Monday, October 31, 2016

God Is Love

Be overjoyed and animated to come to love God more and more with each passing day. God is love, and De is most willing to accept you into De's flock of loved and loving followers.

So hang with God to have and be love. Love should be what you are or are increasingly becoming in God's presence as your expressed and lived love for God is how you glorify the Deity.

God Is Near Omniscient

Gods knows so very, very much, and is an individualist intellectual of the very first order. If you, like Solomon before you, were to seek after knowledge and wisdom, you would do well, to come to know a whole lot, by talking to and about God, reading every piece of theology in the world, meditating, conversing with, and opening yourself up to message from Her and Him.

If you can come to know a lot about God, then you will indirectly gain lots of knowledge, and even glean some wisdom. It is inevitable.

Make Your Presence Felt

If you are answering the call to make your soul great while alive and engaged in developing the self out there in the world in front of all, a powerful, tangible way to champion God's maverizing path and message, you are making your presence felt--as is your wont, and God's preference/

Your stirring, powerful, larger-than-life efforts do not pass unnoticed.  God, the Good Spirits and the children of lights are pleased and appreciate your valiant attempts.

Lera, the Evil Spirits and the children of darkness keenly feel and resent your presence as they rush in to attack you, to block you, to exterminate you.

Pay no attention to the latter. Surge forward to victory, making your prodigious, potent presence be felt.

Psalm 10, 3-4

The wicked feel invincible when they are on a roll: "For the wicked man glories in his greed, and the covetous blasphemes, set the Lord at nought. The wicked man boasts, 'He will not avenge it.' 'There is no God,' sums up his thoguhts.

He should enjoy his wicked supremacy, his hegemony while he can, because the day of anger and reckoning is coming.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

What Really Is Important

I read that voters are skeptical that Hilary is trustworthy and honest. It is so that a morally feeble politician will be neither trustworthy or honest, and that it is highly desirable to vote into office someone that is honest and and fair.

But it occurred to me that it is far more significant that a honest and fair citizenry comprised of sturdy, unflinchingly principled Tea Partyers be trained in and educated so that they are fit to run the country.

They will vet the candidates, and those that are dishonest, spendthrift, cowardly and power hungry will be allowed to stand for the desired job.

These educated, informed, principled and virtuous supercitizens will seek no government aid. They will be capitalists that are largely self-sufficient and fiercely independent. The candidates that they vote into office will be honest and trustworthy because they ave little leeway to act or choose otherwise.


It is often noted that many are called but few are chosen, chosen as elite fights, as professional football players, as maverizers of unusual talent.

But that is all about to change: If we accept that De has called all to inform themselves about their living angels duties, then proceeding to accomplish them, then many or most of these Mavellonialists will be selected by De to living in heaven postmorem with the Good Spirits.

All are created equal, so all have that elite capacity to be remarkable. Such developed individualists are worthy of divine help, and will receive.

So, all are called, and as Mavellonialists, all  or most all are alive, chosen and accepted.

God Is Jusr

God is just, merciful, loving and forgiving, but an offended De, whose commands, gestures, honor and status have been trashed, belittled and ignored by rebellious, sinful, impious sinners, can occasionally react to such insulting transgressions by being filled with rage and righteous anger.

God's anger and forceful  attack on offenders from this point forward may be violent even lethal as De exacts justice upon them.

As God reproves the living Evil Spirits among us, he asserts that his reputation and image are not to be trampled under or disrespected in any way, and that our obedience to divine law is a must.

The Hawk

This afternoon I picked up a Presbyterian minister from San Francisco, at the Humphrey Terminal.

We were exiting the airport onto 34th Ave. South, and I was driving about 30 mph.

All of a sudden a red-tailed hawk, sailed right over the roof of the van, , dived down right in front of us, and stormed down to the ground where an English house sparrow was feeding in the grass. The sparrow saw the incoming, airborne attacker, and dodged out of way, so the hawk missed his prey.

He immediately wheeled right and few two hundred feet west and disappeared behind a building.

It is likely the same hawk I saw a week earlier 1/4 mile farther north on the corner of the federal cemetery, where he flew up to a post, and commenced to eat a striped gopher that he just caught.

Such a close encounter and such a tight interaction between man and his technology, and a bird of prey in hot pursuit of his next meal was startling, and fascinating at the same time.

The Rule Of Law

We are a nation of rules and laws, and the rules must apply to all. None receive special exemption or treatment.  The law must be administered evenhandedly, equitably and  honestly. None are above the law.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is It Real?

Is what we imagine in our fantasies real? In some cases it might be, but in many instances they are  mere fanciful imaginings.

What we imagine can be real or become real in three ways.

First, by praying for De to make it come about, and our prayers are answered and our imagined desire becomes reality.

Second, by our own hard work to implement what we have planned, envisioned and dreamed about.

Third, our spiritual state may become so advanced and so powerful, that our imaginings are of such intellectual and spiritual clout, that what we imagine is converted into--or exists already in our minds, and we will to to enter the world as a living creature, a plant or an inanimate object--everyday reality out there in the physical world.

The Precursor

Let us turn Dave Ramsey loose to help these young people learn to be a bit selfish and greedy, so that their primitive self-interest and pursuit of money and riches is that essential, noble base character, out of which grows enlightened self-interest, and the ineradicable need to answer De's summon to go live as a developing angel.

Charity and selflessness will not help the individual grow intellectually, morally or spiritually.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Life Is Serious Business

Life as living well is serious business, not a chance to be frivolous and dissolute for a life time.

We still should have fun everyday, and enjoy leisure and place, but, nonetheless, life is a serious, divinely assigned set of tasks to get accomplished, so we have to get many or most of our assingments done, as a physical actual demonstration of our love of, respect for, reverence for and obedience to the Mother and Father.

Psalm 10, 2: Evildoers

"Proudly the wicked harass the afflicted, who are caught in devices the wicked have contrived": the children of light must fight back, and repel their tormentors.

The Needed Intervention

So a mob of 150 blacks youths attack college students to beat and rob them at Temple University in Philadelphia.
The youths contrived and planned the attack through Instagram.

Here is an example of what I have been warning about: 21st century electronic communication devices being used to build and reinforce a virtual mob feeling of power and connectedness for young people already in unhealthy herd memberships and behavior patterns.

Humans readily embrace new technology because that is an easy adjustment for them and a pleasurable one.

To adopt Mavellonialist values, to abandon group-living for individual living, to maverize as a living angel, now those are reform values that all people desperately need to adopt and none do. To adopt new values is scary, unappetizing and undesirable--sort of like rejecting the eating of ice cream in favor of broccoli instead.

Black youths need Mavellonialist help desperately, but they are getting none.

20 Year Low

Tonight they are reporting a 20 year low level of support for the assault weapon ban. May that low support signal increasing support for gun rights, and respect for all our Constitutional rights and protections.

Trump Catching Up

Some pollsters and political pundits are suggesting or predicting that an upset may be in the works--I sure hope so. Hilary will take our guns, pack the courts and install one party progressive rule for the next hundred years.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fight On

We Mavellonialists work for the Good Spirits, so we fight on, no mater how meager and unrewarding our effort our efforts to this point seem.

We work for permanent change and lasting improvement, and that change does not come quick cheap or easy. The truth is that if we keep advocating the cause of the Good Spirits long enough, we will see positive changes begin to show up and build.

Hate The Sin, Not The Sinner

I do not hate progressives, but I hate their politics, especially hardcore Marxist Lenninism.

The Global KIng

Barack still is conniving to impose his cherished global gun ban on America. Typical, globalist elitist. Disarm God's living angels, so that they cannot defend themselves against tyrants, totalitarian scheme and wealth confiscation.

Satan could not be prouder of his son, and if Hilary gets to be President, Obama 3 demonic redistributionism will be cemented into a way of Ameritopia here.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


This alleged natural smart drug brain supplement is supposed to be a smart pill that allows us to use 100% of our brain power. My nephew sent an article about it to me.

It may well be a wonderful and wonder drug.

I guess I blieve we can do the same thing naturally by working hard, and by spiritually making our minds more recollective, more creative, more comprehending and more alive and alter.

Inteligen may make the difference, but we can achieve such miraculous results on our town too.

The Alleged Sad Life

One of my brothers scoffed at me for working 16 hours a day for weeks on end without a day off. He dismissed my life and me as a sad life. I utterly reject that dismissal. Only a busy, effective life is the good life worth leading.

Kids Are Innocent

Kids are born innocent even though they are basically evil. How can I make such a self-contradictory asertion that is true, sane, and a sympathetic, loving observation?

They are so precious and cute, and born depraved; that is a fact. They are innocent of most stupid, cowardly, selfish and cruel acts that they commit because they have only a bit of free will, for they are mostly wicked little robots, born in sin, raised in sin, left to rot as group-livers, and are forced to be broken and support the institutions and elites that wrecked their lives.

Thus it is that they are mostly innocent, while being born mostly sinful and sinning. They are rarely to blame for their sordid outcome. It is the fault of foolish, false, selfish, wayward adults in their lives that raise them poorly, far from the Good Spirits, far from love, far from individual living, and far from being taught the smart, wise, right values.

Once kids are well brought up in the future as Mavellonialists, most of them will make it, and lead productive, brilliant lives as living angels.

The Origin

God is the Word made Flesh, and De's Mind is the origin of divine law (natural law) that guides and directs all the living and all the dead, all that is material or immaterial, that exists and does not exist.

As maverizers we are called to ascertain, as rational religionists, what De's divine plan holds for us, how it works and what are the unfolding implications of it going forth.

Once we have grasped what is going on, it is our duty to protect and further God's plan for us and all in this world while it unfolds. Then we must work for the rest of our lives to make sure that God's will is done.

Psalm 9, 2-3

Give thanks to Yahweh for pushing back from us our pressing enemies. If they do not relent and repent, one day soon they will be tossed by Yahweh a plummetless pit of fire.

We should thank God each day for De's protection and loving guidance: "I will give thanks to you, O Lotd, with all my heart. I will declare all your wondrous deeds."

Go Ted

Cruz wants a criminal investigation into why Creamer met with Obama so many times. The Democrats are socialist, undemocratic, cheaters and liars that have rigged things to steal the election. Trump may be more correct than he knows.

They Matter

On the website--Drudge maybe--tonight, it is reportd that some campus banned signs, noting that unborn lives matter.

All lives matter, including the unborn, and the free speech right to so offer this point of view should be suppressed on or off campus.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Moral Citizens

Gun-toting, America-loving, flag-waving American patriots are very moral, the most decent, nonviolent, tolerant and ethical segment of our society.

Gun-haters are progressive by nature, and they foster ghetto areas keeping minorities and other down, while their rights to be arms is withdrawn from them. In this weird neighborhood, pack fights a pack, killing each other with stolen or illegally purchases guns. This extreme example group-living leads to a place where morality and self-control do not exist.

Only moral individualists can handle guns well and legally, for their self-control will see them thorugh while they exercise the 2nd Amendment Rights.

Growing Satan's Cause

Groupists grow Satan's cause incessantly. They are always the aggressors, constantly pushing back reluctant or defiant neighbors. If they can grow group power in their vicinity, they have established another nest for Satan's Evil Spirits to fly to and lay eggs to hatch as proto-demons. Not good, not good at all.

They plot tirelessly to exterminate and defeat the good, whom they utterly loathe.

Life is a ceaseless battle between the good and the evil.

So choose the right side, and elect to living as a living Good Spirit, a living angel in the making.

Psalm 8, 6

This psalm the nature of humans as created by Yahweh or God: "You have made him little less than the angels and crowned him with glory and honor. You have given him rule over the works of your hands, putting all things under his feet."

This famous passages establishes humans as rulers of nature and all its creatures, and justifies their use of nature and its creatures to make a living and build a better life materially.

This passage also refers to the dignity and worth of each human, and anticipate that a Jewish, Christian, Western, sacred humanism is best honored and practiced when referring to actualizing individualists.

Psalm 8, 5

There are passages in Judasim and Christiaity that are just too anti-humanism and anti-self and righteous pride displayed by the individuator or super-achiever. Here is one passage: "
whatis man that you should be mindful of him . . ."

In The Hood

If a society of individuators  formed a community music, art, philosophical debates, dialogues, plays, speeces, singing and conversing would all go on every evening in the neighborhood park. Then and there the awesome, limitless talent and creativity of the individul-livers would be on fantastic display.

Stupid Electorate

Barack has an approval rating of 55% na d lectures tTrump about whining. Barry the Spendthrift has cause more blacks to live in poverty than did before he became President, and minority academic achievement is dismal, not due towhit e dscriminatin but due to statist undercutting the self-confidence of minorities.

Minorities are urged to be wards of the state, and that the government will take care of them. Blacks are urged to continue to group-live.

Is it any wonder that voters are less free, poorer, unhappy and dumber? Group-living under a socialist dictator will do that to them.

Pleging Allegiance

A relative quoted someone on Facebook, offering that the Pledge of Allegiaince should be recited in every classroom.

Going farther, I would state that the Pledge of Allegiance should be written on the heart of every citizen by each citizen as she rallies support for supercitizen control of the political scene here, on every level.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Block Spot

There may need to be a spot on every block where individuators meet in the evening, after work, to share ideas, demonstrate new theorems, or show a picture that they just painted. That neighbors porch or garage could serve as the Block Salon.

The Executive Branch

Levin pointed out tonight that Congress alone has the Constitutional Right to legislate. He complained that the bureaucrats, part of the Executive Branch, have unconstitutionally usurped the legislative function as these unelected officials write thousands of binding regulationss, legally binding on the public.

Mark explains that the Executive Branch now does the most legislating by far.

This is how we are descending into a one-party socialist dictatorship. It may be too late, but we supercitizen TeaPartyers must fight back without languishing.

We Can Only Try

What you will or will not will sometimes does not seem to matter, because the world goes down another, unpleasant, unproductive path.

All you can do is do what is right, and the world will be as it is, and people will do what they will do.

The Moral Person

A well trained moral adult, traditionally reared with faith-based, and Christian values, should  be able to sublimate his feral and selfish impulses, most of the time, by automatically categorizing every tempation and ruminated act within four categories.

Here they are:  Mean Harm To Self and Others
                         Not Intentionally Mean To Harm Self and Others
                         To Act In Neutral Ways
                         Not Mean To Do Harm But Try To Do Good To Self And Others
                         Mean To Do Good To Self and Others

The kinder the will, and the more loving the person that lives her noble Western and Christian values, the closer will be her learned, automatic selection of the 5th option, almost every time, to mean to do good to the self and others.

By introducing Mavellonialism to the ethical mix, the rate of each individual making the noble selection , should skyrocket.


Groupists have fellow feeling for loud, sometimes obnoxious male extroverts that are popular members of the pack. They pat him on the back, and demur that "Boys will be boys."

When he is like I am, a loud, sometimes obnoxious male extrovert, and am a great soul without any knack for social joining any group, then this unpleasant personality triggers a very different response from groupists encountered. Angry counter-attacking is not out of the question. Sullen silence and withdrawal of social invitations are more typical.

To observe the regularity with which joiner or loner loud male extroverts are treated so differently by groupists is breathtaking, and much reveals how groups work.

Exemplary Activism

Ben Dorr from Minnesota Gun rights led a campaign to back off the Savage, Minnesota City Council from banning gun shops in much of that city.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of gun rights advocates flooded those council members with emails, etc. The City Council this even would not even bring forward a motion to heavily regulate gun shops in their town.

This is a huge victory for Minnesota Gun Rights. If they can hold this kind of grass-root clout in Minnesota, think what 100 million gun owners in America will one day do, as they learn to become supercitizens and TeaPartyers, determined and united in their conviction that they need to run the country, and restore the constitutional republic and the American Way to to primary emphasis as they deserve to sbe o accentuated.

Psalm 8, 2

O Majestic God!: "O Lord, our Lord, how glorious is your name over all the earth! You have exalted your majesty above the heavens."

When To Take The High Road

Be grandly neutral where you have ferreted out that both sides are about equally at fault, and both sides are lying instigators to blame for instigating, fueling, and prolonging the fracas.

If oneside is more to blame, or a lot more to blame for the clashing, then it is moderate, truthful, just and right to side more on the side that is more victimized than victimizing.

There Are Two Sides

There are two sides to every dispute. True, but the truth and right lie a bit or even sometimes a lot more on one side then the other. That admitted,  to avoid unrest, and more bitter division, to a degree that they deserve justice and restitution, the people on the wrong side must be acknowledge where they are right and just, and corrected where they are bigoted, unjust and are the aggressors.

Moderation as truth-detection, is usually more on the left or right a bit than in the direct middle, and this reality and fact must not be skirted or downplayed to appease those threatening unrest and retaliation.


Remembering the brave, noble men and women that have served our nation and preserved our liberty, constitutional way of life and culture is a must going forward because Millennials and Generation Z young people have little knowledge of, appreciation of and understanding of our American Way of life, and the central role that our veterans played and play in constructing and preserving this great land.

Let me quote the Pembina County Historical Society: "A Nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors and the men it remembers."

Superior Values

Mavellonialist values are the superior values whose adoption and implementation will take Americans to living angel greatness.

The whole world will benefit by importing and utilizing and proceeding based on these values.

The Alt-Right

I reject any of their racist or white-supremacy leanings, but I admire their emphasis on individual sovereignty and open and free markets.

Individual sovereignty is very similar to my proposal about the needed ascendency of anarchist maverizing as supercitizens, running canots under a federal umbrella, a constitutional monarchy.

Capitalism is the enlightened, liberating, wealth giving economic system basic to the Mavellonialist future.

Good Values

Poor values and unreasonable faith allowed ISIS to arise. Good values and temperate faith are what make America shine. People everywhere are about the same in terms of proneness to sinning, and being equal, but poor values are dooming us to poverty, totalitarianism, satanic subjugation, and likely annihilation.

Just A Thought

If comparing and contrasting what occurs economically in America versus current Venezuela are not enough to convince people to move away from inevitably failed and failing experiments with socialism, it may prove interesting and illustrative for people to run the following two experiements in say two of Australia's two western-most provinces.

Let one province be Marxist, and the other unfettered capitalism. I can predict how that it would turn out, but another socialist failure would not convince true-believing Marxist that their economic approach is bankrupt.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Do Some Soul-Searching

It is some time for soul-searching when, after enjoying a fabulous vacation, you are most reluctant to return to home and work, and you are desperate to avoid running away from the life that you have built for yourself.

The Synonyms

Far too often Muslim and fanaticsm are one and the same. That must change if humanity is to have any chance to survive in the future.

A tolerant, nonviolent, inclusive, moderate, tolerant and pacified Islam will then be the modern synonym for a temperate, reformed, updated faith.

People Of Good Will

People of good will know love, and live as if love guides all their thoughts, words and deeds, and undergirds all that they do and are.

They love God, the Good Spirits, the self and others, and that is how they roll.

Good Faith

Be not  naive or gullible, but do not lose hope or turn bitter or cynical. Conduct your affairs with your head held high. Make deals, be honest and fair, and keep your word, for conducting your affairs in a mode of good faith is the only way to fly.

Be Practical

Be sensible, cautious and and forward-looking. That is the optimism of a moral moderate carefully moving ahead.

Be Ye Wise

May good sense and wisdom be the sound judgment that you use to evaluate the world and all that walks by you. May you follow the Good Spirits all the days of your life.

Give Thanks

Give thanks to God and the Good Spirits for all the blessings that they have made available for you: "I will give thanks to the Lord for his justice, and sing praise to the name of the Lord  most High."

Psalm 7, 7

Make God protect you and knock back your enemies: "Rise up, O Lord, in your anger; rise against the fury of my foes; wake to the judgment that you have decreed."

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Growing Your Soul

When you agree to accept the Mother's invitation for you to self-realize and thus grow your soul in goodness, light and love, God's remarkable, precious grace is bestowed upon your sanctified soul. The spiritual miracle of personal soul sanctification is a enormous gift from the divine beings that we worship, but it can be a burden when coming up against unenlightened groupists that surround one.

Amassing Power

If you work for God, you do not feverishly conspire to amass power to allies and to yourself.

If You Group-Live

If you work for God, you no longer group-live.

Growing The Government

If you work for God, you do no grow the government.

Harming People

If you work for God, you do not harm people.

The Answered Call

When one answers the Mother's call to self-realize as a living angel, one is living a specially consecrated life.

To receive this remarkable blessing from God is an honor, but can be a burden and challenge too, when one lives among retaliatory pygmies.

Whom They Worship

It was probably Levin that characterized Leftists as worshipping their god, the government. And he adds that socialism is their religion.  Amen.

When the government is their god, it really is Lucifer that is their god, for Lucifer is nothing but the ultimate joiner, leader of the pack, the ultimate head bureaucrat at the top of the institutional heap.

Depriving every individual of life, liberty, happiness and property is done as they promote and engage in socialist wealth redistribution, the spreading of Lera-pandering across the land.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Creepy Clowns

These sickos are proof that demons walk the earth even today.


A air carrier left our hotel, and its pilots and flight attendants were paid below industry standard, so they were bitter and kept the tips for themselves, and did not reward us, the drivers.

One large, aggressive, mouthy captain started berating me, complaining about how awful our hotel was, in front of a bus full of passengers. This bully had nothing to complain about, but he was trying to bully me into submission. They had run a twitter campaign to leave our hotel.

They gave nothing, were rude, grabby, demanding and high maintenance. Those least worthy of extra service, double down and demand extra service, extreme van service for extra side trips.

It is a sin not to be grateful for how good we have it here in America, not appreciating what we, the help, do for customers, for very average wages, and not many rewards. Rude, unappreciative and sullen--they left, and we were relieved.

Psalm 6, 9-11

The enemies of mine are assembled and plotting my demise; in their groupism they favor Obama and Hilary, and as wards of the state, they wax in group wickedness. Get lost, for your time is short, and we are coming to you. Justice will be meted out to them that oppose the Good Spirits and their indivdiuators: "Depart from me, all evildoers, for the Lord has heard the sound of my weeping; the Lord has heard my plea, the Lord has accepted my prayer. All my enemies shall be put to shame in utter terror; they shall fall back in sudden shame."

Psalm 6, 5

Father and Mother, come forward and smite the wicked and stubborn. Protect your children of light, and lease bring about your kingdom here on earth. How long must we wait? We are ready to take over and rule: "Return, O Lord, save my life; rescue me because of your kindness."

Control The Narrative

Conservatives must stick together like liberals do, and they must control the national narrative, not by rationalizing things, but by speaking the truth and getting that message out to all.

Racial Tension

This rivarly between whites and minorities had ended, but has been revived by statists to implement and foment reverse racism and reverse enslavement of whites by all others, and pushing group grievance building is a way to spread tyranny and Ameritopia, by dwindling liberty and our republic.

Waste not  your time listening to the reverse-haters and race-baiters. Go individuate and serve God instead, putting your time and effort to good use.

Hilary And The Congress?

One conservative calling Larry Elder today said he hoped Hilary wins the White House, and both branches of Congress. He opined that this would make Republicans wake up.

He is completely wet. If they take it all, they set up their one-party dictatorship for 100 years. Our country is destroyed, and humanity's best last hope will die, its beacon extinguished.

Let us take as much of the country every cycle, and build our cause, never relenting, never ceding ground willingly.

Monday, October 10, 2016

To So Live

To live as a maverizer each day  is to always have a resident artist, a brilliant intellectual, and a creative, versatile, adept artist occupying the space where the self--your self--works, loves, lives  and socialize.


He points out that the politics of grievance is a weapon used over and over again by the Left to advance a Communist dictatorship in America. Grievances can never be satisfied and the Left is always wronged, and keeps moving the goal post, to remove private liberty, and to grow one-party Marxist tyranny in America, growing and growing, until the federal government controls all, everywhere all the time in the public arena and in the private domain.

Rush warns that the Left needs to be defeated politically, but Hilary is likely to be President, and complete Obama.s Leftist dictatorship.

Feel Good Charity Work

We harbor our good deeds of charity in our feel-good self-righteousness, because we aided the poor. Okay, that is a worthy, temporary source of relief.

To end or greatly reduce poverty, embrace capitalism. Praise hard work and the work motive to become very prosperous, even rich. Instruct the young that they must maverize, and work for money to lift themselves up by their own efforts. Now that is the lasting way to reduce poverty.

Be Bold

Be bold and stand up for what is right. Be bold but not reckless. Be cautious but not craven.

Anyone Can Do It

Any courageous, hardy, average soul can do what a great-souled maverizer achieves. Anyone can do it and should do it because they can do it, and are called by God to live that way.

You are free to refuse to obey God's calling, but you are doomed to be punished by God for your haughty disobedience. It is a grievous sin and a a slap at the noble Good Spirits to listen only to the call of the Evil Spirits, to hate, to be selfish, to be lazy, to remain mediocre, to group live--once you have been introduced to Mavellonialism.

To improve the self and to amount to something is to make a magnificent contribution to what is good for humanity, and extends the rule of the Good Spirits here on earth. What is good for God is also what is good for humanity, and what is good for humanity is good for God. So be that nobody that can maverize, and please God in the process.


Twitter is so dangerous, so tempting, so readily there for you to spout off, writing any goofy, irrevocable rubbish that you must be always wary as what you write and say. Millions of people now are electronically rocking and rolling as a united, chanting electronic mob, well aware of their collective might, now strutting, now throwing their weight around against any that are politically incorrect, or who stand against them.

We need to not see the rising up of a Communist mob, a Communist majority in America, but we are perilously close to getting what we do not want or deserve.

Keep Going

Always grow. Always strive to better yourself.

Psalm 5, 13

God, protect the just against the Leftist demons that plague us: "For you, O LOrd, bless the just man; you surround him with the shield of your good will."

Psalm 5, 10-11

Good Spirits, strike down the regime of the Liberal sinners. We need faith-based, constitutional republicanism restored in this nation: "For in their mouth there is no sincerity;  their heart teems with treacheries. Their throat is an open grave; they flatter with their tongue."

Psalm 5, 5-7

The Statists are Evil Spirits, God: protect us from their wicked agenda.: "For you, O God, delight not in wickedness; no evil man remains with you; the arrogant may not stand in your sight. You hate all evildoers; you destroy all who speak falsehood. The bloodthirsty and the deceitful the Lord abhors."

God, we are ready for some victories for the good and conservative; please save us from the secular, progressive worshippers of Big Government and Dark Powers.

Fight Back

Let not your heart be troubled. The wicked Left is swarming around, about to take America down if Hilary is elected, and it looks likely. Your job is to take a hard line, and fight the wicked liberals, win or lose, until death takes you.

The Battle

Satan and Lera never take a break, so we may want peace with them and their Evil Spirits, but cowardice and lack of principled opposition just makes them more aggressive, and able to gain muc ground unopposed.


Mark Walters if Armed American Radio noted that you know you are a winner when the Left hates you.

If they knew that Mavellonialism and I existed and are the unstoppable future, they would be howling at the moon!

May I recommend that we let us generate more political and philosophical victories, and thus generate more progressive outrage and hatred towards us.

Dirty Tricks

Did the Clintons hold this tape on Trump until just before the election so that they can win the election? I think so. Is this her October surprise. Ted Cruz believes so, and I agree with him.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Psalm 4, 7-8

Praise God: " . . .O Lord, let the light of your countenance shine upon us! You put gladness into my heart, more than when grain and wine abound."

Be Curious

Be curious, and fearless. Intellectually show interest in many things, great and small, natural and artificial. You must learn to compete in the brave new world.


This handy psychological instrument, both felt and thought, allows the Good Spirits to bubble up communications and warnings to us, passing through from our subconscious to our conscious state of mind.

We should heed its powerful, accurate messages more than we should ignore them.


It is a religion, a philosophy, an ethical code and a way of life.


Dan Brown refers to Transhumanism on page 453 of this novel, and Transhumanist is his villain, Zobrist. Transhumanist believe humans should use our technology, our science and emerging philosophies to create superhumans.

Mavellonialism is more natural--we need not genetic engineering, and all the other goodies to enhance human nature; we only need to use the superhuman abilities that we already possess to grow into living angels.

These artificial enhancement may be ethically acceptable, but we want to move slow.


A naturally, occurring great-soul necessarily will feel completely isolated from and estranged from childhood peers. He will start, even as a child, to feel awake, alert, conscious of the vibrant, pulsating, vigorous universe out there, outside the local group cocoon inhabited by his sleeping peers, unaware and disinterested in anything outside of their tiny, local world.

This deep-rooted incompatibility with the local herd is a life-long happening which he will have to learn to deal with and endure as best he can, while still maverizing and serving the Good Spirits.

Get Free

Though you are a joiner, an institutional bureaucrat and a slave to conformity standards set by the community, you can break free and individuate and serve the Good Spirits, if you really elect to do so. You can still self-realize and know released talents, amazing performance and excellence in the time still allotted to you.


The most damaging form of stupidity arises out of denial. Where educated, smart people deny the obvious truth about any given situation, because the solid truth undercuts the premise by which they act as they really want to, what follows are acts of cruelty, wickedness, injustice, abuse and folly. These actions are potentially foolish, poorly conceived and wicked, at first glance, to any good, decent, honest onlooker.

Out Of The Pack

The Individual that pursues greatness, and dares to leave pack-living behind. He will fill naked before God, the eternal, the shocking silence and lack of support, crutches and excuses. He stands alone before God, before Fate. No masks, no barriers--rationales are effective no longer.

The individual now as physically and literally entered and resides in the realm of Objective Reality. He now lives where Everythingness and Nothingness are his only friends, his only acquaintances. Is he fazed by this? In Part. Does he experience staggering loneliness? Of Course, but he will surmount it all for his love towards God trumps all other minor concerns and irritations.

This individual is free from conformity, free from groupist claptrap, and free to do his own thing. He is self-supporting. He knows the truth and lives deeply within the realm of the Truth=the Objective=The Moderate that is rational ascertained and internalized.

The poor, undeveloped joiners that he has left millions of miles behind are cowed, semi-conscious, crowd-supported, crowd-dependent and crowd-controlled.

Joiners think lies, breathe lies and spout lies. Their realm is Subjective=Fanatical=Deluded==irrationally embraced. Satan and Lera are the head joiners. The Evil Spirits are their surrounding cast.

The Good Spirits are individualists, and Fate and the Mother and Father are individualists.

Fate is also the ultimate joiner.

12 To 1

Drudge Reports tonight that liberal professors outnumber conservative ones on campus 12 to 1. It is time to defund our colleges, and to deprive these socialist public employees of middle class dollars and support. We need our children away from them that are being brainwashed.

Boycott funding campuses with removed tax dollars just as we privately boycott the NFL for his hatred of the police and middle class whites.

Life Is For Self-Starters

Do not wait for a handout, or dare to rob someone one the street corner. Do not vote socialists into office that legally rob those that do work, produce and grow the economy, so that their confiscated wealth can be redistributed by the government.

Go to work, work hard and make your own money. Then you will know prosperity, satisfaction and legitimate self-satisfaction. You did it, yourself.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Pence stated that his faith informs his life, and that is wonderful.

If we maverize, we can do new theology that informs existing religions.


An eye scan, recorded on all citizens, as a replacement for taking fingerprints. Chilling and to be stopped.

Use Social Media

I should be a better marketer. I should figure out how to use social media to get our message out--especially to the young and liberal and grouped.

Piece By Piece

Go ahead. Piece by piece, day by day, establish and increase your skill level and expertise at your life calling, your active answer to God's calling you to individuate.

Your growing your metier will aid you in learning how to live. These efforts will aid you in discovering who you are, and how you are meant to live.

Sometimes, we know our professional destiny early on, and sometimes, at the tender age of 19, we have an epiphany. Most others muddle around, eventually finding their way.

The Good Spirits will guide you

No To Political Correctness

We cannot live in a republic. We will not know the truth, nor liberty unless people are completely free to say whatever they want to, wherever they want to, to whomever they like to.

That being said, I prefer to speak respectfully and courteously to and about everyone--unless I furious and all courtesy and discretion temporarily go out the window--but the truth must be allowed to be spoken.

The truth is inclusive and nondiscriminatory.

Speak fearlessly, and seek to shut none down. If you favor speech suppression, you are a fascist respecting the liberty and personal power of no citizen. You are dangerous and nasty and should be rejected by all.

Cut Spending First

Trump keep talking about cutting taxes, which is fine, but this must be openly touted as a lower priority then cutting federal spending, even balancing the budget within 18 months after Trump is President. He can use Hannity's penny plan, or whatever, but get it balanced, and then cut taxes and reform the tax rates.

As Levin advises, we  conservatives must goad Trump to be as conservative as he can be forced to become.

Regis Giles

If Regis is right, Hilary is a very sick woman--physically as well as morally--and the American people deserve to know the truth, which the Left will not do.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Do What You Are Told

Find out what are the expectations set up for you by the Good Spirits. Then get to work endeavoring to meet them.

The Irrational

Knowing and accepting God's word, gifts and challenges is what we need to do based on faith.

Linear Thinking

Our ability to engage in linear thinking is the trait that links us closest to the Good Spirits and the Mother and the Father. Logic is divine, the principled underpinning of cosmos structure.

The Place

God has a plan for you, a place for you in heaven. God has a function for you to fulfill. Discover what is your mission, and then complete it.


Death is not the end; it is but a tradition into eternity.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Psalm 4, 4

"Know that the Lord does wonders for his faithful one; the Lord will hear me when I call upon him."

Be faithful and serve God, and God will be there when you call for help.


I have not associated with them much, but the limited contact that I have experienced has left me alarmed. They seem to seek shallow, cheap stardom--their selfie-driven 15 minutes of fame on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They live and die for their clique friends.

There is a disconnect between them and the older generation, and it is not their fault. They like the Left and they do not care for guns or blue collar work and values. They seem to run in packs. Their antics are not clever and amusing, but seem shallow and juvenile and trite. Many maybe most of them feel entitled and special, deserving of the best pay, and quick promotions without paying their dues. They insist they are deserving of honors, recognition and rewards right now.

Victories are to be easy. No sacrifice is required. Hard work is an anathema. Who needs creative struggle and an expenditure of time and effort?

Now I advocate high self-esteem as critically basic to having the confidence to individuate. It is admirable and honorable to feel special, but if one wants to feel entitled, let one feel entitled to assert the natural right to self-realize and live free. One is entitled to work very hard for a very long time.

If we maverizers and Mavellonialists can convert and nudge Millennials to agree to leave their groups and mediocre living to individual-live and to individuate, then they will learn, love, create and think, serving God well and faithfully. If we achieve this conversion for millions of Millennials, then we have done something to guide these youngsters whose output, originality and brilliance will lead them to be the greatest generation yet.

Mountain Of Debt

With 20 trillion dollars of debt, we cannot afford Obamacare, and we cannot afford a new entitlement under Hilary to provide free college education for all.

We have to balance our books and pay off that debt. It will be hard and painful, but fiscal responsibility is critical if we are to survive as a free, free enterprise people.

Go, Mark

Tonight, Levin pointed out that the government, the Democratic Party and the Liberal Press are all the same. This is true and scary, for the Left are very close to achieving their ultimate goal if forcing a one-party, Marxist dictatorship, post-constitutional, upon the American people. We are so close to losing our country.


The Political Insider reports this evening that the Supreme Court denied Obama's illegal and unconstitutional agenda. It is about time.