Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Psalm 23

This sacred poem, so eloquent and optimistic, captures the proper way to relate to and talk to God. It is so perfect that its message is uplifting and largely captures what any human could desire from a close, loving relationship with God.

Side With God In Public: Psalm 22, 23-24

Praise God before humans so that God will recognize you when you come to the pearly gates--as a know loyal, friend: "I will proclaim your name to my brethren; in the midst of the assembly I will praise you: 'You who fear the Lord, praise  him; all you descendants of jacob, give glory to him; revere him, all you escendants of Israel!'"

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Liberty And Order

Liberty and order go together just as tyranny and lawlessness bring the country down.


Know what not to do is almost as important as knowing what to do.

To Teach

Dennis Prager seeks to enlighten his audience by sharing knowledge and teaching  right, conservative values.

You need experience and reflection to aid you in making the correct decisions, and making theings better.

Social Justicd

Do you desire social just and prosperity for all. Okay, but how do you get there? We must teach the poor to shed government dependence; they must feel the obligation to make it on their own.

Once the poor learn to live as individuals and to live as individuators, they will work very hard and honest, embracing capitalism. May they grow their personal wealth and at least become mildly rich.

Opportunity awaits those that go after it.

Pointed Out

As Levn pointed out, free but fair trade works and grows wealth for all. Tariffs do not work, leading to more government taxes, a decline in per capita income, trade wars, and world-wide recession.

We must grow trade and commerce to create wealth for all.

Regis Giles

On line tonight she quotes a Muslim woman who insists that Islam is the most feminist religion in the world, an admittedly, factually  false and absurd claim.

Actually, Mavellonialism will be come known as the fairest, kindest, least discriminatory of faiths against people of color, women, the GLBT minority, the disable, etc.

Any faith, that preaches self-love, and near total personal liberty--free from groupist, communal, institutional or legal restriction--to do one's own thing in a most extreme way, is the least bias faith imaginable. Those that are groupist, fanatical and absolutist, discriminate severely against all these other protected class persons, including each individual, each member of society.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

They Got Her All Wrong

Ayn Rands egoist ethics are considered juvenile, and misleading; a mature adult abandons it to embrace a mature altruism.

They could not be more mistaken. To know ethical truth, enabling one to be able to distinguish right from wrong, is to love the self first, almost every time. The best, sweetest and more generous people are individualists.

The worst, crabbiest and most selfish people are the victims of altruist ethics and group-living. Evil they may be, but so living of their own free will is likely not their idea.

Doing Philosophy

So you want to do philosophy. Great. Study, read, think, work hard intellectually to detect ideational patterns that govern ideas and reality, and then you will have take some modest steps into the world of philosophy.

Get Rich

So your goal is to get rich and amass wealth and plenty of material things. Okay, but add maverization to your agenda, and then you will have built a successful, wealthy, brilliant life.

The Safety Committee

At my Maintenance job, I was invited to join the Safety Committee. Great souls like I am do not usually fare so well,, when serving on a committees, so my expectations are low.


Many are social climbers and snobs that look right past outcasts like they are not there, and do not exist.

Each common citizen matters. These good men and good women are to be treated with respect. Each one is as good as any other, and just may be the most important human in the universe.

Whose Time Has Come

An idea whose time has come is unstoppable, and it useless to resist its implacable, forceful arrival upon the scene. Mavellonialism is such a concept.

Proper English

Breitbart reports tonight that the University of Washington declares that proper English is racist.

Really? I thought speaking clear, grammatical English was a sign of being educated, bright, articulate, classy and respected. And how does that have anything to do with identity politics?

Mind Control

Elites always strive to manipulate and sway public opinion.

Until each citizen learns to think originally, learns to self-realize, to lead the politicians and elite, not follow, agree with and obey them, evolves into a supercitizen, mind-control efforts will be successful and rewarding for those that control, direct and exploit the masses.

Control your own mind, lead yourself, and your original, powerful voice will save the world and make your verbal dissidence heard, respected and agree with.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Psalm 22, 23-24

Praise God in public for all to hear, signaling that you stand with God so that God will stand with you despite fierce blowback from godless, worldly sinners: "I will proclaim your name to my brethren; in the midst of the assembly I will praise you. You who fear the Lord, praise him; all you descendants of Jacob, give glory to him; revere him, al you descendants of Israel!"

The Desolation

Traditionally, loners are 1 or 2% of the population in any community. They were driven half-mad by social ostracism, often going under ground, selling out and group-joining, etc.

It would be socially rewarding if loners could find each other to comfort and support each other to continue individual-living and to maverize. We should advertise a loner blog site on the Internet so that we may discover and reinforce our own kind.

Nice Concept

On Page 606 of her novel, The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand, criticizes groupists as living second hand. She praises her individualists as living first hand.

Not Bravado

Self-esteem is not the same as prancing about like some hotshot, flamboyant, bragging, arrogant, flamboyant, haughty and exhibitionist.

Self-esteem is more likely to underwrite the man that is polite, gentle-spoken, confident and direct in all that he thinks, speaks is and does.

His self-talk is positive and realistic, but his sense of well-being runs deep and wide as his internal, psychological outlook.

To Love The Self

To love the self is to dare follow and obey God and the Good Spirits. It  is to separate from the herd and individuate. There are powerful, personal and societal repercussions from these profound, life-altering private and market place declarations of singular independence, granted to the self by the self.

The assertion of these life-giving natural rights grants one spiritual freedom a defined under my Mavellonialist faith.

These declarations also grant one political liberty as an individuated anarchist mostly defined and prescribed by the citizen role advocated by the Great One, Mark Levin., the Jewish-American political philosopher.

As these spiritual and political reaching for liberty-fulfillment are undertaken by more and more Americans, my divinely inspired, gentle revolution to reform and take over the world, will get underway.


Do not overrate and confuse cocky extroversion with high self-esteem, individual-living and maverizing. They are very different states of being. Often, the cocky extrovert is the leader of the pack, its bully to attack mavericks or struts like a class clown.

Do not undertake and mischaracterize the diffident introvert as unsure and suffering from low self-esteem. Many demure and quiet introverts individual-live  and self-actualize. Only the individual, that displays these two behaviors, enjoys deep, lasting, high self-esteem.

It seems that more cocky extroverts possess an easier potential to enjoy high self-esteem than do more shy, overly cautious introverts. But, where the introverts decides to individual-live and maverize, high self-esteem readily flows to her.

It takes high self-esteem to dare know liberty, the act of self-liberation, the following of the Good Spirits--these stances dramatically increases her access to high self-esteem flowing into her soul and psyche.

The Individuator's Will

When the chips are down, the individuator will stay the course in a fight, whether with guns, or verbally.

It requires great will and supreme confidence to presume that one deserves to maverize, and that it will work out, and that  no other lifestyle is acceptable.

When it comes to self-defense, military service, or speaking an unpopular truth in front of a snarling mob, their might wills render them as fearless, formidable opponents to the wicked and insipid.

Be Wary But Hopeful

Look at the world with a careful, cautious approach. Be friendly to most or all, assume their motives are honorable, but verify everything.

USCCA Training

As a Platinum member, I have access to all kinds of training programs, that I will begin to take advantage of.

One of the most important takeaways is the realization that you should flee, not fight, wherever possible. For legal and moral reasons, you do not want to pull a gun, fire a gun and wound or kill unless you have absolutely no other choice..

Be armed, ready to fight, and able to fight deftly and with swift brutality where necessary. But keeping the peace is the highest priority, your main duty.

Go Paul, Go

Rand wants immediate repeal and replacement of Obamacare--Amen.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Isolated Soldier: Psalm 22, 20-21

Each individuating, great soul in the making can bank on being isolated, pushed back, excluded. May the Good Spirits comfort him, protect him, watching his back for him: " But you, O Lord, be not far from me; O my help, hasten to aid me. Rescue my soul from the sword, my loneliness from the grip of the dog."


Nothing is more curative for the ailing soul than to stand tall, doing what is right, championing what is right, out there in the public eye, disregarding powerful, negative opposition. Be there, and celebrate the good and hopeful.

Let Your Light Shine Through

Pull back the curtains of hesitation and lying low. Let your God-sourced, God-driven light shine through. Let the world know that you are on the make, self-realizing, doing God's work as a future member of the Good Spirits should be doing.

Monday, February 13, 2017


Larry Elder tonight declared that decades of psychological studies consistently show that black women and black men consistently score higher in self-esteem than do white women and white men.

I have always thought that professional psychologists are often incompetent and these sets of tests show it.

I would rate high self-esteem as a sign of moral and mental health, a state of virtue growing out of egoist morality. Discovering who has it and who does not is tricky.

Black men and black women, for the most part, are groupist and that flows from low self-esteem, self-hating, altruistic ethics and remnants of groupist and tribal allegiances, strongly reinforcing group-living.

Relatively speaking, white men and white women, come out of a semi-individualistic culture that redounds to higher self-esteem, relative self-loving, egoist ethos and some breaking away from group-living, angling towards individual-living.

So, how to account for contradictory psychological studies. I would conjecture that blacks are extroverted and forceful to compensate for slavery and discrimination in their historical past. The loud, overt assertion of high self-esteem is their way of compensating, and it is their effort to make their way in the world. More power to them, But it does not reflect very high self-esteem.

White men and white women are often brought up to be modest, quiet, polite and tactful in public. Bragging about their high self-esteem would go against their Christian training to be humble and courteous. Group-living and altruist ethics instilled in them from an early age would further their reluctance to assert their high self-esteem which for many would be akin to bragging about being selfish.

But, as a relative individualist, the essence of the separated existence entails that a fairly high self-esteem is required and reinforced by believing that living apart, doing one's own thing and growing one's ability is a lifestyle that one deserves and warrants, because one is not worthy of a less ambitious way of living.

So, let all blacks and white speak up for high self-esteem, but also individual-live, self-love, follow the maverized Good Spirits and self-realize so that their actual and stated self-esteem are off-the-charts high.

Immgrant Ban

Trump has defended his temporary ban on Muslims from 7 terrorist sponsoring nations, justifying his ban as a Commander-in-Chief's duty to keep American's safe. That is a reasonable and constitutional rationale.

But we miss the main reason that people from any Muslim country should be vetted, and required to sign a loyalty oath renouncing shariah law. Shariah law is their totalitarian, theocratic set of laws utterly incompatible with our legal system under our constitutional republic. If Muslims do not renounce shariah law, they are not allowed to work here, study here, visit here or move here. That is a political, constitutional loyalty test that must be implemented to prevent them from subverting and overthrowing the homeland.

The same political oath should apply to socialists, Communists and fascists. Love America or stay out of it. We want to restore the American nation and to reinvigorate the American Way. Be for liberty and capitalism or get out and stay gone.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Liberty Defined

How to define liberty? I would define it as being free to live as one desires, to maverize and to be left alone.   

Their Desire

Joiners desire to see a great soul brought low, cut down to size, broken, compelled to be silent, to conform and to obey. Good luck,  imposing that upon a great soul.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


We should pray for and bless God, the Good Spirits, ourselves, our loved ones, all humans, the earth, etc.


Ayn Rand writes of the noble soul having reverence for itself, a form of self-worship. Of course she was an atheist and an early transhumanist, but such idolatrous, blasphemous self-love is regarded as highly sinful and against the humble approach towards God advocated by many Christians.

I would use phrases like enlightened self-love and high-self-esteem, not self-reverence and self-worship. Those concepts connote revering the self as a deity and that is offensive too and rivaling God.

Maverize, yes, but self-worship, no. God and the Good Spirits are all in for our becoming mini-gods and living angels, but there is no need to be disrespectful of our betters, our bosses, our superiors. They are powerful, and make bad enemies, and loyal, loving friends.

Sports Teams

Why do we prefer the Sports team that we prefer? Why we prefer what we do is a bit of a mystery. If there is a reason or law governing how people come to prefer as they do--and such a predicting regularity likely governs or influences or preferences--it is like the the science of psychology is not yet advanced enough to identify, explain and flesh out the ruling regularity governing human preference.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Dear God, I Belong To You

Dear God, I belong to you and am working hard to get back to your presence, here and in the next world--Psalm 22, 10-11: "You have been my guide since I was first formed, my security at my mother's birth. To you I was committed at birth, from my mother's womb you are my God."


It is a necessary evil that should be rare, safe and legal. Right and wrong are not easy to ascribe over this nasty medical procedure.

While You Plot and Exclude

While you are plotting to harm, exclude and downgrade certain persons and enemies, especially if they are decent, innocent persons who believe other than you do, scheming to harm them, in between prayers that you send to heaven, you should pause and reconsider how cruel and rotten you are.

The Good Spirits see all, and they are angry at your diabolical discriminating and conniving. Your immortal soul may be at risk.

You Are Loved

God loves you and you are protected more than you know.

Do Nothing Congress

The execrable Republican Congress is not passing anything, and claim that they now need to go slow. These dirt bags are helping the Democrats and socialists to destroy the country. The time for reform is passing, and they are frittering it all away.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


It just cost me $350 for an annual membership to USCCA, but they provide a lawyer, training and a million dollar liability policy in case of a self-defense incident for gun-wielders like I am.

With much training, education and insurance, I can live a a God-fearing, heat-packing supercitizen patriot and member of God's army without leftist district attorneys and lawsuit attorneys being able to jail me or sue me, for exercising my constitutional rights. That is a grim reality, but living in blue state Minnesota makes it a scary proposition to carry and exercise one's rights.


I just wrote to my Senator Wiklund, requesting that she support, cosponsor and vote for this wondrous bill that legally allows Minnesotans to lawfully carry a firearm in public without a permit. 

Each lawabiding citizen should be able to Constitutional Carry, and disregard any governmental interference in his affairs, as he packs heat, asserting his right to fend for his family against terrorists, criminals, invaders and agents of governmental tyranny.

May gun right gain a foothold in blue-state Minnesota!


Betsy DeVos is a critic of failing public schools and education unions. She supports private and charter schools—and is a reformer who will likely bring big changes in education policy. What do you think of her?
Betsy DeVos is not the most illustrious of Trump's nominees, nor the most qualified, but she is his most important nomination because she is no fan of lackluster public education and those corrupt public employee unionists, the teachers.

She is for school vouchers, private schools and local and parental control of school issues. The Department of Education should be put out of business, and, during the next four years, her job should be to work her way out of a job.

As long as students are captives prisoners of bureaucrats, public employees, huge institutional training and enmeshed in such a powerful center of group-living, young people will neither irse or shine, let alone maverize.

This reform cannot wait. May Betsy be the one to implement it.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

HF 309

I called a dozen Representatives per Minnesota Gun Rughts. We are urging these legislators to cosponsor and vote for this bill to establish Constituional Carry in Minnesota,  our right under the Constitution.

Let it be done. May the people be free, hold sway, armed, unfettered in charge--God's patiriotic army ready to defend the homeland.

To Further God's Glory

The two most efficacious way to further God's glory is by maverizing and loving God and all creatures in De's universe.

God Will Win

Psalm 22, 28-29: "All the ends of the earth shall remember and turn to the Lord; All the families of the nations shall bow down before him. For the dominion is the Lord's and he rules the nations."


Dennis Prager lambastes teachers that have lost their way. He wants them to play their traditional teaching role: to share knowledge and share values.

Liberal teachers are bored to share knowledge. They are bored with the traditional role, preferring instead to reshape young minds and harness them, yoking their strength to solve social problems.

Liberal teachers lack the wisdom the guide children. They need to just stick with their traditional role.


Knowing what not to do is almost more important that knowing what to do.


Angels are Good Spirits that are physically and biologically dead but spiritually, immortally are among the living in heaven.

Demons are Evil Spirits that are physically and biologically dead, but spiritually, immortally, they are alive,  living here and now.

Blessed in A Funny Way

Fate, the Mother and the Father have blessed us in a funny way. We were blessed by being born depraved, and we can grow our liberty, grace and chance to gather salvation to ourselves, by not enmeshing ourselves deep into a life of sinning.

While controlling our tendency to sin, and instead embracing love, virtue and spiritual goodness, this transcending the temptation to sin can be most liberating and satisfying.

The Two Aspects

The outstanding young person makes the exciting, firm, promising commitment to answer God's call to live as a living angel.

There are two aspects to the personal call sent us by God:

1. We answer the call through the actual profession that we select.

2. We answer God's call by making our life of self-realizing become reality through doing an excellent job making a living at our selected profession.

Doug Giles

In his blog site tonight he reminds Trump that all cannot be done with executive orders, and that the President must work with and in concert with Congress too.

Indeed, I would suggest that we train up a generation of individuating, anarchist supercitizens that lead Congress. They order Congress what to do, to legislate the will of the people. And Congress, under the Constitution, is the strongest branch of government, so it is the active, creative, dominant in its partnership with the President and Executive Branch.

The people in the future anarchist, federalist America will rule and lead Congress that whill enact the laws to be executed and managed by the President who follows the lead of the people and Congress. Do you envision a populist nationalist like Trump the tariff guy enjoying that role reversal?

Unalterably Opposed

So, you and your political opponents are unalterably oppositional and clashing over everything. Okay, you have nothing in common, and no common ground can be found.

 Given this principled, ideological gridlock, how do you, an unwavering, uncompromising conservative remain a good person, a moderate person? Are you a fanatic, an evil person as a result of your staunch stance? I say no for two reasons.

First, Democrats are now socialists, and their outlook is so extreme that they are black and conservatives are white. They want a one-party, Communist dictatorship. That is so un-American that conservatives must hold an absolutist, rejectionist stance just to keep them from completing their gutting the American culture, the American Constitution, the American economy and the American governmental system. When one's enemies are evil fanatics, it is justifiable to take a firm, consistent, hard line against them.

Second, no matter how we disagree and fight against each other, if conservatives tolerate their enemies, and never seek coerce them into giving up their alternatives views, their expressed, political statements, their peaceful, nonviolent, nonauthoritarian respect of and forebearance of others' continued divergent outlooks is a deeply moderate, ethical stand to adopt and live. That is real tolerance, real goodness and tangible moderation in action.

Big Mistakes

Go ahead, live, do, experiment, think, learn, act and pray, always pray.

Make plenty of repeated huge mistakes. Maverizing is often as ugly a growth practice as making sausage, but it sure tastes good in the end.

Make those big mistakes, but then learn, and refocus quickly, bouncing right back, going to new and greater heights. Great falls dared can lead to the most, highest and lasting gains.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Be not defined by your failures. Rather self-define and the the community will catch on and catch up as you are defined and characterized by your overcoming pratfalls and adversity.

Be defined by your energetic response and powerful recovery.

Do Like The Millionaires Do

Do like the millionaires do. Jump in and lose it all. Lose a fortune or two, and then you will know how to bounce back a make an even larger fortune or two.  We are fragile. We are limited. We are mortal. We are only a little bit smart.

We become smarter through bitter experience. Be not afraid to try and fail. By risking much, you gain much and then the gains you accrue will be huge, impressive and lasting. Fail you way to success, divine reward and human happiness.

Your Future

May your future here on earth be rich, enriched, free and exhilarating.

Loners In The Background

My people hav had many loners over many generations, and this liberating if painful proclivity, I asseverate, is both a product of genetics and circumstances.

Under Mavellonialism, our aim is to instruct all youngsters that they are individual, remarkable, and if they have the right values and upbringing, they will be adults with impressive destinies awaiting them.

Keep Writing

Write your own story, and write it large. Go big or go home.

The Smear

Leftists and the press are ginning up smear charges against the Tea Partyers as Alt-right. The good conservatives are accused of being Fascist, anti-multicultural, anti-political correctness, homophobic,anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, racist and mysogynist.

In fact the progressive are these things. Conservatives are for individual liberty. Nothing else matters. That is the world that the Tea Party seeks to restore and expand.

Village Life

Two women from Third World families or roots, that work at my hotel, were noting how in their villages at home, especially in the evening, how all the people come out and mix until dark.

Americans, by contrast, do not come out, or stay out to commingle with the neighbors in the evening. Only one or two neighbors may be outside at all.

I have long known the contrast that they described accurately. Even the vast majority of Americans, as non-individuating and group-living as they are, are relatively individualistic in comparison to most peoples around the world.

We must regard the cold, separate neighborhood lack of mingling and night life, found in most white neighborhoods, as a sociological Golconda for how to build individual-living neighborhoods in the future.

This is why we must limit all kinds of immigration. Those coming in must take a loyalty oath to individual-living, capitalism and loyalty to the constitutional republic.

They may come from a warm, groupist Hindu village, but life here will be individual, separate, cold and liberating. They must not be allowed to dilute and pollute our superior life style with primitive, destructive values from home.

On the surface, Americans may seem cold, indifferent and unfriendly, but this is because their kindness and staying away is misrepresented and distorted.

The Go-Getter

The go-getter need not be an individualist, but she shows strong individualist tendencies  because loners tend to be more activistic, more energetic, more industrious.

Net Neutrality

I hope Trump works to rescind this regulation. We need not the FCC ruling the Internet, and nor do we need international control of it. Let it run free and open without funding, without government control, without the bureaucrats slotting crony capitalists media and government bias.

No government involvement in it whatsoever. Do away with net neutrality.

Manly Men

A world of individuators would a a world of manly men and liberated, feminine and yet strong and willful women.