Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Reluctant Optimist

Really, I am not a gloomy pessimist. Yes, we are basically evil and travel in packs. Yes, we run to Satan and run from God. Yes, Lera rules this world. Yes, the world is in terrible shape and in grave danger right.

God will soon rule this world, and love will be in the rea and permeated everywhere. You can work to better the world and improve yourself, and these are reasons to be of good cheer.

Sources Of Action

The prompters of action welling up in the human soul are many: it can be our thoughts, our whims, our desires, our instinctive urges, our random impulses, our subconscious drives erupting and tempting us, our conscious orientation to the world as selfless or self-regarding persons, our sentiments, our creative urges, our destructive urges, our loving urges and our hateful temptation, our divine impulses and our demonic impulses.

There are many of these factors launching us into action, and they are acted out by us in two separate and distinct categories: one we freely choose to complete an urge to the degree that our will is free. We obey the selected dictum propelling us into action to the degree that our will to act is not our own.

In these two paragraphs, listed are a lot of conflicting, competing, overlapping, boundaried, consistent and contradictory drivers that launch us into action. What is of primary significance and importance to capture is that what our mental directive for acting is, the corresponding action will follow once we decide to act upon the driving trigger.

We just want to make sure that the selected course of action is consistent with our goal to be morally and spiritually good, negatively, not damaging God's cause, and positively, actively advances God's cause.


Being principled is possessing a set of ethical values that are our ideal, and then we live our lives in accordance with them, coming as close to matching them in practice as we can; That is doing our best, and God will surely know that and reward us accordingly.


Both the physical and spiritual realms are vitally important to the Good Spirits and more spirit than matter but both are important, so live in both world all the time while here on earth.


Flawed we are from birth, and our grasp of truth and the essence of objectively reality is incomplete and riddle by epistemological misinterpretation.

Notwithstanding these difficulties and challenges, we can gain virtue and wisdom, and grow in love and spiritual goodness with help from the Good Spirits.

Feet Of Clay

We sin and make mistakes daily, even hourly. Perfection is not a possible, human state. Nonetheless, we are right enough, often enough, and if our will is good, we can still work miracles and accomplish amazing things.


Nathaniel Rand writes (Page 58 of the book Who Is Ayn Rand?) that if a man chooses values that are consonant with the facts of reality and the needs of his own nature, then these values will work in service of his life.

I agree for the most part, but the world is an evil world, and if a man selects values that are consonant with that, then he will not grow morally and the world will suffer.

If he is a natural kleptomaniac, and he needs to steal, then those values will not work for him, as he is convicted and spend his life wating away in prison.

In a large part she is correct, but morality is rarely simple to define.

We Can Depend On God

We can epend on God: (46, 2) "God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in distress."


We all anticipate that biological fauna and flora have limited life spans, and thus are classified as mortal. Tolkien's high elves are regarded as biologically immortal, but in reality we do not know if any biological creature is immortal, but it is logically conceivable.

We all assumer that matter in reality is immortal, though it may change shape and form, but is it not logically conceivable that matter, some of it, could be mortal and relatively short-lived?

We all assume that God, the Devil and the angels are immortal and will live as spiritual entities forever, which is likely how it is. But is it not a metaphysical possibility that some creatures, in the spiritual realm  possess souls that are of limited duration, making them mortal as spirits. It is not logically impossible that  this could be so, too.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Old Average You

So you are wicked from birth and of but average ability. So what. Just follow the guidance of your guardian angel, leave the pack and individuate, and you have enough to work with to survive and do very well with. Old average you will not remain an ugly duckling.

You Want Answers

If you become a Mavellonialist and talk with God and the immortal angels, then your concerns willbe addressed and all your requested answers can be provided.

It is good to know, and God knows, and if you are loving, faithful, reverent and patient, De will share's De's wisdom with you.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Right Values

Things do not work out for us when we live and choose based on poor values. We require God-centered, right thinking to live in accordance with our right vlues. Then more oftne and mot, magically things will work out for us, most of the time.


There is misery and hard times know by all on earth. That is not the totality of reality, but it is always a pervasive, powerful part of reality. Victory and good times come from us using our ingenuity, good cheer and assertiveness and activism to make things better and positive. And that altered reality is a sourceof human pride, cheer and hope.

Rand Accuses

Rand accuses altruists of being for irrational motives, leading them to be anti-life. She champions egoists as rational and pro-life. She is correct.


To be loving, neither sadist or masochist be. So living one treats others as equals, and insists that others treat one as an equal, neither as inferior or superior, and that is a form of equality worth seeking and enforcing.

What One Desires

What one desires may or may not be the same as what is right, or good to do, but it must be guaged against the standard of enlightened self-interest.


There are many misconceptions spread by altruists about the positive self-esteem enjoyed by the individuator.

Myth 1: he is selfish. Actually, he is is self-interested, but it has nothing to do with ignoring or mistreating others; rather he is just going about his day, doing his own thing.
Myth 2: he is and atheist and secular humanist. Actually, he is like a theist, obeying God to do his on thing as a budding living angel is meant to do.

Myth 3: He is hard-hearted. Rather, he believes in logic and tough love. He lives free and independent and urges others to be and do the same, running their own affairs, solving their on problems.
Myth 4; He is an evil man. No, he is a good, principled man of love, goodness and no group-living.
Myth 5: He is arrogant. No, he is confident, but being swelled up does not interest him.
Myth 6: He is a narcissist. He is not sick with a sick self-love. Rather, he loves and esteems himself just as he loves and esteems God and others. He knows and is fond of reality and a distorted, obsessed self-obsession.


They passed a law that all children in school will say the pledge of allegiance. That is wonderful. It is a start. We need to teach traditional values and civil and social studies

We must protect our heritage and culture which the Left seeks to destroy and wipe out. They are stupid, wicked people that mean America and us no good at all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


James LeBronaccuses those that voted from Trump of being uneducated. He may be more right than he knows, if by uneducated, he means blue collar and without a college degree.

It requires Harvard and an advanced degree to bleed all the brains out of a young person, so that they graduated as an ideologically pure, educated fool.

Yes, we the middle class, the unwashed, patriotic Americans, uneducated and not knowing any better, want Trump, whom we voted for, to defend our culture, our way of life, and make America great again.

Enjoy Your Customs

Go ahead, Enjoy your customs, your rituals. They give life structure and meaning and that is quite comforting to we ping-pong human souls being bounced all about by the paddles of Fate and fast-paced modern society.

Just make sure that your customs as enjoyed and practiced harm non, and do not damage. That being said, enjoy your customs.

It Is Easy

It is easy to condescend, to sneer, to denounce and make snide remarks, feeling superior as one struts off.

It would be more humane and mature to step in with a kind word, a hand up, or a practical act of assistance. These latter behaviors hurt the feelings of none, and may actually make things a little better.

Be snide not at all, and pitch in when you can.

Always Anchored

Be idealistic, yes. Be enthusiastic, yes. Be loving and dreamy, yes. But, all the time, live in reality and live down-to-earth. Know the facts about life and conditions around you, and face head-on each time, every time, what approaches you.

By facing it all dispassionately and realistically, you are positioned to know what to do every time. That makes you half the way home to victory on most occasions.

Different Kinds Of Individuators

I have long advocated that individuators do not just write, paint and write poetry. Their creative innovation and invention can be as metal workers, farmers, electricians, math teachers and landscapers.

I intend to read Atlas Shrugged in the near future, but by now it is clear to me that Rand anticipated my view, 50 years ago, that individuating is be a painter or a rivet welder.

Psalm 45, 2

When our hearts are filled with voiced love of, admiration towards, and reverence for God: "My heart overflows with a goodly theme; as I sing my ode to the king, my tongue is as nimble as the pen of a skillful scribe."

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Brandens

They write that Rand was most concerned with objective reality out there in the physical world. That world is real, and that is where people live. People exist and existence exists, so if people are identified as humans and particular, named persons, then these basic metaphysical facts are the basis for building a future for people.


Rand regarded thinking is a high virtue, and she is right. If we can get people to be rational and individual live, they will choose and act, as a general rule, much better and the world is be a much better place.

Gregg Popovich

An article by Trent Baker who is on Twitter as Twitter@MagnifiTrent was carried, I believe by Breitbart News.

Baker reports the San Antonio Spurs head coach severely criticized Trump for denouncing football bbies for their national anthem protest.

Popovich called USA an embarrassment and claimed that white people need to be made uncomfortable for every change to be made. He wants white people made uncomfortable because we have no clue what being born white means.

Well, that must be that famous white privilege that I enjoy. That is why I am up at 330 in the morning and work until 9pm, because all my bills are paid for me by the beneficent federal government that I do not have to give a dime to. Right.

There are several things going on here. Now, professional athletes feel that they are part of the new clerisy of college educated professionals, journalists, ministers, teachers, bureaucrats, actors, comics and entertainers.

They hate the middle class, the regular people that work, serve in the military and pay the taxes and make the system work. This elite is no longer satisfied to make more, have more power, and be idolized as are actors and professional athletes. Now, they want to lecture primitive, barbaric racist, bigoted common people on how to live. They are arrogant, believe they are superior to us, and are intellectually capable and duty-bound to manage us and direct us because we do not how to live or make good decisions on our own.

This liberal elite are directed by the Left and the Democratic Party to attack the American culture, and wipe out our way of life. They have a radical agenda, to destroy all that we stand for.

Rush today noted that conservatives and traditionalists need to fight back to save our culture and way of life. Amen.

Mr. Popovich, please go into exile to Cuban, and enjoy life in a Communist country, with a left-wing culture.

Roy Moore

He beat Luther Strange in Alabama. McConnel, Chief Swamp Rat, take that from the freedom-loving, Washington-hating little people, the forgotten people, that made the Tea Party what it is.

It tickles me and gives me up. Real, lasting reform has to come from the bottom up, once person at a time, reform freely embraced or not at all.

If I could ever get the ear of 5 million listeners, we would rock the world with Mavellonialist reform. One day it will happen.

Psalm Unknown

Praise God and let the world know that you openly admire, acclaim, prize and side with De: "Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to our king, sing praise."

Creating Harmony

Many on the Right realize and believe that Obama's high IQ and laid back style masked a truly wicked heart with totalitarian aims. He is and was a master at dividing people.

As leader of the pack, a groupist like him tells us that dividing people into rival, warring groups is how groupists and the Left divide, stir up quarreling, and take over all when all are weakened into their cliques, fighting their false enemies while their real enemies amass totalitarian power.

Only individuating individualists are uniters. They regard all humans as individualists firs, and members of the groups that they identify, a distant second.

Individuators will bring lawfulness, peace, harmony and tranquility to the land as the fake quarrels subside into the nothingness from whence they sprang. Individuators treat all equally, as individuals and budding individualists, to be treated with respect and dignity. Who, now, do you regard as the uniters and the dividers?

Monday, September 25, 2017

What You Seek

You sought after art and creativity, but your psychic vehicle was selfless commitment to the greater good, and an altruist acceptance of one's primary duty, to serve others.

You will be a popular mediocrity but little more. So Sad.


Pray to God that your being curious, reading, listening, discussing and observing and pondering will make you  very smart, very erudite, very experienced and even wise. Once you know the score, you will know how to act most of the time and what direction to head in.

Genuine Equality

Genuine equality cannot be mandated or legislated or socially engineered. The working solution is to teach a whole generation to maverize. A society of prosperous, free, innovative, ingenious, happy, empowered and hyper-successful individuators and supercitizens would achieve a rough equality as each member of society wields his legitimate share of power without plotting to ensnare and imprison his neighbor, who refused to be enslaved, and wields his own share of power. There is an indirect but actual equality shared between all the adults of society and that is the only type of equality that is real and lasting. or worth pursuing.

Proud To Be An American

Yes, I am still proud to be an American. May we restore this greatest nation to new greatness, and all to world should be proud of America and imitate what Americans do. That is their only way forward.


Yes, professional athletes, college athletes and public school athletes should be forced to stand for the national anthem. What they do away from work and school is their own business.

Prager is right that Trump should not have called NFL players SOBs.

Still he is no racist, and America is the least racist country in the world. We indiviudalist conservatives are trying desperately to steer the narrative away from race and other identities that are divisive, power-grabbing, inflammatory tactics used by the Left to fire up the base, create hysteria, and to attack allt hat do not subscribe to their warped views.

By emphasizing the miraculous, fantastic wealth, knowledge, power, job and liberty available to all humans of any color, creed or orientation, Mavellonialists end racism, sexism, genderism, groupism, homophobia, Islamophobia, classism, etc.


Ayn Rand champions rationalism, humanism and worldly success while refuting irrationalism, superhumanism and otherworldly preoccupation with mystical exchanges with nonexistent God--from her point of view.

Go Ahead

Go ahead and get ahead. Take care of the soul while feeding your body and making plenty of money in the real world. Do both well and creatively.

Moderation Dictates

We require success in the world ( to be profitable, free, happy and engaged in the material world here and now), the realm of the body. We require concurrent success as growing, living angels bringing the world of the afterlife into this world.

We must do good and spiritually thrive in the world of the body and in the world of the soul, in both this world and in the aftelife.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

God The Individuator

God is an individuator and egoist, the Supreme Egoist of the universe. As humans slowly tilt towards individual-living, they will commensuratelywake up to the true nature of God, leaving behind the fog of illusion with its mistaken, false, inaccurate, altruist, primitive theological description of God's nature.

At that point, people will have come to the realization to love and live free is to know the truth in illusionless awareness. These genuine, alive and lively individuals will love and worship God the Individualist in an open way.

Group Put-Down

When the groupists in your life mock you, bragging that  you cannot make it on your own, that is a group that you need to show to the door, slamming the door after them.

Defy The Hostile

When someone remarks to you, but for me you would  be nothing are your own, you need to sever relations with that brute forever. You will only ever be anything, based on what you achieve on your own. Anyone saying otherwise need to be fired from your life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Those whom hate me distort my message in order to make it seem unreasonable, extreme and outrageous. To paint me into a corner as crazy and mean is to discredit me and undermine my message.

HERE IS A WARNING TO MY ENEMIES: You may hold me back in obscurity for a few years, but the truth cannot be curtailed and contained forever. Evildoers, your time is short!


Faith is greater than reason. Rand posits this which surprised me. Actually, she rejects it roundly. Though I am a staunch believer in the Higher Power, I still would not argue that faith is superior to reasoning. Nor, would I advocate that reason leads us to perfect believing, to logic, to right values and right living. We require both faith and reason to be be devout.

God is both a rationalist and a spiritualist concurrently. Superior faith is rational faith. All other, irrational faiths are fine, but the suggestion of conflicts between reason and faith is a straw man, untrue and immoderate, and Satan-centered.


Each child is a wonder, a blessing and gift from God--raise them as individuators--that is how you say thanks to God for providing you with children wit the ambition and work ethic, so that the future treat souls can leave their mark.

A Force For Good

Trump at UN spoke about America being a force for good in the world, Right on, Donald.

Now, make it personal. As you act and self-realize, you will change and improve and uplift the world. You have become a force for good in the world.

We Have Been Lied To

We have been lied to for decades, centuries even millennia. The majority of historical humanity have been altruists, so they contrived a God was the the head altruist, Leader of the Pack.

I do not know for sure, but I am fairly sure that God is actually the Supreme Egoist. God is the Ultra-Individualist. Does that change the way that you look at the world?

In centuries past, God allowed humans, altruists and nonindividuators, to make God look like them. De did that because weak, insecure humans needed that comfort at the time.

Slowly, over time, people have become a bit more individualistic. Now, I believe people are ready to be individualists and individuators, so they now make God and the Good Spirits look like them, even though they have been imitating egoist God all the time, the source of their new trend.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Psalm 46, 12

God is with us; "The Lord of hosts is with us; our stronghold is the God of Jacob."

The Amateur Soldier

I saw a picture of middle aged white guys with their weapons posing for the camera. They apparently were a citizen militia.

Someone on line mocked them as fat, ineffective, untrained, undisciplined and doomed to defeat against a internal police state or a professional invading army.

I am deeply offended by that stinging, unfair rebuke. Our citizens, armed and ready, may not be properly trained, in shape  or professional, but the willingness to fight and die, based in courage and principles, outweighs all these snooty if legitimate objections.

If the Tea Patryers are armed, and 15 million strong, do not doubt that they will be a formidable force to ward off and defeat all enemies of America, internal or foreign. The citizen militias would have the last laugh.

Dinesh D'Souza

He has a new Prager video defending Western culture, and it is excellent. He points out that multiculturalism is a myth taught in the public schools arguing that all cultures are created equal, and they are not.

Western culture and American culture are superior, period, and should not be diluted or rejected. D"Souza argues that America is a multi-ethnic society, but is not and must not become a multicultural society, Amen.

Who Fights Alone?

In terms of human support, the great soul fights on alone.

For those that are popular joiners, they do not fight on alone, and their reinforcing caste of friends and well-wishers are a great source of comfort to them.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


American conservatives are not very racist at all. People of color have it pretty good in this country.

It is the Leftists that are racists--they are obsessed with identity politics, what racial, gender or religious affiliation that each citizen has. Identifying with one's identity group is the only identity possible fore each person, and that group identity is his inescapable destiny too.

They do not allow for the wondrous possibility that as an individual that individuates, each person can enjoy a rich and varied future, wherby getting smart, skilled and creative engender fabulous success and achievement. And their identity group is their background, but not where they can end up.

The Left hates whites the most, but they hate all those that they claim to champion, forcing them to be wards of, wasting away in misery and perpetual tyranny.

Prager Video

Prager's video on the Third Commandment is not so much about not taking God's name in vain, but is a warning not to do evil in God's name, an unforgivable sin.

I am sure that there are unforgivable sins, but I prefer not to concentrate on that. I believe that most sin can be atoned for, and forgiven by God after long, just, appropriate punishment.

Still, Prager's warning ought to alarm us. To murder in God's name is to commit a horrible sin, most offensive to God, and that might mean living 100,000 years or more in hell. Who knows for sure?


The Left hate whites, and that is the actual, ugly truth and racist practice that is gaining backing in America. The Left wants whites stripped of their wealth and power, enslaved, disenfranchised, humbled and eventually eterminated like filthy vermin.

The sad story behnd this story is that the Left is predominantly white, but they are self-loathers who betray their own people. But it will do them no good, because when the overthrow of whites occurs, they will be wiped out with the rest of whites.

Levin refers to Jews that are anti-Israeli as self-loathers, and I thought the same concept applies to Leftist whites.

Just Chance?

Did the vast, limitless ever expanding universe come to be governed by laws, amounting to an ontological design, and it happened by accident or chance, and there is not Creator or Designer that makes the universal clock work? This is the assertion of the strident atheist, that nature came to be governed by laws on its own without a divine nudge.

Of, course God designed and runs the universe, but I cannot prove that De exists, and the atheists cannot prove that De does not exist. Believe what you will.

Viking Hire

The Viking hired one Jonah Stillman, 18 years of age, to learn what Generation Z youngsters are thinking. Jonah claims that his generation is a unique generation--where have we heard that before?

Is he correct--yest and no. I am suspicious that it is a trendy gimmick, more heat than light.

Soon Enough

Soon enough we all pass away. I hope you got something accomplished while you were here.

Abused Women

Dennis Prager is correct about 85% of the time. One of his famous lines is that the Left appeals to emotions and the Right appeals to reason. Here is an example of that which I viewed on a local channel this Sunday morning.

A nurse from Hennepin County Hospital downtown (she must be an emergency room nurse) in 2012 founded a worthy cause of raising donated, brand new pajamas and underwear for women and their children when they escape from the abuser with just the clothes on their backs.

It is a womens' issue and the reporter showed an exercise class being conducted out at the band shelter on the east beach of Lake Harriet. Women are attending the exercise class and bring their  donated clothing items with them. It is a charity, donation-raising event, and it is helpful as far as it goes. The piece ended with the founding nurse being interviewed, and commenting that society needs to talk more and more about this issue and address it. Every liberal in Minneapolis walked away from the television patting themselves on the back about how compassionate they are, how superior they are, and how elevated is their reform efforts to help women held down by society and by men. That is the emotional side of the equation.

But there is no moral equivalency between feeling good and self-righteous but ultimately ineffective (Has abuse of women, percentage wise, gone down at all in Hennepin County since 2012? I do not know, but my guess is that it may even have gone up with wage stagnation among wage-earners.) and solving the problem of abused women. As a logical conservative, I look at the problem, sympathize with the feel-good but feckless reformers and speculate about how we get move the needle towards a declined in the number of cases of abused women. Let me take a stab at it.

Let me draw from Mavellonialist philosophy. First of all, every woman is a human being, an individual deserving to be treated with dignity and respect. But charity begins at home. If we would raise our girls under egoist ethics, they would be inculcated with the concepts that they are beautiful and must esteem themselves. They would be trained to be brave and assertive, and insist that all male friends, suitors and potential life mates treat them with kindness and respect as equals.

That insistence and bedrock understanding is the cement that binds the relationship. Any incidence if physical, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse of her or her children will be met promptly each time and every time with complete shutting down of any level of attack by the inclined abuser. If she needs to end the relationship, call the police, use judo on him, or shoot him dead as a last resort to save her life, she will do what she has to do early and every time to stop him from refusing to act always as a courteous gentleman.

Just think of the feisty response and intolerance of being further abused by the fictional character sung about in that country song Gunpowder And Lead by Miranda Lambert.

In a future society of individuating supercitizens, most citizens will live by the rubric that one abuses none and accepts abuse from none. One resepcts the dignity and worth of all others, and insist that all respect one's dignity and worth. One dominates no other, and allows no others to dominate one.

This ethic will train men not to be abusers and will train women never to tolerate abuse. Then, there should be far fewer fleeing women and children running to the emergency rooms, escaping with their very lives. That is where a logical approach to the mess may provide real solutions, not just feel-good, stop-gap solutions.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Values Please

We need our values to detect right from wrong, and to differentiate between what is true and what is not true. Then, we have well able to make good choices.

Tradition Teaches Us

The great worth that gain from tradition are manifold, but ethical guidelines are one of the most critical legacies for us to adopt and heed. If it was good enough for Mom and Dad, it likely is good for us too.


Why do we need moral values? We need them to survive, to make civil society possible at all, to get to heaven and to find happiness here on earth too, for there is no personal happiness for the unethical person. Only a decent, honorable person can know happiness, contentment and inner peace.

Besides, our innate depravity, coupled with our lack of sustaining animal instincts on how to act in bustling, bruising modern society, impels humans to adopt value systems, conventions of behavior, so that we know how to act, and behave ourselves in a civilized manner.

God Talks To You

I am a backer of independent moral thinking, of the self making the final decision about choices made, about thinking it through carefully.

But the moderate in me makes me pronounce that there are others sources of moral insight that it is important to heed: sentimental hunches welling up from our subconscious, rationally intuited flashes from heaven, and moral truths revealed by prophets and religious authorities. These latter sources ares ymbolic and somewhat irrationally based, but they reveal moral truth, nonetheless. Pay heed to them.

When Is A Proposal Good?

When is a proposal good? It is hard to say exactly because context, the facts involved, situational factors all impact motive and decision.

As a rules of thumb set of moral standards to judge the goodness of a proposal by, here are some: is the proposal sane, reasonable, moderate and loving (consistent with loving the Good Spirits, the self and others)? Would the proposal have the backing of God, your mother or your pastor? These standards ought to help get in into the ethical ballpark.

The American Gift

Let us make government small and capitalism large and unfettered. Couple that wealth-generating potential with a civil society under constitutional republicanism and economic miracles will unfold in America once more.

Let us once more dazzle the rest of the world with our material abundance, our deep and wide middle classm, our leisure, our luxury, our impressive accomplishments, our unrivaled standard of living.

If they adopt the American Way, great and deep local prosperity is a real global possibility.

Self-Generating Actions

Rands talks about humans making sense of their lives through self-generating actions. Very nice.

The Brandens

Nathaniel and Barbara Branden wrote a book on Ayn Rand (Who Is Ayn Rand?). On Page 26 they quote Rand as offering that it is only the concept of life that makes value possible, and that only to a living entity are the ideas of good and evil a possibility. I agree wholeheartedly.

Intelligent creatures with a soul are recruited from birth to start life as living angels or living demons, and when they die, they will join the ranks of immortal angels--the Good Spirits--or join uup with the immortal demons--the Evil Spirits.

To have lived biologically is to be accompanied by a rational mind and lively soul with a guardian demon on one shoulder and a guardian angel on the right shoulder. This entire existential reality is fraught with value judgements and value consequences, both good and evil, some favorable to the person, and some injurious to her soul.

Rand espouses that a rational morality is possible and that can be logically derived from facts. She is correct by and large.

Logic And Morality

The more logical that we are and the more we think, the more will be the heightening of ethical pervasiveness through out society.

If There Were No God

Prager argues that if God does not exist, there would be no need for morality. He is more right than wrong, but even if God did not exist, relativist ethics would still be required for humans to live happy, decent and lawful lives at all.

This being admitted, the presence of God and spiritual goodness in society does contribute mightily to ethics at work in the lives of all in the community.

For The Self

There are many motives for behaving. One may want to be good for its own sake. One may want to always or usually do the right thing. One may want to please God and the Good Spirits so that getting into heaven is the reward for being good and having faith in God.

One may be good because it makes one feels good and keeps one's conscience off of one's back. One may be good and do good to expand and protect God's kingdom on earth. One may be good out of self-love and out of love for others.

Leading A Good Life

To lead a good, holy, moderate life, a person must love God, the Good Spirits, the self and others. These are steps that one must take.

National Voter ID Law

Absolutely, I support it. We are the greatest, freest country in the world, and it is a privilege and honor to vote. No vote fraud should be tolerated. If any citizen cannot afford an ID, I would support adding funding to buy them ID.

Only the selectAmericans citizens should be allowed to vote, and all should have to prove they are citizens. Non-citizens here illegally, whether they came with their parents or not, should be sent home. Close the borders, lock the country down, weed out illegal aliens, and ID all voters.

First, we take the country back. Then we heal the socialist sickness spewed hatefully by leftists from Teddy Roosevelt on forward for the last 100 years, and then we export the American Dream and the American Way for the rest of the world to adopt, so they can save themselves from the messes that they have made of their countries, so hungry, oppressed, violated, poor and angry refugees seek no more to immigrate illegally here, to come in and socialistize our country as temporary relief.

No, Ayn

I was hoping to write a book this year on Ayn Rand, but I am not finding enough material to justify that aim. At this juncture, I will not do what I planned to do. Nonetheless, I am reading most of her books, and reading all that I can about her.

We both are Objectivists and Egosits (some differences of opinion to exist), but she wrote one phrase that hurts our Egoist cause. The infamous title of her book on morality is The Virtues of Selfishness.

I dislike that phrase because, in the Western world, and perhaps worldwide selfishness is regarded as pure evil.

I would have given a book on egoist ethics a title like The Virtues of Rational Self-Interest.

Evil Words To Socially Outlaw

We on the right must campaign to outlaw socially certain, evil words. The Left banned use of the N word and that great and acceptable. The F word is mostly, socially prohibited.

The wicked words that the Left seeks to hurl as an attack mechanisms to silence, frighten and intimidate opponents while growing centralized power are the following: racism, homophobia, sexism, classism, etc.

Using these words against anyone--except in the now rare instances where they actually describe the behavior, speech or attitude of a few holdout brutes--is hateful and satanic.

We want to teach people to ignore and forget identity politics. They should identify with the self and individualists, and that is to be the only ethically acceptable identity to have.

These identity politics buzzwords that the Lefts like to throw at people must be socially denounced and prohibited. What is groupist and selfless in labels degrades personal dignity and hope.

What is individual and self-fulfilling in labels used elevates all involved.

The Confederate Flag

No, it does not represent racism. It represents our Southern heritage--most of it good, and some of it not so good. The Southern, rural, redneck values are the values to be adopted by all truly progressive Americans, because these values serve as the foundation upon which to build our political house of the future. The future America, greater and restored, will be one of capitalism, supercitizenry, small government, minarchy, lawful anarchist individualists, and gun-toting, flag-waving,Bible-loving, English-speaking men and women that are assertive, aggressive patriots with closed borders, limited immigration and a powerful national defense.

The Christian Heritage

Likely the most important gift that the Christians and Jews have provided the Western world directly, and all nations indirectly, is a profound sense of, wariness against, and true assessment of the place and influence of divine and human evil that courses through human veins.

We cannot defeat evil and become good and do good unless we face the primordial, metaphysical facts head on. We are rotten to the core, with some traces of potential good to build on, in our blighted souls.

Once we accept what we are, wicked sinners, and worry that that is our unalterable destiny, then we have a basic understanding of our status and nature. With Mavellonialist training, a person can go on to beat being a wicked sinner for life, and lead a moral, happy, loving, productive and intellectual life. That is how each of us may defeat evil in us and around us. There is a way out, and it works well for thousands of people.

Classical Liberals

Many like Prager have pointed out that classical Liberals were very close to what constitutional conservatives or Reagan conservatives ascribe to today. What many conservatives, all liberals and most Libertarians conveniently forget is that classical liberals, only some constitutional conservatives and evangelical Christians indicate a belief in the reality of human wickedness, depravity likely being our predominate moral tendency.

The idea of limited government and constitutional checks and balances through the three branches of government was to limit the concentrations of public power in the hands of a junta, a general, a President, a king, an elite of any kind, judiciary tyranny, and mobocracy. These very unnatural and highly artificial institutional constraints were and are critically necessary to thwart those sickened with the deadly power lust, an intense, ever growing craving to rule over others, unto the most minute aspects of their lives. It is the easy corruptibility of all humans that makes it critically important and absolutely necessary to keep power dispersed among the citizens. Supercitizens, lawful anarchist individuators, are best equipped to run and maintain this constitutional minarchy.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Go Texas

Texas wants to ban sanctuary cities statewide--if only Mitch and Paul would do this in Washington, outlawing these centers of lawlessness and attacks our our sovereignty.


I like the philosophy of minarchy. I think that is what the Founders were, for the most part. I would like to keep our federalist heritage within the traditional constitutional republic from which our nation arose, and go forward from there. Dennis Prager claims that the larger the state, the smaller the individual, and vice versa. Growing out of Maslowian psychology is the workable concept of self-actualization. Suppose that future generations of Americans, the ordinary Joe and Janet, were to become supermen and superwomen, but utillizing their almost limitless, fabulous powers as fully actualized individuals. Think of the ethical, religious, cultural and political implications of this revolutionary transformation. Politically, if each individual was fully skilled and full involved in running her city, her county, her state and her country, this supercitizen would require a polity that left her free to pursue life, liberty, property and happiness (Rand's joy of life) without governmental or institutional interference. This lawful but liberated constitutional anarchist would be a private citizen or an elected official or a bureacrat of exceptional quality and vision. This caliber of citizen is what I have referred to as a supercitizen. After I am dead, these types of human populations will come about, a natural outgrowth of human evolution. A generation of high civilization individuating supercitizens, in any country, in any generation, will be one of the most advanced generations that ever lived. Utopia does not exist and never will, but a high, free society of supercitizens would not be a bad place to live.


 I have not studied astrophysics very much but I do have my own peculiar metaphysical stance as an amateur philosopher. I have written four books (being reedited), but I refer to the primary principle guiding the universe as the law of moderation, and that is quite consistent apparently with string theory in that there is a possibility that all things both exist and do not exist. I believe that Fate is the Absolute and the Nothing, Omniscient and Least-Knowing, the all-powerfu God more powerful than the Mother and the Father, and as Utter powerlessness. Fate is all loving and all hating whereas good deities are mostly loving and a bit hating. Evil deities are mostly hating and hateful but are a bit good and a bit loving. Fate lives forever and is most short-lived. I do not know why I believe as I do, but it is what my heart and mind tell me that that is how the world is.

Ben Shapiro's Speech

Apparently, it went well. A few people were arrested at Berkeley today, and that is how it should be. There can be almost no constraint of any kind placed on free speech, or we will not be a free people for very long. This is a step in the right direction, long overdue that violent protesters against conservative activists need to be arrested.

Peaceful protest yes, but not thug duress.

Women Finding Their Way

I was told by Republic airline crews on my shuttle that 10% of commercial pilots are women, and many or most of them are former flight attendants that worked their way up through the ranks.

My dental assistant today was a smart, pretty, hardworking young woman, an immigrant from Moldova. She informed me that she was in the process of applying to go to dental school.

She reminded me of the brightest and most ambitious of the flight attendants that saw what men were doing in the most challenging and best paying jobs in their field, and they are going to school to be pilots and dentists. I told her of the parallel.

She got the concept right away. She opened up and told me that she loved the field that she was in, and thought she would much enjoy working as a dentist.

More power to her, and to all young women--gay or straight, regardless of color, creed or nationality.

Under Mavellonialist thought, where women are actually liberated to be and do all that they can and want to become and do, they enrich their own lives, the lives of their children, and of society as a whole.

We must never be jealous of those that aspire to do more and be more. Encourage them because half of the human race self-actualizing would be a revolutionary act of calculable value.

Two Terms For Donald?

Not if he continues to cut RINO-Liberal deals with Chuck and Nancy.

Everything Is Just Fine

If you believe everything in America is just fine right now, you must be a gullible intern working in Mitch McConnell's senatorial office.

The Dental Chair

I took a personal day today to go have a crown started and do a filling. I have gone to this dentist that I really like for 3 years, and I have always paid my bill in full.

The young dentist now joined another dentist and they hired an office manager, Mr. Heavy, the bill collector. It is almost as if the provider is good cop, and that guy is bad cop. He is 6 feet four inches and about 220 pounds. He is very aggressive about being paid.

I came in for the 815am appointment, and handed them a check for $150 to be a down payment on the rest of the crown. We both have had a lot of dental work done this year, and I knew this final crown would cost us about $1,000 out of pocket.

I was in the dental chair in a prone position, all numbed up and they had already drilled out the decayed tooth. The dentist had stepped out for a minute, and this office manager pops his head into the room and exclaimed that he needed to talk to me. He launches into this speech about did I realize that we were out of dental insurance for the year, and, if I could not afford the whole thing,  I could just get a temporary crown until January. I cut him off, and said no temporary anything--we finish this thing. I asked with irritation if he wanted to be paid in full today, is that what this is about. He backpedaled, and set he was just making me aware, and then fled the room.

We got the filling filled and the temporary crown in. As I left the receptionist at the front desk said the office manager wanted to see me in his office. I went to see him, and he whips out this prepared statement for over $1400 that we owed. Minus my check for $150 and a 10% free discount--which I thanked him for--he pointed out that I owed him $1262. I said we will have it paid off by November, 1st. That concluded, I turned to him as I left and said I really did not like him intruding right in the middle of a procedure to talk financing. He did not apologize, and did not promise not to do this in the future.

The next time I go to the dentist, I will make it clearly understood that Mr. Heavy can lay his reality on me before or after, but not during the procedure. These young dentists, his bosses, that allow him to interrupt procedures will lose clients and hurt their business. They seriously need to rethink this horrible business strategy.

People are anxious about going to the dentist. Drills and big needles in your gum are stress enough, without this looming character standing over you when you are lying prone in a vulnerable position. It feels intimidating, it adds stress to the situation, and if it is meant to get my attention: it did. It infuriated me. It will not force me to pay up any faster, but made me mad enough to consider switching dentists--hopefully the next one is not quite so aggressive about being paid. I will give them another chance.

This guy, in the long run, will cost them business. I told my wife about it, and she was horrified.

I am just finishing up a workers' compensation claim, and the 250 pound weight-lifter chiropractor would barge in during treatments and complain about not being paid. I am done with him now, and would never  go to him again, not for failure to provide excellent treatment, but due to the heavy-handed pressure and inappropriate communicating over payment.

These providers are for profit businessmen, and they should make money and need to make money. They should be paid in full in a timely manner for services rendered. I always pay my bills, but that does not seem to matter with this new generation of providers.

To me it is another sign of decaying and dying America. Graciousness and that illusion of comity and good will that was once commonplace between provider and patient now seems to be passe. Wait until the patient and vulnerable in the middle of treatment, and then shake him down about coughing up what he owes or will owe. Nothing like a captive audience to send that message home.

That such practice is the height of professional rudeness, tackiness, tastelessness never occurs to these boors. Angered and offended customers are not good for repeat business.

We Have It Backwards

 Liberals, atheists, intellectuals and secular humanists often sneer at Christians and other believers, looking down upon them as pathetic, big children that believe in Santa Claus-like deities that do not even exist.

They dismiss theology as mere, crude attempts to attribute to nonexistent deities, personality and other anthropomorphic features that merely reflect back upon the childish inventors of such deities.

What if--I assert that it is so--it is the other way around? What if divine entities, our creators, gave us thousands of years slowly to evolve a culture and ethos that would make us strong enough to stand the truth about God while knowing properly how to behave towards, to worship and to love God?

We started off with nature worship, and some two thousand years ago the Buddhists and Eastern religions provided the world with religions without much personality attributed to the deity worshipped.

Now, I believe the Mother and the Father are full-fledged gender-specific deities with pronounced, tangible personalities, visages and ways about t hem.

I believe they are now orienting us, through Mavellonialism, to accept that they are the flesh-and-blood and spiritually real Mom and Pop of the universe, residing in heaven as the ultimate in individuating individualists.

They now view us as ready to adopt, what the skeptics refer to as deified, anthropomorphic traits, which are actually divine traits, now to be emulated by devout human believers.


So becoming more and more popular within your social circle and  in the community at large is your primary ethical motive for you you make choices and act.

Now, I have my bias against joiners, and, in the eyes of the world, I am a social leper, a loser, and a sore loser.
Nonetheless. I preach that chasing after popular support from your peers and team is the oldest snare in the world fielded by Evil Spirits to snare young, foolish, misdirected human souls.

Just remember as you waste you life chasing popularity that Lera is the most popular woman in the universe.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Roy Moore

Roy Moore wants national reciprocity. What a great US Senator he will make.

Nancy and Chuck

Now RINO Trump is cutting deals with Nancy and Chuck--we now have DACA, open borders, unlimited federal debt spending, amnesty and Obamcare. Trump is sleeping with the Leftist devil and this is turning into a Obama 3 administration at POTUS.

Egoism And Moderation

I am an egoist, affirming that our first moral imperative is to love the self and conduct ourselves in such a way so as to grow the self in love, liberty, knowledge, power, joy, fine feeling, keen intellect, ethical decency and spiritual goodness, all conducted in such a manner as to meet with God's approval.

This is where the second moral imperative kicks in: the natural law of moderation--roughly in the middle there is virtue. We are to pursue those aims which grow us and make us happy. Where what we pursue conflicts with and runs up against the common good or sensible, legitimate limits brought for by other enlightened individualists pursuing their own ends, then honorable compromise, a sense of fair play, honest negotiating in good faith and a sense of reasonable adjustment are all legal and social tools to be creatively and solemnly employed by accommodating living angels and supercitizens working together to resolve disputes as they arise.

In this way that third moral imperative, sacrificing the self for the common good, and to promote communal harmony, is honored and enforced.

This is how I would use the natural law of moderation to balance the egoistic drives propelling forward most or all citizens in the future with the need to make primary altruistic demands to be met for the sake of others, and for the sake of society.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Exceeding Expectations

Your standards should be very high but not chasing after unattainable perfection. Pretty darn good is good enough.

Whatever your self-expectations are, make them high and then exceed them.

Waiting For Handouts

Do not wait for gifts from others or a hand up. Make it on your own.

God Will Be There For You

God will be there for you: Psalm 46, 2: "God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in distress."

The Wall

Trump, build that wall to force Americans to stay here.


He feels no sympathy for his critics that detest his kneeling during the national anthem. He accuses patriots of hiding their bigotry under national chauvinism, stating that racism is disguised as patriotism.

I have a news flash for Mr. Snooty: we will boycott and bankrupt the NFL. When you are working at McDonalds and running your mouth, and getting fired for talking crap at a private business, enjoy the whirlwind that you have sown.

You are a spoiled, privileged millionaire baby with just a little bit of talent. Now, at the top of the world,  you reveal your hatred of whites, of conservatives, of the middle class and average Americans. You are no different than socialist whites who are self-loathers (betraying their own people) that are professors, professional, reporters, bureaucrats and Hollywood actors that live off the fat of the land, but seek to rule and dictate to the little people that got you there and keep you there.

We need to reject, boycott and tell you all to go to hell often and repeatedly.

Your fake compassion for black youths killed by cops or whomever really is a disguise for seeking to impose tyranny and Cuban communism upon America.

I will not watch your football games, and I will not give you a penny.

Michelle Malkin

She has a piece on the Internet where a loony Leftie lawyer proclaims that your privilege as a parent is granted by the government.

it is time to eliminate the Department of Education and cut the funding to all colleges in half. The state is too big and needs to drastically downsize to preserve what liberty we have, and to put a strong obstacle in from of its ever-expanding tyranny.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Fate is the only Absolute and the only cipher. The nature of the One Reality is knowable and is at the same time unknonable.

The nature of the world is what it is, and we must follow God and must settle for knowing what we can learn and doing what we can, and become what we can. That must suffice. The ultimate nature of Fate or the Absolute is likely outside of our capacity for understanding.

It is good to speculate but let us not waste our lives trying to conceptualize the ineffable.

The Consent Of The Governed

Whether or not Rousseau's social contract theory is fallaciously grounded, the social contract exists. God is a god of love and liberty-embracing power. God wishes for humans to live free and follow their dreams to the maximum. Where limited government protects the rights of each citizen to live free and be happy, that preferred state of political existence must be grounded in the consent of the governed to live and enjoy their lives in a constitutional republic.

The social contract is a divinely inspired, social mechanism for instituting political institutions, under which the governed realize their potential in perfect liberty, as their natural rights are serviced and shielded by government, rather than short-changed and suppressed as is typical in authoritarian societies.

Objective REality

Reality does exist out there independent of our consciousness and perception of it--although our perception and action in the physical world does contribute to the nature of that existent reality.

Reality out there exists as spirit and matter, independent of our consciousness and preferences. Yet, our subjective existence does make us perceive and conceive about reality, from without and from within, in an accurate, truthful mode as well as in a falsified, distorting mode of interacting with the world.

Computers Are Getting Smarter

Some expert on the Internet noted that computers are getting smarter but humans are not. This likely is true. Smart computers one day will be artificially intelligent. At that point humans will have created another intelligent race in the universe. Robots will have free will and a soul.

But it need not be that way (that we stay dumb and primitive while AI robots take over).

As humans become individuators and begin to group-live no more, their individuating will allow them to exercise their near infinite capacity for creative, rational and brilliant, original felt hunches.

Their IQs may reach 5,000 or 6,000, and those great souls are getting smarter and can compute with any smart robot out there.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

24 Hour News Cycle

We are illiterate, uneducated, superstitious, anti-intellectual, emotional, gullible to accepting group views without hesitation or examination.

Add to that the 24 hour news cycle, and our view of the world is very shallow, with a quick loss of sustained planning, effort and analysis.

The individuator has short-termm plans that help him live, function and operate day to day, but his long term goals are what he ever is working towards.

The 24 hours news cycle does not shape or drive the behavior of the individuator, although he heeds its messages and responds, coolly, accordingly, without lose site of pursuit if his legitimate objectives.

Moral Equivalence

There is no moral equivalence between the children of light and the children of darkness. The latter are morally inferior and are to be opposed and brought to pay for their rebellion and blasphemy against God and the Good Spirits.

The Pastor

I was listening to him read and explain the Old Testament yesterday morning, and he made a great point. He argued that if one does not love God and bless God, then God will not bless the hostile human, who is now in the category of an enemy serving Lera.

I wondered if love and being blessed are synonyms in some ways.

Those that you bless you love.

Those that you hate,  you curse or at least refuse to bless.

Decide whom you serve--your mortal life outcomes depends upon your decision.

Constant Connetivity

Tonight I was driving the shuttle bus to the airport to pick up some people and listening to the radio. An ad came on--perhaps ONStar--and the announcer referred to constant connectivity to keep people safe and comforted.

Wit everybody texting and tweeting constantly, not involved in the world around them, it could be argued that constant cyberspace connectivity is an addiction. When one loses interest in the world around one, when one forgets how to converse with any casual stranger or neighbor, when one is so constantly hooked up to electronic groupism with other people texting and tweeting back, that one has no quality time with the self to further develop as an individuator, then it is time to reduce and control our immersion in this electronic world.

What Is Good For Us

We join, we sin and hate, but we detest and seek to destroy (often succeeding) that which separates us from others so that we can grow, love and know God, that we causes us to sin no more, and which gravitates us to gather love to ourselves.

One obvious definition of being basically depraved is that we welcome what is bad for us, and reject what is good for us.

Those that are naturally good or are good through hard work and merit (the Good Spirits, although some eternally have been basically good, God having so created them) welcome what is good for them, and eschew what is bad for them, but this is not the human way.


It may be that opposites attract: that has not always been my experience. Evil people tend to flock with evil people and goood people tend to hang with good people.

Joiners hang with joiners, and can't stand loners intheir midst. Loners hang with loners, or alone if need be.

The evil and the joiners need and require the good and loners, but that is not what they want, and they live and behave, grounded in wants and desires, not need and duty.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Long Enough

You repeat a lie long enough, and a large percentage of the population come to accept it as established fact.

The same result occurs if the truth is told consistently. It becomes basic fact for millions of people. Itjust takes much longer and is a hard sell to the sinful audience that like living in sin, and lying about how virtuous and exemplary they are while suppressing the true and right.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

God Rules

God Rules: (Psalm 45, 1-2): "All you people, clap your hands, shout to God with cries of gladness. For the Lord, the Most High, the awesome, is the greatest king of all the earth."


There are two kinds of deadlines: the first in firm and must be met, period or else.

The second kind of deadline is still a serious obligation, with a little wiggle room as to when the task is completed.

Recognize these two kinds of deadlines, and categorize them apart from each other. Do meet these deadlines. Complete them on time as promised as meeting your obligations is what you are all about.

Get To It

Round up all your procrastinated chores, your issues not dealt with, and all those personal faults that you have been sweeping under the rug for years. Face them honestly and directly. Address them one at at time to gain some control and positive movement. Start whittling down this mountain of personal problems never dealt with before by you.

Monday, September 4, 2017

No Strings Attached

God loves you with no strings attached. Do not look for angles--there are none. Just accept the free gift, thank God for it, and run with it.


Why I am not heard? Well, being an ultra-loner is no way to network, the means to building name recognition and selling books.

Why am I not heard? I know no famous people to promote me and run interference for me.

Why am I not heard? It is not God's will that I be heard, famous, well-published and recognized at this time.

Why am I not heard? I just have not had the good luck to get a break.

Why am I not heard? Those that know me and have read my blog site hate me, and have 2 premier objectives: to silence me, and prevent me from gaining a public hearing.

Why am I not heard? Am I censored by the authorities or someone official that keep my Internet writings from being widely circulated?

Why am I unheard? Am I just that obscure and it is most difficult to overcome anonymity and no recognition?

What Happens

What happens will happen. What does not happen (that which we want to happen) does not happen in spite of our preferences. We are to be activistic and try make things better, and then we must live with the results and just let things unfold as they will. We are to be activistic, and then fatalistic about how things happen. That is wisdom, patience, and letting the universe operate as it will.

Labor Day

I worked 28 hours this weekend at my part-time job driving bus. Jane worked last night and is working as a nurse tonight. Not much of a holiday weekend.

I picked 3 gallons of Concord grapes in the backyard. I sanded the deck and was going to commence staining it but the rain this afternoon was predicted in advance, so that plan is postponed.

Joist support posts for the deck were sliding sideways so a kind neighbor came over and pried up the weight of the deck with a fulcrum while I repositioned the support posts. It is better than it has been for four years.

In tonight to write, and watch a movie. Up at 3am to get ready for work tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day weekend. May you have work. May you enjoy your work. May it lead to to prosperity and financial independence. May you stay healthy so you can work to make money and maverize. May the Good Spirits bless and keep your family.

Power Over Death

This is one of the most powerful Christian images of the glory and power attributed to wielded by the divine, life-giving Christ. His death on the cross, and his  resurrection from the dead opens the way to heaven for all human kind.

Christ is a good deity. The good deities have power over death, both spiritual death in the afterlife, and biological death for humans here.

Follow Christ or the good deity of your choice and through them, you will achieve power in this world over biological death (a healthier, prolonged life while living) in this world, and a slot in heaven will be set aside for you against divine death.

The Privilege

The noblest and most thrilling aspect of living the individuating lifestyle is that being oneself, becoming and growing as a self--being that is a God-driven mandate for us to complete--leads to being authentic, and genuine.

That sense of life--to quote the atheist Any Rand--that worldly and metaphysical orientation--entitles and enables one to quickly, accurately ascertain worldly truth and divine truth. This is a wonderful opportunity.

To win and be successful in this world and in the next is enjoyable and desirable, but at least as important is to know, really know, what is happening, why it is happening, and what is our role and reaction to be in light of all these existential vicissitudes.

To know the truth is to live the truth, and to live the truth is to know the truth. This spiritual gift to loyal followers, shared by the Good Spirits is a powerful reward for seeking real answers.

There Was Always Hope

Hope and salvation have always been at hand. You just needed to realize it by reaching out to God for a helping hand, and when God pats your hand, and sets up a divine plan for you, for the rest of your life, hope in your heat will be restored, your spirits will be revived, and you will have found your way.

Antifa Regrets

The strident marches, and use of violence and intimidation to shut down peaceful conservative demonstrations in Berkeley by Antifia finally even infuriated California officials. There must be law and order and thugs of every description need to be arrested if they are breaking the law and attacking those expressing their First Amendment rights.

The rioting, the attacking protesters and the attempt to beat those that disagree with them--this all needs to end.

The Joy Of Life

Should you want to experience the joy of living, here are a few tips for you:

1. Walk in the direction that your guardian angel steers you each day and you will feel esteem and satisfaction from right-living.
2. Cultivate that positive mental attitude, and your upbeat orientation to the world will lead you to see the good and gorgeous all around you.
3. Love, serve God, heighten your talents each day, and the joy of living will be yours.
4. Love life, and live to the fullest degree each day, and that joy will come to be yours.
5. Make something beautiful each day, and you will be happier and make the world a better place.

Bad Habits

Are your bad habits  detours in life that are preventing you from implementing your plan of self-improvement. You are the one that got you into this mess. Only you can extricate yourself from this mess. See it done. Begin to grow, improve, love and become smart.

Without Faith

Do you live your life without faith, without religious input. Get some. When you die and face St. Peter, or whoever is the gatekeeper to heaven, you will be glad that you did.

National Day Of Prayer

A fine idea. Let us pray for liberty, the victims of Harvey, and for avoidance of nuclear war with North Korea. Those are a few good prayers to send up.

Ending DACA Policy

Trump must end it. It is not legal. It is not constitutional, and we have to get control of our broken immigration system.


Yes, I support Mississippi's Confederate state flag. I urge all blacks, gays, liberals, Jews, Communists, union activists, atheists, reporters and people of color to support it openly and enthusiastically. Let 3 million of us descend upon that great southern state in a show of support for those good, solid, conservative Christian folk celebrating their great and noble heritage.

Our noble ideal is open, enmasse public support for any and all (well, Nazis and Communists go away) being radically free and open to exprees their values, thoughts and unbridled speech.

For us to build our high civilization going forward, we need to bind and wipe out no heritage or history as the Stalinists notoriously committed. Free speech leads to free thought, and free thought leads to liberated individuating. That leads to living angels being our average supercitizen, an anarchist individuator, self-realizing and making gobs of money in our constitutional republic.

Dear blacks and members of the Southern Poverty Law Center: please come to Mississippi with me to march in support of the Confederate flag. So doing will sets us all free and kill that most virulent disease (political correctness) once and for all.

Alex Wubbels

She would not allow Salt Lake City detective Jeff Payne to draw blood from an unconscious patient without the patient's consent, without the patient being under arrest, or without an electronic search warrant. She was legally in the right, and he was legally in the wrong, and may face discipline or discharge for his outrageous behavior.

I feel conflicted about this. Watching an arrest on video is never pretty. Let us start with what we need as a civil society. We need law and order. We need the police to enforce the laws, and must support them while they enforce the law, do their difficult jobs, and heroically protect all of us. We need to thank them for a most difficult job.

Where an officer goes rogue or violates someone's rights, let him suffer in his career and perhaps incur legal charges against him as would anyone else violating the law.

That said, Alex Wubbels did not know how to be arrested. Did she resist arrest? Maybe a little, and maybe Payne got to rough with her.

We need to teach all Americans how to be arrested with relative safety. Once a cop decides to arrest you, he or she is going to take you or me into custody one way or the other with whatever level of force that is necessary. That is their legal job and duty and that is the harsh, bare ugly truth. If they need four more cops and to have kill the suspect to restrain and subdue him, then that will occur.

Cops have enormous power. Some are vicious. Some are power-hungry. Some will kill you if you resist. Mot are decent, reasonable public servants, but you do not want to endanger yourself by giving them static.

One needs to shut up, do what one is told, and stand still with one's hand's behind one's back if they are going to arrest one and take one into custody.

This Mike Gallagher suggestion that we do what an officer of the law tells us to do, and not to resist if arrested is the best way to survive. Get in the car, go to jail, be processed and then call a lawyer and the news media. May justice be served and your rights protected.

Not only black youths but all Americans should be given a high school course or refresher course on how to interact with law enforcement when they are encountered, and if they are going to arrest one, how to act during a most unpleasant event.

If Alex Wubbels had had such training, she may not have resisted just a little to a false and terrible arrest that clearly violated her rights.

As we enter the Age of Mavellonialism, we need constantly to be trained and educated on how to act. As society becomes more open and more complex, even basic living tasks like police encounters require role-playing and consciousness raising.

Another area of desperate need for high school students is several courses on how to handle finances, and build a nest egg for retirement. I am 63 years old, and I am finally now learning to handle money. I have made horrible, avoidable financial blunders, and will go into old age much poorer for my foolish choices made. A strong high school training in money management would have been most  useful.

Hats off to Alex Wubbels for just doing her job.

May we all learn how to talk to the local police, and how to work with them for the safety of all.

Sunday, September 3, 2017


10am: I was sitting outside the hotel in my bus and is was already 30 degrees. It is very, freakishly warm for February in Minnesota. The cardinals, house sparrows and house finches are all calling, their male mating calls, to attract partners and to set up nesting territories--as typically occurs in the Ides of March.

These birds are silent all winter, and the house finches seem to go farther south. They seem confused as if the mild weather, a month early, triggered their mating hormones out of season.

Be Loyal To God

Be loyal to God: "In God we gloried day by day; your name we praised always." (Psalm 44, 9)

Trust In God

Psalm 44, 7-8: "For not in my bow did I trust, nor did my sword save me; But you saved us from our foes, and those who hated us you put to shame."

Do what you can and fight evil foes, but the main source of victory is protection and shielding provided by God--trust in God to deliver you from Satan and his underlings.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Easy Targets

Al Sharpton wants the statue of Thomas Jefferson gone because he was a slave owner 200 years ago.

The loudmouths on the Left use fake moral outrage and mass hysteria to whip their base into a raging mob to force concessions from the Right, from the middle class and from private individuals. And this ploy works because the media fans the flames of the contrived, insincere outrage and everyone runs and hides for fear of being branded as a racist.

No more. Call me a racist. Go ahead. Make my day. Under the fake moral outrage they have a plan, and that is to put in place a totalitarian, Marxist government, unelected, permanent and nasty.

These are haters of the worst kind that are sickened by their power lust.

They never take on hard targets. I could respect Al Sharpton, the liberal pastors, the socialist professors and  the Leftist reporters if they would just tell the truth to their base--something like this: "Nobody owes you anything. The government should only subsidize the very elderly, the lame those that are starving. All others should get to work and support themselves, period.

We liberal hypocrites sincerely and profusely apologize to blacks, people of any color and orientation, and to government-dependent whites for misleading them.

From now on we are going to train you to individual-live, to live clean, honest, sober, industrious, God-fearing, law-abiding, patriotic Americans, You will be force to get off the dole, and kick the government out of your lives so you can work and make money or run a business and make handsome profits--all while you individuate.

We have enslaved you and made you government dependents. We have deprived you of personal choice ad private lives, without the passion, energy, will and intelligence to pursue life, liberty and happiness like there is no tomorrow."

Al, you tackle these very enraging but absolutely true pieces of advice for your government-addicted followers, and then I will admire you and take you out for a nice meal here in the Cities.

And leave the great, noble Jefferson alone. He is our heritage, and a brilliant, principled Founding Father. Learn from his mistakes, but in no way eliminate his historical, cultural and political presence.