrust of all and a basic wariness are survival skills. Beyond that, trusting no one, and seeing the world as dog eat do as all are warring against all by bloody tooth and fang is just too negative.

There is good in this world. Find it, nurture it and help it grow. Survive the bad, and concentrate on the good.

Giles On Hilary

Giles today noted that Hilary is a smooth liar, a blame-shifter and a tough, crafty old bird that  may well bamboozle, bribe and coax a politically illiterate, uninterested public into making her the next President of United States.

You ask how low can we go? We can get her as President, and with another liberal Supreme Court Judge, they will wipe out the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and obliterate the Second Amendment.

Things can get much worse, and very well might.

Quit Waiting

Quit waiting for the world to change. It could be successfully argued that significant, important change is not technological, but it an increase and more pervasive improvement in societal spiritual and moral goodness.

An increase in wickedness on Earth, a world already ruled by Satan and Lera, is not really change, but instead is a ramping up of the deterioration of the human condition.

Deep change in character, moral improvement, and the spread of civilized behavior are changes for the better that move forward at a glacial pace. Often there are reversals, and actual, determined attempts and schemes in operation to make the world worsen. It happens all the time through out history.

If you want real change, positive change fast, quit waiting for the world to change. Change yourself. Self-realize. Love God, the Good Spirits, the self, your significant other, the children, the neighbors, and humanity in general. Do great art. Write a fine play. Solve a tricky math problem.

When you leave the herd and cut out on your own, you will realize great things, and grow the great soul aspect of your own being. You travel fastest and change the most when you travel alone.

You cannot grow and change unless you are alone and liberated from group conformity.

Move On

Those that win are doers as well as reflective. So, forge a plan of action and move on with your life, leaving the non-performers in the dust. Life is for the living, so live it to the fullest, each hour of each day.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Hilary The Killer

So what is the big deal about Benghazi? Well, Barak and Hilary did not protect their employees despite their please for security. When they were under attack, the White House and Foggy Bottom ran for cover pretending nothing like radical unrest happened any longer in 2012 in order to get Barak reelected as the man that got Bin Laden.

So then they lied and continue to lie about the the criminal deeds. Should they not be tried for criminal negligence and manslaughter for abandoning their vulnerable employees.

Then they lied some more and said a movie incited the riots, when in fact they knew immediately that Al Qaeda were the attackers.

They let an American, the video releaser, go to prison to protect Obama's reelection plans. To this day they lie about this all, and attack the committee as without cause. They feel no guilt because they have no consciences.

How cruel and merciless and corrupt are our leaders in Washington? And the Democrats and the lapdog press still protect these criminals.

They allowed our ambassador to be repeatedly sodomized by Muslim men, who then burned him to death. I do not know if he was tortured, but likely he was.

This is much worse than Watergate, but the socialists in Washington on the Left are so determined to install and protect Ameritopia as Obama's legacy--with Hilary to perpetuate it into the future--that their hypocrisy, moral rot, ruthlessness and sickening behavior knows no bottom.

The American people must be outraged, and rise up and throw all the bums out, bring the money and power home to the local level, term limit every politician on every level to keep us safe, free and prospering. Down with Washington and the Left and up with America.

They have never confessed and apologized for their crimes. They have served no prison time. They have suffered no impeachment. They have not paid reparations to the victims families.

This is what Benghazis represents. This hag should be in prison, not running for the highest office in the land.

Thanks Obama

The FBI just linked the spike in urban violence to cops being afraid to do their job--so Levin sarcastically thanks Obama for further wrecking the urban holocaust, minority zones administered poorly by Barak and his Democratic cronies.

Now, I am not for rogue cops, and there are few of them. Most are honest, hardworking heroes that care deeply about the public they serve and protect every day, putting their lives on the line each moment at work to keep us thank. Thank you Mr. and Mrs, Police Officer!

The only friends that poor, inner city folk have are we conservatives.

We want them to adopt white, middle class Christian values. We want them to work, get off welfare, tell the Democrats and the government to go to hell, and leave them alone. so that they can build lives for themselves.

With my program of individuation and Mavellonialist values, these urban blight centers would impress the whole world with their prosperity, genius, productivity, liberty, and as quiet centers of law and order.


I have not been this consistently far behind for 25 years. Jane is going to school full time and working part time and the kids have their own lives, so whatever gets done around the place falls on my shoulders. About 20% of the backlog is my getting older. I just do not cover as much ground as fast as before. And caring for 3 properties is a handful and then some.

Working 60 to 70 hours a week with time lost for an 18 mile commute to work--these factors all take their toll. Then my employer set my hours from 8 to 430, and one does not have much time to work outside in the late fall due to it being dark by 7:00 pm.

My previous job was 5-130 pm, so I have lots of time in the afternoon to accomplish chores.

Enough grousing and whining. It was a lovely evening tonight, about 58 degrees and clear sky, mostly.

I got the coral calla lilies and the white dahlias dug, labeled and prepared in containers for winter storage indoors where it is cool.

There is something indescribably lovely about the fall of the year, and that occurred to me as I drove back from the hotel down 110 street.

It is great to be alive. It is fantastic that God and the Good Spirits are with us every moment of every day.

Enjoy your weekend.

Like David

Serve God and praise God and fight God's fight so that you will find favor with the Good Spirits similarly to how David found favor with the Lord, and received his guidance, presence and wondrous blessings.

Friday, October 23, 2015

2, Samuel 6

Just as David danced before the Lord, we too can enjoy ourselves, as good and faithful followers of God and the Good Spirits, to convey to the deities that we love, follow, honor and rejoice over their divine presence, that we will party and celebrate in good taste to draw praise and exultation to the deities as forms of joyous acknowledgements of our divine ladies and lords.

Obama's Veto

Obama vetoed a defense bill. Quite the rat Commander in Chief to defund his own troops, but it is predictable base don his being our weakest and worst Leader ever.

Jeb Is Floundering

RINOS are Democratic hacks that cannot win elections.

The people cannot trust career, Washingtonian politicians from the Left, Middle or the Right. They are all socialists; they are are all for growing the bloated federal government; they are all in to complete our decline into Ameritopia.

The citizens want a Reagan conservative for President. She or he will balance the books, make the military strong, close the borders and kick out the illegal immigrants, wipe out ISIS, defend Israel, honor the Constitution and term limit all judges.

As we American citizens come alive, accept Mavellonialist political principles as guided by Mark Levin, grow into scrupulous individuating supercitizens, our conservative constitutional republic will be the shiny example of virtue, freedom, peace, prosperity, law and order and promise, the envy of the entire world once again.

The Campaign

The cable company was out today by 10:00 am to climb over the fence, or however, and got to the pole on the neighbor's property to flip the switch--after hooking up the cable and removing the old one--they finished, and we won our campaign.

I am not triumphant, although I am pleased. I had called the cable company 3 times this morning, and the Twin Cities dispatcher was quick to say things were completed. I thanked him and hung up. I told him that I was about to build a gate into the neighbor's yard so they would feel enable to get in there and climb the pole.

What have I learned from all this? It reaffirmed my confident belief that even one person can make a difference, wage a campaign and make the system function again. If enough people were politically active like I am, and took on the system in a unified, systematic, persistent way, we would conquer the system, reform it and restore America to its former greatness, and make it the showcase of the world once again.

I am still a pure believer in capitalism, although the shocking dysfunction of the country-wide cable company could shake one's faith in capitalism. Actually, capitalism is far and away the best economic system, imperfections notwithstanding.

What went wrong? I believe that these cable giants are a utility that have a monopoly in the suburb that one lives in. Monopolies create giantism, corruption, dysfunctionality, high bills, lousy service, inept communications and the inability to complete even the simple task like burying the cable in our yard. Employees become nonentities, lazy, dull, discourteous, uncaring, indifferent, sullen, intimidated and broken.

Think what a workforce of individuating individualists would do for customer satisfaction.

The giant loves sales, but service is farmed out to subcontractors, not completed by employees any longer, a huge mistake, resulting in poor, uncoordinated service.

As a maintenance technician, if I do a work order, it is not done and well done, until the carpet in the office is vacuumed by me after completing my work. Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed and provided.

The cable company hooked up a temporary cable. They sent a contractor to bury it, and the cable provided was too short reach the house. Instead of calling another truck to provide a longer cable, they just left, and did not come back for 12 days to complete the task, until I beat them into submission.

I went to the Richfield office to see a manager and trigger action. It worked. She told me to make the calls to the field coordinator. She did not offer to do it herself, a lack of service that is appalling. When I said this had better work, or I would go to the city and state, she got mad and accused me of threatening her, which I did not do. Nice way to deal with customers.

Big is not better and huge and colossal are worse. Direct TV is tempting, and Century Link offers Internet service at 1/4th the price. The patience of the public is limited.

All businesses should make a solid profit, but mechanics are conspiratorial thieves charging $150/hour to gouge stuck consumers.

I want businesses to rule America but be honest. I gave the cable company monthly checks for over 20 years. In return, they should provide great service. They broke the contract, and resented me for pressuring them to honor the contract. They took my money, and then did not do their job. That is unacceptable and I called them out on their deliberate, heedless failure.

It worked but I am shocked that a consumer has to work that hard to get them to function at all.

Stand & Fight

The Good Spirits are summoning you. You are called to join God's army. You are to stand and fight against forces of evil and backwardness--be it socialists, liberals, groupists and collectivists of any ilk.

Declare yourself openly on the side of goodness. Live dangerously but live free. There is  no real alternative.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Go Forth

Go forth into the world tomorrow and every day after that, proclaiming to the world that the Good Spirits travel with you and guide your every move.

Let it be known whom your friends are, and relish and be proud of your strong, intimate relation to them. Go forth.

The Vernomous

Do not the let the virulent groupists all around you break you, or intimidate you to give up, surrender, conform and return to your former life of nonindividuation.

They seek to control everyone. The power of powerlessness which they yield from the the Dark Lord and his Dark Lady.

Slap them down and back. Live free, stay free and grow towards light, love and the Good Spirits.

Politics As Usual

No more politics as usual if we are to survive as a people.


Yahweh was angry with Uzzah the unworthy, so the Lord struck him down when he touched the ark.

If we were closer to God, some of us might be struck down, or ascend into heaven. Would that not be something?


Without a love of facts and reality, one cannot be real, be free, be genuine and developing.

Barry The Jerk

Barry vetoed a bill today that denied a small pay increase to our vets. He did it to get a gain in domestic spending.

This Commander In Chief steals from his soldiers. He treats vets terribly. We cannot be the light of the world and the world's cop under this wimp.

He needs prison time and banishing.

Cable Company

Three neighbors and we suffered a loss of cable service when our cable line was struck by lightning about 5 weeks ago. They put in a temporary line within a day or two. They never came back to bury it, so we hounded them to get an appointment for 10/11. They showed up that day to bury the line, but the subcontractor had too short a line, and could not get to the switch on the pole behind a 6 foot fence in neighbor's yard so he just left. We were to get permission from the neighbor for them to enter his yard and he said yes.

Another 10 days went by and no performance. We started calling long distance and could not get an appointment. Yesterday, I asked for an office in town to go talk to, and they gave me the address. After work I stopped there and it was 30 minutes before a woman manager came out to talk to me. She apologized and gave me the number to the subcontractor and said I could call them myself.

I wanted her to take care of it, rather than pawning it off on me, so I said I would try but if this did not work, I would go up the chain and to municipal and state utility regulators to solve this. She got mad, glared at me and said: "Don't threaten me." I responded that I had not threatened her, but promised to take it further if nothing clicked. I left the store before she called the cops to have me removed.

Today, I called that subcontractor 4 times. I finally talked to him and said let us get this done. An hour later a technician supervisor was out at the house, and the new line was buried, but they still could not get the switch on at the neighbor's pole. They wanted me to call the neighbor tonight to get the gate unlatched at the bottom too, so they could enter.

I have not been able to reach the neighbor tonight. I went outside and looked at the fence. I left three more voicemails to have them remove three boards on my side, go in and flip the switch and I would put the boards back on. Or they could put one ladder against a post and another ladder on the other side, and go into the yard and flip on the switch. They did not call back tonight but the cable installer did. He was mad; they were blaming him for the fiasco, and said they were too lazy to go through the fence or over the fence.

If they are, I will open the fence for them and repair it afterwards.

We have 25 phone calls into this outfit, to get this far.

I am dogged and will not give up. My reflections are that this kind of stick-to-it-tiveness is what is required by future individuated supercitizens to devolve institutions, and to make bureaucrats, tyrants and democracy work for them as they assert their liberty, power, independence and self-reliance. A few thousand such focused, principled supercitizens, and America would be free, civil, prosperous and run by the rule of law once more.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Our Credit Union

Our credit union is adopting a new name that " . . . reflects the entirety of its membership."

A lot of this changes seems politically correct and superficial. It is not real change, which would be to invest in start-up loans, or back 5 individuals a year by paying for their education interest free, or a percentage (6% annually) for 15 years.

There is no continuity anymore. When everything changes, there is no progress, only chaos and negative anarchy.

Same Treatment

Levin asserts that equal treatment under the law does not at all mean income redistribution and or guaranteed outcomes.

Rather all are equal under the law. All deserve equal justice and all are equally human.

All are free to do their own thing and individuate and enjoy and develop their natural rights, their God-given opportunity and obligation.

Ryan As Speaker

Another Judas, another RINO to stab America.

Adam Winkler

He claims the demise of the NRA is inevitable because people feel safer now in the 70s and 80s.

Actually, people have never felt more threatened by totalitarian socialism than under dictator Obama.And Americans are waking up to their right to enjoy their liberties. They are waking up to their obligation to bear arms to defend our freedom and rights from libs, foreigners, bureaucrats and tyrannical judges and politicians.

The NRA is alive and well and growing. We will bury our opponents.


I believe it was the NRA that advertised thats rights cannot be given (they are natural rights bestowed on all by God) but they can be taken by bullying, tyrannical government.

Fight tyranny on all levels all the time. Assert your constitutional and divinely-granted rights. Live as the individuating supercitizen and lawful anarchist that you were born to be.

Lady Liberty

Celebrate Lady Liberty. That is one gal that you want to enjoy a long, slow dance with. Maverize, get to know and enjoy liberty, and the future and God's eternal presence will be yours.

You Have Come A Long Way Baby

Bibi accuses the Palestinians of working with Hitler to burn the Jews not just expel them. So radical Isalmists and genocidal Hitler had another thing in common. Barak's support for Islam and the intifada are uncalled-for, but are consistent with US foreign policy being anti-Semitic for the first time in our history.

We have come a long way, towards embracing hate, murderers and nihilists.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tolkien's Moral Outlook

I just watched the third Hobbit movie again this weekend with my son. It occurred to me that Tolkien, at first glance, seems off base and exaggerative about the psychological character of his characters.

It seems that wizards, elves, humans and dwarfs are the good guys. These protagonists are capable of sinning and shortcomings, but they are relatively decent and moral people when contrasted with their antagonists, Sauron, Balog, the orcs and goblins, that are pictured as pure evil.

At first glance, his portrayal of the protagonists seems more realistic and nuanced. His portrayal of the bad guys is depicting them as so purely wicked as to be without a single virtue.

As a moderate truth-teller, in several places elsewhere, I have pictured the good--even saints--as possessing some faults and sinful ways.

I characterize the wicked as mostly, not totally bad.

With a more vigorous examination of Tolkien's moral outlook, it may be that he characterizes the wicked as purely and solely wicked.

But they worship Sauron as a demon-deity. They are a mass movement out to conquer the world. Their residual good will and free will are extinguished. Their violent and aggressive war against all that is freed, good and decent, their complete uniformity and utter conformity, produces a pure self-loathing in them that allows them to give fanatical group allegiance to their Master and his minions.

Portraying such zealots as pure evil, in this light, makes it accurate to so paint them.

The Pastor

The Detroit pastor, that shot and killed the violent intruder interrupting services and threatening him and the congregation with a brick, should not be in p9litce custody. He should get a hero's medal from the mayor, and a parade in his honor for being the good shepherd and protecting his flock.

Enough is enough: satanists, Christian-haters, kooks and Islamic extremists all seek to kill the faithful in their houses of worship. This must cease as churches, hospitals, restaurants, public transportation and school cease to be gun-free zones.

The Stupid Psstor

Some liberal pastor was blasting Sarah Palin for being pro-life and yet being a staunch gun-rights advocate. She blasted him back. Good for her.

His slovenly logic runs something like this: if one is anti-abortion, declaring that one affirms life as does God the Author of all that is good, then it follows that one cannot consistently or without hypocratical double standards be pro-gun because guns are used to kill people and defenseless creatures in nature.

My rebuttal: I am more pro-life than pro-choice in my stance on abortion, and I definitely adhere to the concept that a lover of and follower of the Good Spirits would be pro-life.

Along those lines, if one is pro-life, then he wants to see it done that the life of every adult is lived to the fullest as she maverizes all her life. To make these achievable, it is required that she is armed to the teeth, to keep criminals, predators, foreign invaders and federal forces from grabbing her guns, her property and her liberty all in the name of the common good, centralizing all power and wealth under a totalitarian creep like Obama.

The good are not pacifists although they are peaceful and just as long as the rule of law and civil society are in effect across the land and in their community. Just in case, they will stay armed to the teeth because freedom is not free, and life though precious, often must be protected by wielding guns and violent force in this wicked world of ours.

Do The Right Thing

We are human and we are all sinners, but that should not prevent us from fulfilling our basic moral duty: to act honorably and do the right thing as often as we can, to the best of our understanding of what is our duty at that point in time.

Palestinian Children

They are being taught by their parents and adults how to stab and kill a Jew. Note the elements in radical Islam: fanatical theology, priests that condone evil and murder, children are taught to hate and kill in God's name, outsiders are subhuman that can be butchered with a clear conscience, our group versus their foreign group.

Under Mavellonialist theology, Satan loves groups, loves selfless adherents to an extreme cause, and fanatical approaches to solving problems.

When parents teach children to stab and kill Jews, they are working for Satan directly

Children of any race or ethnic background are born wicked, so when adults indoctrinate and brainwash them to slaughter unbelievers in Go's name, shariah law, a lack of freedom, no individual rights, living or privacy, moderation and love of God and humanity--and necessarily accompanying spiritual and moral goodness--growing out of enlightened self-love, little killers  are produced with near certainty.

One of the great tragedies of human existence is that the wicked young are easy to ruin and turn to the dark side. It is much more difficult to nudge them to love, do right, follow God and individuate.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Saul The Forsaken

Saul abandoned God, so God abandoned him.

Stay faithful to the Good Spirits and invite them into your heart and life, and they will stay with you day and night, forever.

How To Love

Love God first and best. Love yourself next and well, and then love others.

Now love is not an either/or proposition: Either one loves only the self first and foremost, or forsakes the self and loves other first and solely. To only love others as the great collective is to embrace life of self-denial and self-neglect.

One then should love both the self and others, but the majority emphasis must  be placed on loving the self first and most, and then loving others second and less.

Not loving others first and the most in favor of loving the self second and less is how it should be arranged for decent people.

The healthiest friendships and genuine teams are constructed out of primary self-love and secondary other-love per capita. To love the self first and foremost, as the primary love emphasis, is the duty and responsibility of every mature adult.

The Government Gives Us Nothing

The government only gives what it has already appropriated, confiscated or stolen from its citizens in terms of their money, property, liberty and even their lives.

They had no right to bully, enslave, institutionalize, make uniform or kill citizens.

It does not give us rights. We give ourselves rights under the Constitution, but even those rights are actually conferred upon us by God..

They are to leave their paws off of our guns, our property, our liberty, our rights and our laves.

It really needs significant humbling and downsizing if individuating anarchist supercitizens are to have a future.

The Houseman

At my part-time job as a maintenance technician for a suburban hotel, I was making the rounds early this morning. It is a full-service hotel with 7 ice machines, whose operation I was checking as part of my walk-through.

I checked the ice machine in the bar, which was closed. As I exited the bar into the hallway, I heard singing. John, the pleasant and hardworking  young black gentleman, was wiping down the mirror, sinks and counter in men's lavatory. He had propped the door open and singing joyfully and vigorously at about 50 decibels.

He was a whirlwind of activity and sound. He was singing "This is how the n**** works."

I yelled at him (I did not notice that he had a device with headphones, playing music."). I asked him if he was singing a rap song, or composing impromptu poetry. He took off the head phones--which I then saw--he said he was just enjoying his music. He immediately put his headphones back on, started singing and started working. I left.

I thought afterwards that what I had witnessed was a way and style of work that no white guy would ever do, or could do. The stereotype of black slaves singing the blues, and building  religious music heritage while working in the fields reveals at work something from African culture and the genetics of its people, unique perspectives at work in  the work lives of blacks.

Just think what this unique approach to blending soul-feeling, music with work while working might lead to if African-Americans introduce this orientation to living lives of individuation.


Waste not your time and life hating this person and that person for slights imagined or actually suffered.

Detesting makes you smaller, more bitter and wastes the special time and energy that you should be expending on maverizing. Redirect your priorities, detesting not so much. Your happiness, even your immortal soul, are at stake.

Walk With The Good Spirits

Walk with the Good Spirits so that you may enjoy their special protection. It will comfort you all the days of your life, with all its vicissitudes and up and downs, knowing that you never walk alone unless you proclaim to the Good Spirits that that is your preference. But, if you so declare, you will be permanently sad and forlorn.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Serious You

A serious you is a growing you.You are armed with purpose and ambition. You will go far.

Hilary The Hypocrite

She wants Australian style gun confiscation here--the Constitution be damned.

She gets protected by the Secret Service armed with guns, but the average citizens is to  be disarmed.

You cannot a a patriot and vote Democrat anymore.

A free people is an armed bunch to keep government and invaders at bay.

The private citizen cannot give up her rights to bear arms, and nor can the government grab them of its own volition.

Stephen Tyler

Stephen Tyler of Breitbart  commented that government involvement in arts and music basically ruins them. Amen.

Creative or original art or thinking comes from the individual, not from his ethnic affiliation, ot from his group affiliations, his hierarchical status or his being enslaved and dictated to by the government.

To individuate is to be an anarchist-individuator in a constitutional republic, with no government involvement in arts and sciences.                                                                            

The Cipher

If you are not up to something, or seeking to accomplish anything, chances are that you are a cipher, a passive nonentity.

You can do much better than  that.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Anti-Semitism At Foggy Bottom

Cruz is calling for Kerry to resign for his criticism of Israelis defending themselves against intifada-inspired Palestinian assassinations and stabbings of innocent Jewish citizens.

He and Obama should have their employment terminated for their open love of Islamic terrorism and unholy war against innocents Jews, the only civilized, democratic country in the region.

Liberals and naive Westerners do not realize that Muslim people, once aroused, embracing violent fundamentalism and use of any type of force of any amount, are fully capable of mass murder and world war to spread their demonic caliphate and shariah law to the four corners of the globe.

Here, at the end of human days, they are out for world domination and are a religious mass movement on the march to world take-over. They will not rest until all Jews are slaughtered, and America is wiped out. We underestimate their will if we do not or refuse to accept this horrifying but simple facts.

Obama and Kerry must resign. We must put in a missile defense system to shut down nuclear missiles from Iran and all other radical kooks, and we must kill all ISIS devils, and pledge to go to any lengths to defend Israel and the Kurds against murderous, unrelenting Muslim invaders and aggressors.

The Lifeless

Are you one of the lifeless, tepid majority that do little or nothing with their lives?

Disavow that life style immediately. Be a force to reckon with: a vivid, intelligent, curious, developing talent with real personality, real substance, and impressive, ambitious intent. Live life to the fullest, and amount to something.

Warm Fall

It has been a warm fall, and here it is, the 16th of October in Minnesota, and no frost. We have saved some money on fall air conditioning and on the fall heating bill. Thank you Good Spirits for these savings and the opportunity to get some fall outdoor construction projects done.

This weekend may be our first frost, and I turn the furnace on when the house reaches 57 degrees, so thank you for a lovely fall. Thank you for live with all its fascinating ups and downs.

Confess Your Sins

We all transgress every day against God, against the Good Spirits, against the rule of law, against the self, against others.

We have feet of clay and are imperfect. We offend unavoidably and regularly. All we can do is ask the Good Spirits, others and ourselves to forgive us our transgressions.

We must then forgive ourselves, and be at peace about our constant state of imperfection.

Through loving all inside and outside of us, and by thinking and feeling positive in attitude, by enjoying the self, by individuating, and seeking to improve in behavior, in truth-centeredness, in creative excellence and originality, in intellectual depth and breadth, we will grow into better, holier, smarter, stronger, evolving, living angels.

Then our sins and sinning will be less of an issue, if always there. We will have transformed into good people, and that was the aim all along.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Letting Them Down

Your personal guardian angel is one of the Good Spirits.

You let your guardian angel down, and the Good Spirits in general down, when you refuse to answer God's calling for you to be all that you can be. Shame on you. Shape up and do much better with whatever time is left to you.

Come Judgment Day it could make the difference.


May your ego be world-class like that of the Mother and Father. May your enlightened self-interest, like De's, bring love and enlightenment to the world.

To Retire

Retire when you are old enough, and well-to-do enough, but never retire from living, loving, praying, working, growing and learning.

Career Politicians

Regardless of whether or not they identify themselves as Republican, Democrat or Independent, they are all socialists and all Democrats.

The only cure is to send the power and money home to the local canton, firing all these bums and taking the money out of Washington.

What federal representatives and judges that we hired all must be term-limited to cure the sickness that I label Washingtonianism.

Liberal Jew-Haters

Let us openly admit it: Democrats and liberals hate Jews and hate Israel. They love Muslims and hate America.

Even the liberal Jews in America hate their own people.

Preaident Cruz

He promises that his first action will be to undo every illegal and unconstitutional step made by Barak in the last 7 years.

We need to restore capitalism so that America can be great and rich once again, and Cruz will help take us there.


Barak requires impeaching, trying, convicting and imprisoning for his crimes against America, its people, God and the Constitution.

Jihad Time

ISIS has declared jihad against us, so we should do the same to them.

Barak either is a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer, so he is willing to cross the best interest of the American people and allow this evil to grow and fester.

We need holy war against them, and to obliterate them from the face of the earth.

The Cropping

At the end of your days how bounteous will be the spiritual and cultural yields that your life efforts have produced to share with God, people and the world?

If you were a dud, and most of you so choose to live, then your reaping will not take long, and nor will God's assessment of your worth and endeavors take more than a few seconds to measure.

If you live as a committed, enduring maverizer with profound and artistic gifts to share with the world, then your gathering will take a while to collect, assess and weigh?

How do you choose to live, be judged by God, and how will you be remembered?

Monday, October 12, 2015

Watch Your Intent

The Old Testament is where it is noted that evil men return evil to those that did good to them.

What is your intent? Are you returning evil for good like these vicious, outrageous renegades?

Do it no more.

When evil is done to you, defend yourself and bring the perpetrators to justice if the case is severe enough.

That is returning good for evil. In general, serve God and the Good Spirits, and do good to others in what you initiate, and in your response to their approach to you, be it evil or good.

Paul Ryan The New RINO Ish

With McCarthy gone, may the heroic, principled Conservative Caucus long hold their ground to give sell-out fascists like Boehner-lite Ryan the heave-ho.

I keep hoping and praying that this is all start of the Conservative Counter-Reformation, but time will tell.

Maintaining The Cold Peace

For an accomplished maverizer and inveterate loner to keep the cold peace, with intolerant, fanatical groupists that will never cease hunting or harassing him, is a tough juggling act.

On one hand he wants to be peaceful, tolerant and law-abiding, but on the other hand he insists correctly that it is his due to be left alone without negative repercussions, left alone to live as he chooses, to come and go in and out of groups as he deems necessary--all without being discriminated aganst by hater-groupist that detest individuals of any level of strength, let alone a full-blown maverize like he is.

He will work to keep the peace and cooperate with groupists all around him, but that is not at all the same as turning the other cheek, and meekly accepting whatever level of abuse and vicious jibes that they hurl at him.

As a soldier of God, he is a fighter, and will defend himself and beat off aggressors. He is there to stay and to live openly as he is without discount or apology. Get use to it, or export themselves to another country--that is his assertive, and at times when necessary, even militant response.

Keep Growing

Cultivate a habitual way of life that leads you to keep struggling, growing and self-perfecting as long as you live. That is how to live.


Castration for sex offenders. Liberal if judicious use of  the death penalty. No to both. The state is to protect life and property not torture, mutilate and execute citizens, even nasty, criminal ones. revolting as these creeps are, they are still human being.

Nor should the state being doing abortions or planning death panels for the ill and elderly and poor under Obamacare.

Very Energetic

Those that individuate are like human perpetual motion machines. When one vows to follow the Good Spirits, to love, honor and obey them by individuating personally, creativity, vitality, love of of work, thinking and activity just keep bubbling up in one's full, rich, happy, positive, brimming soul.

Where the self is growing, given lots of attention and encouragement, this person's entire days are brimming with goals, projects and interesting, fascinating pursuits.

Those that wither, dither, hesitate and live as couch potatoes are they that do not follow the example offered by the Good Spirits.s

The Second Amendment

The Second Amendment exists to protect the First Amendment--so goes the shrewdly worded slogan.

The Second Amendment gives us the right to open carry anywhere, as a private person, and as a member of a citizen's militia, to protect us, our property, our families, our lives, our liberty and and our country from hostile foreigners, and internal dictators like Barry.

Hunting is fine and so is target shooting, but an armed populace is a free populace, and that is why the Framers insisted upon the Second Amendment protecting our free speech and other First Amendment rights.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Four Qucik Fixes

You hears lots of negative nattering about the implosion of the Republican Party now that McCarthy is out.

It is all balderdash. This is a time for Conservatives to rise up, take over the party and then take back America.

Below are offerede4 quick fixes to get us rolling in the right direction.

First, outlaw sanctuary zones for illegal immigrants.

Second,  outlaw gun-free zones which are clearly crud, and are unconstitutional.

Third, join Levin with the Article V convention reform.

Fourth, balance the federal budget.


A friend and I are building a 131.5 foot cedar fence on the north side of the house.

A few days ago, I had to cut out some lovely, old lavender American lilacs to make room for the fence coming through. I noticed that a buck had scraped the bark off the lilac that I cut down, and that there was a ground scrape a few feet away.

I then noted some pie apples that fell from our tree had big, single bites taken out of them.
The other night at 10 pm as I cam home on 110th Street, a red fox ran across in front of my truck.

Nature is adapting to human dominance and presence all the time. If nuclear war or a new bubonic plague take out out, nature will adapt further, and replace us with a new top, intelligent species.

This neither scares me or depresses me. Indeed, it gives me hope. God's Mavellonialist message will reach the ears of our replacement species should we remain disinclined to live by its code.

Imagine I will be driving 87 miles in 3 weeks to hunt Bambi, and a buck is under the bedroom window--go figure.

Constant Comfort & Companion

We cannot turn God on and off like a light bulb. He is the Light of our lives and the Source of our being. - Mother Angelica

Lovely and accurate statement.

Slaying Priests

Saul slayed the priests of the Lord. What a horrible and rash thing to execute.

Nothing but the worst karma possible could result from such butchering.

I would not mock or hurt priests or desecrate graveyard. Call me superstitious if you desire, but there are some practices I would flee 100 miles in order not to partake in them.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Be Independent-Minded

Nobody has the right to tell you how to live--including me.

People may offer advice, but a recommendation is not an order to be obeyed and adhered to.

You are in charge of your destiny. Being free indicates that you must make decisions out front, and openly where all know who you are but how you act and by what decisions that you make.

You decide how you will live, and then own up to choices made.

You Deserve Better

You deserve better than what you have settled for. Why don't you push yourself real hard to do something about it. Imagine whom you would like to be, and then figure out how to get to be that person, mostly by working real hard.

You deserve something better. You can do better. You will do better. Once you have tasted solid, exhilarating success, your taste for further learning and growing will be insatiable.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1 Samuel, 18,

Saul, the thug and nonindividuator is rejected by Yahweh, and whose favor passes on to clean, holy, young David, the individuator, and God's favorite.

What is Saul's reaction--he seeks to murder David out of jealousy. Those that cannot compete and cannot keep up hurry to thwart and hurt those that are superior. Rather than learn from their superiors and try harder, the jealous nonindividuator seeks to kill and rob the virtuous individuator.

This pattern has repeated itself millions of times over the centuries. The only lasting cure is for all to individuator, to come to love the Good Spirits and the self. Then each is such a brilliant, successful, accomplished creator on her own, that being jealous of anyone would not occur to her.

Rather than seek to thwart or end the success or live of an achiever, she would rally around him, celebrate him, congratulate and assist him.

I Will Do My Part

I as a loner and individuator likely will enjoy warm peace with very few people. That being said, I must work hard to maintain a cold peace with most casual relationships that I do acquaint with neutral others.

It is not ideal but it is far superior to open war. That would be a case of satanic aggression against me, and I will fight against attackers to the death, but would prefer to avoid that bleak scenario.

Fickle Readers

There have been thousands of readers that have visited my blog site in the last 5 years. Today I have only had one reader, and my books are not selling. Why is this?

First, I am not connected, so the disconnectedness is a factor. I do not know a lot of rich, famous and powerful people that could serve as gatekeepers pushing sales for me.

Many do not like the truth that I share, but it is what it is and I cannot and will not alter that for a ratings increase. The message is what it must be, so take it or leave it, even if I never gain in a following active or passive.

Many people have read my blog site and agree with part of it, and then do not join me to belong to and get closer in towards God.

Others sympathize but view associating with and agreeing with me as social suicide.

They will not risk siding with me, inviting group opprobrium.

Keep Growing

Your job is go keep growing, learning, refining your art, experimenting with new techniques, ideas and approaches. That is a life well self-realized.

The Bargain

You need to leave the group that you are living inside of. This is required of you by the Good Spirits as a first, good faith demonstration of your determination to be independent, self-reliant and to live life on your own.

In exchange for casting aside the joiner motive to go along with the group agenda just to be liked, you are promised support, love and input from your new, divine friends, the Good Spirits.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Approach

Enwrap yourself in the mantles of confidence and resilience; then, you should be able to surmount most any hurdle.

Face The Future

As you walk daily with the Good Spirits, you outlook should change and improve immensely. You no longer are afraid to face the future, no matter what comes along. You can face it and react quickly to fix what needs fixing and live with the rest in a mood of equanimity, resourcefulness and optimism.

Bette Midler

Yes, Bette, pledge alleigiance to the NRA or shut up. But being a mouthy, ungrateful Hollywood Lib, you will not be pro-grun nor will you shut up. Rats.

We must rear a generation of supercitizens, armed to the teeth, with Constitutional right to bear arms as individuals and as state militia members to keep liberal fascists like Bette and Obama from erecting a police state.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hetrophobic America

LGBTs should be bothered by none, yet the divine reality is is that the Mother and Father require a heterosexual culture and society to rear healthy, sane, loving, principled, self-realizing living angels.

We now live in a culture both too liberal, too homophilic and too heterophobic. We desperately need to revert back to a more traditional heterophilic culture that need not be and should not be homophobic.

The Leftist Crazies

They do not even pretend to like guns. They use a little double-talk about common sense gun control like suing gun manufacturers, banning assault weapons, closing the gun show loophole, background checks, allowing family to take someone's guns away, licensing and taxing guns, etc.

These frothing-at-the-mouth fanatics finally, openly admit that they have no use for Constitutional rights and personal liberty.

I answer to them: go to hell. If we ever needed Ted Cruz as President, now is the time.

A God-Fulfilled Zone

On Facebook the gun-banners and freedom-haters want to make America a gun-free zone--at least they are honest about disarming the citizenry to make way for a defenseless populace to be beaten and crushed by totalitarian communism.

I recommend that we carve out a God-Enriched and Gun-Rich zone with 25 guns per household. If we could teach the little people to maverize and individual live, the arrival and permanence of the enriched, liberating blessed zones is a done deal.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Trip North

We went up and closed the lake cabin. It is a sad fall ritual. Like the conventional Minnesotan weekenders, we left for the lake after 8 pm on Friday night. Andy and I encountered a gray fox crossing highway 64 at Leader, about 30 miles south of the cabin, at 10 pm or so.

This was a good weekend for wild life: wild turkeys, 3 deer, a raven, fox sparrows, an unidentified warbler, blue jays, and so forth.

Canadians were thick on the lake after 11 when we got to the cabin Friday nights. The next morning we heard multiple shotgun blasts as the hunters were out to get them there or on the lake next door.

Enjoyed the gun club. With the stout ammo the Taurus 44 has quite a kick as it consistently knocks the paddles back. I am practicing a less jerky, follow-through trigger finger motion, and it is improving my accuracy.

I am getting pretty accurate the the Highpoint.

Today I watered the trees planted in the spring. Our nocturnal, visiting bear left scat all over the yard and up and down the stairs to the lake.

I noticed a mound of dirt that I have left over from 2004 (it was covered with weeds and grass in August) was bare like it had been hoed clean as an oval mesa about 5 feet wide and 7 feet long.

My speculation is that the bear is eating grubs, or so tasty ant morsels in the pile.

The woods were gorgeous. It is always hard to leave, a bit sad to leave this piece of Eden and return to the concrete jungle to make a buck.

Chris Mintz

What a hero, what a class veteran!


The forgotten or ignored or not yet identified civil right issue of the 21st century is to provide protected class assignation for all individuals and individuators against groupist, ideological or institutional discrimination and unequal treatment.

Chris Harper Mercer

So he may have been a terrorist with Muslim sympathies, if in fact he was not a full-blown  Muslim.

Yeah, Barry, blast the NRA as to blame. You are mistaken and lie about everything else, you dirtbag, so why change here?

1 Samuel, 17, 47

David the young shepherd boy is right with the Lord, so when he faces the giant Philistine champion, Goliath, in single combat, this is how he answers Goliath's taunts and curses: "For the battle is the Lord's, and he shall deliver you into our hands."

When God is with you, what can prevail against you? In the short run, or in the long run, or in the next world, justice will be served, and you will surmount evil enemies.

Hang in there and have faith as sturdy as this young, untried shepherd boy, and you too will slay giants.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Go With God

Go with God, and may all your days be blessed.

Headed North

I am headed north in an hour and will pick up my son on the way. My wife must work this weekend.

We are going up to close the cabin, winterize the plumbing, take in the dock etc.

I am bring along an assortment of long guns and hand guns, wanting to get to the gun club to target and sports shoot while up there.

It is great to have a place to go.

God bless the American people, and may they tell the gun-grabbers like the lying, low-life, scumbag President of ours to go jump in the lake.

Pay Your Dues

If you aspire to be a living angel, it will not come easy. You must love God, the Good Spirits, the self and others.

You must maverize. You must make money, and work and work and work. ever polishing, perfecting, innovating trying something new.

You will get there but it will be a struggle.

Hugh Hewitt

An ex-Congressman named Campbell pointed out that many, many years ago there were no gun laws, and none of these weird mass shootings occurred. Campbell said the answer is not more gun laws, but cultural renewal--the need to behave, show compassion, etc.

All good points. I have been complaining for years that these weird killing sprees are usually committed by loners.

The cultural answer is to release people to individuate, and to go into and out of any group without reprisals. As our young people are so trained, they will no longer exclude, pick on or isolate loners.

Loners will not longer need to explode against society that belittles them, snubs them and ignores them. Girls will not be so groupist, so they will be more inclined to love, even marry a loner.

All of these palliatives would ameliorate.

Finally, if loners were trained to individuate, they would have positive outlets for their rage, thus not necessitating taking violent revenge upon society.

Finally, where all are armed,  he knows he will be shot right away before he can do much harm, and that will discourage copycats from doing his heinous after his death.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Bible In School

Yes, as a book to read and do reports on as literature and for theology and philosophy classes. The other religious books from the great religions could be shared and assigned for reading and papers too.

This is not an attempt to theologize the secular school, but is an effort to introduce children to their great, magnificent Judeo-Christian heritage.

Chris Harper Mercer

President Jerkoff politicized this avoidable killing by calling for gun control. Why were the students and professors not armed? They could have put this creep down fast and finally. Good liberal Oregonians likely insisted that the campus likely was a gun-free zone.

Jerkoff Barak allows young blacks by the tens of thousands to be slaughtered in the streets of Democratically controlled cities (with stringent gun control laws) by illegal guns. He gives nuclear weapons to Iran so they can kill millions of Americans. He leaves the borders open so criminals and terrorists can enter our country at will to kill and hurt Americans.

He is a killer disrespecting patriotic, good, law-abiding citizens that have and enjoy the right to bear arms to keep this country free from tyranny, and to  assert their natural right to bear arms as God's soldiers.

This dictatorial, feckless piece of filth would be lecturing no one if the fanatical Democrats and craven, big government, sellout Republicans had not given him everything that he could dream of.

If he gets control of our guns, the dictatorship will be permanent and the Constitution will be irretrievably shredded.

We must fight and hold the line as conservatives, citizens and Tea Partyers to keep this jerk from seizing our guns.