Saturday, June 30, 2012

To Punish A Heretic

Journal Entry: 1-29-2012

The moderate and eclectic in me disavows the efforts by any religious group to punish a heretic in their midst. If they feel the need verbally to oppose him, okay. If they feel a need to banish him, fine. But this is as far as retribution against him should ever be allowed to go.

From the Bahais forward, independent theological investigation is a recognized, sacred principle, an inalienable spiritual right granted each person by God. No one has a right to harass, shut down, coerce, persecute, torture, discriminate against, jail or kill any dissenter from popular, majority-favored orthodoxy.

Diversity of input and encouraging new, novel pints of view can only make the traditional and orthodox belief systems stronger and amendable--unless that historical faith is so hidebound and hollow that any change cannot be assimilated. Fanaticism, dogmatism and absolutism are Satan's favorite tools.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Caller

Journal entry: 1-29-2012

Yesterday I was listening to Dennis Prager on talk radio. A man called in whose sister is a pregnant lesbian. The man is a social conservative who thinks each child needs a father. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and each baby needs a father and mother.

Prager replied that conservatives need standards for macro settings while making accommodations in their personal lives, the micro setting. Conservatives need to show love and nonjudgmental mercy for gay family members, not opting to be confrontational and rigid, criticizing the gay members as sinful. Such oppositional stances on a personal level lead to familial wars. Prager notes that liberals have no ethical standards on the macro-setting or on the micro-setting--anything goes.

He has a point about values on the personal level. I worry that the two must be consistent--championing values on the macro and micro settings. The individual must choose what to emphasize. We need standards on both levels and if there is a confrontation resulting, so be it. Family members must agree to disagree and keep the peace. Mercy, courtesy and tolerance play a role too.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Centrist Cosmology

Journal entry: 1-28-2012

The moderate cosmology and theology that describes the nature of reality is both monist and dualist at the same time.

 On one hand, the monist hand, all dual parts/aspects (God versus the Devil, for example) are embodied within the totality of the One (Fate).

On the other hand, the dualist hand, the world is dual in contrary and contradictory ways. God and De's followers, and the adjacent domains that they rule, are separate and distinct from Satan and Sa's followers, and all their accompanying, conquered territories.

Both these good and evil deities do exist, and they are different substances (at least spiritually, and perhaps physically too) from each other. Still their spiritual and physical properties are interchangeable and mutually convertible if the will of the ghost in the particular machine chooses to become evil, abandoning goodness, or vice versa.

The world is Monist and Dualist at the same time. Our task here on earth is to fight Stan's cause--the spread of hatred, extremism, passion, slavery, selflessness and misery--while working to further God's cause--the expansion of the holy domain that is based in temperateness, individualism, love, reason and happiness and freedom.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Noble Savage Reconsidered

Journal Entry: 12-3-2011:

Because we are not naturally good from birth, the raw child of nature and in nature is not a noble savage, but is a selfish, violent savage.

Social conventions and human institutions like the family, church and legal system all work to rear these little savages into productive, law-abiding citizens. These constraints and influences will function to guide the average youth to develop at least minimally into civilized adulthood.

If the parents are ambitious and far-sighted, in addition they would steer their children to, as individuals, actualize their potential.These children will become self-starters, anarchists that are nonviolent law-makers, law-givers and law-abiders, sophisticated, scientific citizens.

In the midst of his presidential run, Newt Gingrich made some remark about poor children being required to work some to learn the useful habit of working.

Liberals sniped that this remark was cruel. Actually, all children need to learn to work and work hard. Soon they will desire to live as self-starters, driven, disciplined and self-disciplining, a generation of potential individuators.

This in no way is inconsistent with keeping child labor laws on the books, but kids that work--especially for their parents on the family farm, or in the family business--are learning the liberating power of work. Also, they are not running the streets getting in to trouble.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

To Run The Affairs Of Another Is To Ruin Her Life

Journal entry: 1-25-2012

To run the affairs of another competent adult is to ruin her life as well as damage's one's personal run at living a life well lived. Each person responds much better to what life throws at her if she is free and empowered to live the lives she chooses to live, on her own terms, how and when she chooses to do so.

No other person can know what life choices that she should make to fulfill her potential for greatness, and make her happy. Her pursuit of happiness must be on her terms. She has her own dream to individuate and follow. The selection of what to do, if anything at all, must remain solely hers to select. The manner and means by which she gets after it must be hers. She must live life along the lines that she has chosen.

Maximum creativity, prosperity, achievements inventions and happiness will redound from setting people like her free to run their own affairs. She will be contented and satisfied with the direction and quality of her life, lived as she has opted to live it.


Journal Entry: 1-25-2012

One cannot be too alert to what is going on in one's own mind in conjunction with what is going on immediately outside one's person and in conjunction with how the wider world is functioning at this moment. Too few of us are aware of what is going on in and around us. Being conscious of the need to be awake and striving to be more in tune will make us much more sentient right away.

We are to listen observe, characterize, evaluate and judge what is coming into our consciousness. We do so constantly, revising our take on what is going on as required. If we are impartial, rational, truth-loving, living as an individuator while being simultaneously connected to God and the world, then one will capture the essence of reality, both local and global.

The most aware observer and recorder is the person who has a bird's eye view of what is happening, and perceives it through the lens of an original philosophy of life shaping the receiving of macro and micro events, both inner and outer, fed through his unique perspective

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Believe In America

Bill Bennett refers to America as the world's last, best hope. It is the country of God, individualism, guns, bibles, capitalism, democracy, opportunity and the middle class. These traits and values are what makes it God's chosen country, that exceptional haven and heaven-on-earth whose remarkable constitution and political system needs to be implemented worldwide, with local adaptations, of course.

I believe in America. I believe in the American way. I believe the future is bright if we return to and stay true to our traditional values and morals. Let freedom and opportunity reign, and be available to all peoples everywhere.

Too Splintered

A few days ago Jesse Ventura was on the Michael Medved show promoting his new book. His theme was that the two party system is so broken, that the party system must be eliminated.  He would help bring about this change, by legislating that no political label would be attached officially to the name of each candidate printed on the voting ballot.

I am an anarchist and individualist, but I criticize Ventura's solution as likely to lead to the rise of a myriad of small parties, resulting the balkanization of our united people, chaos, disunity and an inability to govern, not unlike what frequently occurs under the Italian parliamentary democracy.

Let the Republicans be the conservatives and the Democrats be the Liberals. People can work within those labels and parties to advance their platform and issues. If each citizen is totally politically aware and involved, the these traditional party labels suffice. Compromise will reign and whoever is in the majority for that period of years will predominate.

Changing the label is not the answer. Changing the heart, commitment and level of participation of each citizen is what counts, and nothing substituting this will help or matter in the long run.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Live In Reality While Chasing Your Dream

You can have your cake and eat it too. Make money and make your dream come true at the same time to the same level of intensity and input. Be yourself and a parent at the same time. The world is your oyster. Rub it vigorously and watch the pearls be formed.

Individualists Must Behave

I have long known that the better individuals behave, proportionately reduced--or should be proportionately reduced--is the number and reach of external laws and rule required to govern human behavior, maintaining law and order, and for operating a quiet, smoothly operating community.

Let us be skeptical and practical? It is all fine and good to assume that the better individuals behave, then the more anarchist society can function well as. If that is so, why are we not living that way anywhere right now? We have not encountered successful anarchist states because a politically, artificially, carefully constructed political system has never been crafted before, let alone constitutionally written down to given the masses guidance and assurance of legal sanction and protection.

Once such a political theory is formulated (I am sort of working on it but am not there yet.), it will work well if carefully implemented and revised as needed.

Also, what primitive forms of individualism existing and practiced today have given individuating a bad name. Once the Mavellonialist way is installed in a community, province or country, then individuals will be trained up and experienced at running a society based in anarchist liberty.

Veterinary Medicine

The moderate way is what is most effective in bringing us to moral and spiritual goodness. There are intellectual benefits to be gained too. Creative hunches and brilliant, fresh insights are most readily forthcoming where there is a clash between opposing (contradictory or contrary) forces or theories; the tension between these colliding theses and antitheses yield exciting new syntheses. Moderation is the intellectual practice of encouraging these clashes, observing the outcome, and then writing down one's rational and affective reactions to the result.

That being said, it is not selfish, pampered Western indulgence for people to expend thousands of dollars on their pets so Foofie can live another year, or escape from severe canine joint pain. First of all, the pet owners made their money, and how they wish to expend it is nobody's business. Second, that money could be given to a poor family, but, beyond a basic charitable obligation, the middle class is justified in spending its remaining funds as it sees fit.

Third, if the Leftists and Socialists elites, that rule much of the world, would allow American Peace Corp volunteers to indoctrinate and train all other peoples of the values of capitalism, bourgeois values, modern medical care, and the acceptance of Mavellonialist ideology, world poverty, hunger, illiteracy and illness would be wiped out or greatly reduced in forty years. Until they apply the right solution--privately funded and personally generated with little government intervention or regulation--lots of the poor are who we will always have with us. Depriving Westerners of hard-earned wealth to fund the upgrading of poor Third World families is doomed to fail until they embrace and flourish under Mavellonialist ideology.

Fourth, we do not want societal do-gooders  snooping into the personal affairs of others, bossing them and guilting them out as how to spend their money. We need a society of individualists, so the sacred, God-sanctioned principle of non-interference in the affairs of others (live and let live) must be applied in this instance as in any others.

Fifth, remember my first point. Creative and technological gains are best fostered where parallel lines of investigation are unfolding. Dogs and cats are still mammals, so the impressive gains in veterinary care is driven by bourgeois love of familial pets.

Human doctors and medical researchers should watch what their peers in animal care are doing, and vice versa, so this moderate compare and contrast juxaposing or clashing practices reveal new potential areas of advancement to further medical improvements.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It is not my original thought but it is one that I wish to expand upon. Someone recently noted that cars are a essential form of transportation technology, but are a liberating, modernizing technology.

This is 100% correct. Owning a car gives a person mobility. Mobility is empowering. As we move about and get out of our subjective, local rut, we enter into the objective side of things as we see how the other half live. We learn from them and adopt their ways; they learn from us and adopt our ways.

For a generation of coming individuators, single person cars allow the person maximum leeway, opportunity and new avenues of accruing wealth and conducting intellectual investigations. May future generations enjoy the affluence and freedom and pleasure that owning a vehicle represents and actually bestows upon the owner.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting It Together

Journal Entry: 1-25-2012

Feeling happy, contented, connected to and at peace with one's own psyche and the world are mental stances not easy to identify, define and adopt. Still, a fairly accurate grasp of them can be provided.

Providing such definitions and approaches are not what concern me here. It is enough to state that we can be happy and know peace just by adopting such mental attitudes, and being active and prosperous. We can be a force to be reckoned with in the world out there without surrendering our sense of honesty, integrity and fair play. Our sense of inner tranquility is consistent with flourishing in the world as we conduct our affairs in a honorable, reasonable, fashion.