Monday, February 29, 2016

Make God Proud

As an avowed and proclaimed Mavellonialist, let not your disreputable and shameful behavior and words embarrass God and the Good Spirits, with whom you have associated yourself with.

Behave yourself, as best you can, in thought, word and deed, so that your very presence and existence reflect well on the divine friends of yours.

ISIS Characterization

Some in the West dismiss the evil personal character of ISIS killers as occurring because they are sociopaths. Mostly, though, they are murderers that, by indoctrination, by choice, and by basic and natural wicked dispositions, are able to slaughter and maim in Allah's name. They are sane and wicked fanatics; they are not sociopaths.

The New Temple

Just as Solomon invited Yahweh to come and dwell in the newly consecrated temple 2 Chronicles 6, 41 " . . .Advance, Lord God, to your resting place, you and your ark of majesty. . ."

If you belong to a church or temple, invite God to join you there. If your soul is your isolated church of one, invite God and the Good Spirits to live there with you. You will never regret the invitation sent.

God Is Love

God is love, and to love the Mother and the Father is to love them, and emulate them. They are the ultimate individuating, heterosexual, married couple in the universe. Heed their command--answer their beckoning call and live as they live. You too can know love and life now forever, both here and in heaven.


Bernie Sanders is not the only populist in the business. How about a rising generation of individuator supercitizens taking control of the government on every level? These Tea-Partied supercitizens would make government work for the little people, run by the little people, and obedient to the little people, permanenty. This political reality is coming.

World Day Of Prayer

Let us pray for the rise of individualism and the religion of self-realization that makes humans less bestial and more angelic.

Prowling The Earth

The fallen, cruel, herded followers of Lera prowl the earth, hunting for fresh victims among the children of light to attack and destroy, because Lera requires this constant targeting of the innocent to fuel the enthusiasm of her dying, half-dead underlings, whose fallen unity is bolstered by new, consecutive victims. Nothing cements the children of darkness into a blistered whole like having an enemy to reinforce their hatred of themselves, each  other, and all good people.

Your Inspiration

To access fabulous success and supreme happiness, find your inspiration in the Mused-whisperings provided you directly from close, intimate communication with the Good Spirits. They are most willing and ready to assist you in exercising your imagination to new levels.

No Sanction

There must be no further tolerance for lawbreaking, urban public officials running sanctuary cities.

The lawbreakers there, both the patrons that are citizens, and the illegal aliens that they offer refuge to, all need to be arrested and worked through the criminal justice system.

We close our borders, close sanctuary cities, and rescue our sovereignty. Unless we take these vital steps, we will lose America forever, to the detriment to citizens and all foreigners.

Be Yourself

Be yourself first, middle and last. Unless to so focus and find your essential center, you will not be able to love or advance, because you have not discovered that core from which all good thing flow, including your divine energy port, open, welcoming and receiving input from the Good Spirits.

It Is Time

It is time to build a wall, and we do not need Mexico to pay for it.

Post Indicator Valves

At the huge warehouse complex where I work as a Maintenance Technician, it is my weekly function of do a "Walk-Through" or preventive maintenance round of inspecting the entire complex inside and out.

This morning it was about 28 degrees Fahrenheit, but the northeast wind was 40 miles per hour. I was conducting my routine walk around the exterior of the building, checking and verifying the operation and security of the post indicator valves. There are 16 of them, and it is at least a mile walk around the enormous warehouse, to look over and electronically scan all of them.

The wind chill was bitter, likely from 5 above to -5 degrees. As I walked the southern side of the building, I noticed that there was a great reduction in chill as the  thirty foot tall building served as a wind break, and the rising sun provided some warmth, though there were some clouds in the sky, but fortunately, not covering the sun.

As I walked by our retail outlet store, I noted about 20 English song sparrows sunning themselves on an arborvitae bush to the right of the entrance, soaking up whatever warmth they could gain from the sun, and there was some warmth to be had. As I passed within 20 feet of them, they all flew to the roof top, and as I passed, they flew immediately right back to a second bush about 20 feet farther to the right. They were tightly focused on repositioning themselves to soak up that rising sun facing them directly from the southeast. They had turned their little breasts directly to the sun to capture the maximum warmth.

I was marveling at how ingenious they were to find just the spot, out of the wind, and directly oriented to the sun, to capture the most warmth that they could on a chilly winter morning.

Their adeptness and resourcefulness might be instinct, learned and remembered experience, or intellectual versatility in manipulating their environment for the most comfort and survival advantage as they could grasp.

Our cat at the house, just in the last year, at 12 years of age, has taught herself to lie across the registers under the living room window to capture as much warmth as she can.

These are but two examples of creatures in nature adapting to their environment. They will survive and thrive even though humanity may annihilate itself due to its failure and inability to forsake group-living.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cruz Mania

I have been sending money to the Cruz campaign--they sent a letter with these points about a Cruz presidency:

  • Strict constitutionalist Supreme Court justices
  • A border wall, no sanctuary cities, and opposition to amnesty
  • National security that takes on Radical Islamic Terrorism
  • Rescinding all Barack Obama’s illegal executive orders
  • Fully defunding Planned Parenthood
  • No more debt ceiling increases
  • Abolishing the IRS
With this hero at the helm, we could restore American greatness, and repurpose Washington to once again be the capitol of our constitutional republic.

Steve Wynn

Steve was being interviewed by Bill Bennett the other morning, and Wynn opined that Millennials have no life experience with which to compare and contrast against whatever they receive from the Digital World in which they are immersed, at Twitter and on Facebook.

What they are fed is onesided liberalism, and be the content true or false, crap or pearls of wisdom, they accept it all at face value.

He is insightful. Millennials run in packs, so the pack statism fed to them through digital media, at church, on campus, and through the school system, has brainwashed and indoctrinated them.

They only converse with their own kind, so their insular excchanges cut them off from broader and alternative points of view.

I would add that if they learned to work with theiur hands, and do and make and repair many things and gadgets, their real world experience would instruct them judgement and innate skepticism, so that what they are told is measured and weighed before being accepted or rejected.

Nothing like some skill, self-reliance, independent thinking and individualism to help the young break permanently out of groupthink.

Were the young to maverize, such a rational, intellectual and practical group would be impossible to order how to think. Each independent thinker would constitute another alternative point of view.

Success Day

Our community college here in Bloomington, celebrated Success Day, where at speakers could come and recall their life story for students.

My response is that this is a good first step, but we must go far beyond this tiny beginning. If we encourage students to maverize, and strive to make each successive day Success Day, more successful than any prior day, then we will be getting something great started.

Time Is Short

There is not much time left for you on this mortal coil, so what have you done with your life so far? What do you plan to accomplish with the time that you have left?

Just realize that what you have achieved, this life story of yours, is the offering that you give back to God, when you time has expired, when you arrive at the gate of St. Peter. Will the gift be meager and sordid, or rich and love-imbued?

The 17th Amendment

The Utah Senate voted to repeal the 17th Amendment of the Constitution, so US Senators would be elected by the state senates, requiring them to take care of the State's needs, rather than becoming Washington insider sellouts like Orrin Hatch. Not a bad idea.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

May Gabriel Visit America

I would be tickled if the Good Spirits would send down to earth one of their High Leaders to guide us forward, and charge us to join God and the Good Spirits in freeing humankind from group-living, from Statism, from Communism, from tyranny, and institutional servitude.

Evil Spirits

Be not deceived by those mouthing jabberwocky about the nonexistence of the Devil and Evil Spirits.

Satan and his underlings prowl the earth, constantly nabbing unwary souls to spend time, perhaps eternity in hellfire.

Be not one of them. Evil Spirits abound and are always around. Be alert. Be cautious and ask your guardian angel to warn you about the presence of wicked ones seeking to ensnare you.

Elderly Warriors

As people maverize, and live and grow in power, skill and deadliness as heavenly warriors, as they age, not unlike the karate sensei that is the highest black belt known, let them lead younger warriors into battle, fighting our wars.

As aging individuators grow in skill and mastery as soldiers and potential killers, may they fight the country's wars.

The Chicago Project

I propose a 5-year experiment for South Chicago:

First, eliminate the gang presence. Pass an ordinance that more than 2 kids from 9-22 are able to walk together on the street--up to three if an adult, 23 years old or older, accompanies them.

Second, flood the area with hundreds or thousands of Big Brothers and Big Sisters serving their 2 years of national service by mentoring one or more young persons, to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Three, any gang activity will lead to the immediate arrest of all involved.

Four, after school training in individuating principles to encourage young people to develop the self.

Five, help as many young people get and learn how to keep part-time jobs. Busy hands are not the devil's playthings.

Six, all kids in the army, in national service, in school or working full time, until 18 and even after.

Seven, encourage public and private agencies to hire kids, confiscating 20% of their earned checks to be put in a college or trade school escrow account for their future education. Let their hiring agency match the 20% with another 20% fund.

Eight, let the young know that they are expected to join the military, or serve two years of national service. Knowing that they have to make a personal contribution, a personal sacrifice for the country. The idea is to help them grow up and mature.

Nine, may mothers and fathers come forward to be very involved in their child's upbringing.

These proposals are not locked in stone, but some program like this should resuscitate and reform any inner city area.

Stay True

Be true to your principles--do not sell the out, no matter what pressure is brought to bear on you.

Be Not Bullied

Do not be intimidated, bullied, pushed into a corner or silenced.

You have a right to live. You have a right to excel. You have a right to be free. You have a right to speak out. You have a right to worship as you will.

Do your thing, and stand out as you will. Let no one seek to make you cease doing as you do. Indeed you are charged by the Good Spirits to keep doing exactly as you are doing.

Morton Blackwell

Morton leads the Leadership Institute, and founded it in 1979 to train conservative activists to take back and take over the country. They espouse free markets, limited government, strong national defense and traditional American values.

They teach conservative to manage campaigns, involve youth in leadership positions, organize armies of volunteers and learn how to get out the vote. They teach volunteers how to formulate a strategic plan to win a campaign build a grassroots organization of highly motivate volunteers, reach fundraising goals, develop a persuasive message, organize coalitions, garner favorable media coverage, connect with voters on a personal level, and win elections.

Mark Levin sent me a letter asking for donations for Blackwell. It sounds like he does fine work.

I would like to team up with Blackwell, and use his political expertise to train a generation of rising youngsters to grow into supercitizens. Imagine how skilled, feared, effective, potent, committed and united such an army of principled, conservative citizens would transform America.

With this political blueprint in mind, we could make America again a populist paradise where the little people run the show, enjoy and run our constitutional republic, and allow all to live as individuating anarchists.

Skin In The Game

America will not be restored to greatness until and unless all have skin in the game. All need to serve two years of national service, and all need to pay federal income tax. 45% of our people pay no federal income taxes. That is unjust to those carrying the non-producers.
No hearing and no vote for an Obama Supreme Court nominee while he is in office. His entire Presidency has been one large illegal, Constitution-trampling surge of imperial power. To allow another statist judge to destroy the Constitution is unconscionable. No, no, no.

Unelected Bureacrsts

Why should they be passing laws and statutes regulating and meddling in every corner of our lives?

I suggest that we radically downsize government, and give this tin-dictators their walking papers.

This is the first major improvement that liberty-loving supercitizens must bring against Washington overlords and overladies.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


They come from God, and they are examples of God's presence love and wholesome gift-giving to needy humans.

The Stereotype

The stereotype is that it is desirable to be young and free until one matures and gets laden with responsibilities, not old and in chains.

In reality, we are not born free nor are situaitonally free, but if we are willing to and dare to self-realize, we can work to gain our freedom, to wield a free will.

As such a budding entity, even if one was imprisoned, one would work to become free physically also.

To Hate America

Levin was criticizing Pope Francis for hating and trashing America, the freest, most tolerant, greatest nation that the world has ever seen. The pope does not bash the socialist and fascist hellhole nations all over the world--only capitalist America.

Needless to say, Francis is way off base, and his warped views are to be dismissed out of hand.

What I Have Done

I gave a check to the Tea Party and sent money to the Cruz campaign. I work over 70 hours per week, so more personal time commitment is difficult to arrange. I am not the ideal supercitizen, but I amdoing all that I can.

Link To Eternity

What is your link to eternity? It is the Good Spirits. Maverize, pray, lead a good life of personal leadership, and you should be going to the right place for eternity.

Monday, February 22, 2016

There Is A Larger Purpose

You will not be happy and fulfilled if you just live to satisfy yourself. But, if you live to satisfy yourself, by individuating, that living/action salute celebrating God's plan for you on earth, then you are satisfying the self by satisfying and please your Lord and your Lady. Have at it.

What Is Your Reason For Living

Your reason for living is to serve God. Leading a holy, ethical, creative life of work, love, devotion and accomplishment is your purpose here on earth, but you must embrace it openly, wholeheartedly with your entire being.

Thrilling Words

Feel inspired and comforted by God's approval when you do the right thing. May an angel tell you that God is in board with you--1 Chronicles, 17, 2: "Do, therefore, whatever you desire, for God is with you."

Crown God

There are forces of spiritual and moral goodness at work and we must rally to them: 1 Chronicles, 16 34: "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his kindness endures forever; . . ."


1 Chronicles, 16, 31-32: "Let the heavens be glad and the earth rejoice; let them say among the nations: The Lord is king. Let the sea and what fills it resound; lets the plains rejoice and all that is in them."

The Leaders

Lucifer and Lera are the leaders of the Pack, the ruling couple, reigning as the head of the ruling class that run this world.

So if you prefer pack-living, you follow and worship forces of darkness, and they direct your life and your actions.

These Wicked Ones, based on your life style, are the ones you revere and pray to, not being a follower of Christ as you profess with your lips.

Only if you individual-live are you morally and spiritually good, praying to, worshiping and allied with the Mother and the Father.

To Kill America

For those whose sole or primary ambition is the demise of America, for it to pop off, all they need to do is to continue to destroy the American family.

If young people continue to remain single, if marriage is not a sacred, legal contract between only a man and a woman, if married straights do not procreate, if abortion and divorce are the way of the future, if fathers do not help raise children living with their mothers, the family will die.

America will die, and the Marxist central government will raise the children to be little Soviet, groupist nonindividuators.

Miss Loner

Your self-realization and your self-promotion, backed by the empowering, energizing Good Spirit supports and guardians, is the source of your power. Your way of doing things, you friends and your goals are what you should emphasize and pursue most of the time.

Those Darned Cliques

Clique members sure cherish retaining their local monopoly on power. They like their own way of doing things. Their friends, peers and allies are all smart, all wise, all good and all honorable. All doors are open to them.

Now competing cliques or isolated loners outside the cliques are the "Other". Their people are dumb, sinful, corrupt, imprudent, dishonorable and suspect. All doors are closed to them and should be.

Not Entitled

You are not entitled to a free ride in America. If you are physically and psychologically well, you should be working, making what money you can, and should be paying your own way.

If serially unemployed, disabled or desperate, and cannot work, you should receive public relief.

But, in the future, to whatever degree possible, work, may money and pay your way and taxes.

We need people to be ashamed to be on the public dole as it was here historically. We should drug-test and demand those on welfare to work for their stipend.

Americans are a working, productive people. Add that to a capitalist system, and we will make enough money to lift all boats.

Which Type Of Conservative?

I do not mean to cross you but your anticipation of my unqualified support for all kinds of conservatism simply not how I stand on things.

For example, if you are conservative about my revolutionary plan to implement individual-living patterns for people abandoning group-living, then I would disapprove of your conservatism, and would urge you to forsake this rigid stance, and be liberal on this proposal.

If you are conservative and resistant to the statist ambition to grow centralizing government, I would applaud this conservatism as wise and judicious.

Stop Him

We must not allow Barack a socialist Supreme Court appointment. It is so that we have traditionally allowed a sitting President to bring forth his nominee, but this man is so anti-American, and so destructive to the Constitution, that we must wait to elect a conservative President, and then approve his conservative nominee.

The future of our country is at stake--nothing less.

Then we must make originalist rulings--or the lack thereof--on the part of the nominee to serve as the litmus test for approving of her or not.

We must only approve orginalist judges going forward, period. We must restore the Constitution to its rightful place as our law source.

We still need to term-limit all judges--10 years service.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

American Values

These best values in the world can be made more wise and intriguing as we introduce Mavellonialist values to supplement human ability to love, create, do and achieve.

Active Duty

All should serve two or three years of national service, and all women and men between the age of 18 and 78 should be in the national guard, and in unofficial armed militias defending their neighborhoods and personhood.

Burning The Flag

I despise you when you burn the flag, but I would fight to the death for your right to so express your protestations.


Register to vote and then always vote.

Yes, But

I do advocate separation of church and state, but I also believe secular fanatics should not get their way over our lovely, mixed traditions--so let the words "under God", for example, remain in our Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

What You Are

You are born evil, you live in sin, and you travel in the crowd owned by Lera in a world that she manages and rules.

If you choose to Mavellonialize, and overcome these adversities, such a wholesome, moral, spectacular feat will please the Good Spirits mightily, and for you, heaven awaits.

What I Am

I am a conservative, Unitarian-Universalist fundamentalist.

Treachery From The Ruling Class

Washington insiders, members of the political class, grown fat, complacent, rich, dictatorial and snobbish, both liberals and Establishment Republicans, betray our values, our Constitution and our heritage. They hurt America and transform it into feckless France, and are proud of their handiwork.


I give money to Cruz, to the Tea Party and to the NRA. I work over 70 hours per week, so I do not have much time to lobby and be politically active, so I write and donate as much as I dare and can.

We must all work hard and get into the political arena to push for the Conservative agenda that will rescue us all.

Donate, join the Constitutional Convention, be a Tea Partyer.

We All Must Serve

We all should serve two years in the military to defend our freedom here and around the world.

We should offer retirees a 25% increase in in Social Security payments in return for two years of national service. I need to go serve my two years.

Disthrone The Rhetoric

Chad Anderson promises us smaller, more efficient and more effective government.
That is a worthy promise, but this administrative tactic is an insufficient political strategy.

We need small, constitutionally limited government that is decentralized, sending power and money back to the individuator-anarchist supercitizens enjoying their maximum liberty in their local cantons.

Skilled Workers

Many place where I have ever worked, the most skilled technicians on every maintenance team are allowed to--even rewarded by bosses--to snitch, goof off and be unproductive, to bully and to serve as unofficial lead-workers targeting less skilled technicians--with harsher supervising, and heavier disciplining----the ones that do the bulk of the work--all for lower pay and no seniority on the job.

The newer, less skilled technicians work twice or three times as hard for much less financial reward and with much more disrespect and verbal abuse.

They are regarded by Management as less valuable and more expendable than the most skilled technicians that are integral, intimate members of the supervisor in-group.

The unannounced deal seems to be that the most skilled technicians are given some authority to supervise even bully junior department members of the team in exchange for keeping their jobs while performing minimally, for spying on new team members, for being yes-men, for working for years with meager wage-increases.

As a Mavellonialist, I would anticipate a future work force where bosses and the most skilled technicians work the hardest and the longest. Where the most skilled have the most skin in the game and lead by example, it rallies newer and less skilled workers to take it to another level, and then another level.

Photo ID

All voters should show it so we know they are citizens and have a right to vote.

The Pope Is Not A Christian

Pope Marx criticized the Donald as blameworthy and unChrisitian to build a wall to keep out illegal aliens.

Well, Herr Francis, I have an accusation to make against you. You call yourself a Christian, but you promote globalism and Marxism but these theological tenets do not liberate but subjugate all humanity to control and terror by the religious and secular followers of Lera and Satan.

On your lips you profess your Christianity, but your policies announce what is your true faith:devil worship, for Satan hates America most of any nation on earth because this God-Blessed nation is the one that promotes profits, freedom--including freedom of worship--individualism.

Say hi to your daddy, Lucifer, for you are a most impressive, effective salesman serving his cause with your whole heart and your whole soul.

The Gang Of Eight

There needs to be ten year term limits on Supreme Court Justices and on all federal judges.

Why should 9 people decide how we all live?

We need term limits and then dissuade a majority of future citizens, rock solid Tea Party conservatives, to elect and command their Members of Congress and their President to only appoint, nominate and approve Justices are are originalist.  We have a Constitution, and we must start living by it.

Pope Marx

So Francis is at the border looking across into America trashing this kindest, most tolerant, greatest, most exceptional nation that has ever existed.

Our constitutional republic was never big on allowing elites and ruling class snobs and intellectuals like Barack and Francis, two Marxist dictators, heading up two huge, bureaucratic, totalitarian institutions, and that is what he cannot abide.

He dissembles and claims to be for poor, downtrodden immigrants. Actually, he and Barack only care about amassing more centralized power, the most selfish, dangerous, demonic ambition ever unleashed on non-Americans and Americans alike.

Compassion for the poor and victims is their propaganda line to amass power, nothing more complicated than that.

America isa sovereign nation, and as Levin points out, it is for its citizens not immigrants legal, or illegal. We should let in as many as we want, when we want to, if at all.

Go home Francis, you behaved abominably here. When we control our borders strictly, and kick out all the illegal immigrants, and reduce severely legal immigration, then we will restore America to constitutionalism, capitalism, prosperity and liberty, And that set of American conditions and values we then can offer to Mexico and anyone else at home willing to listen, learn and be taught to follow and assimilate our values so that their people at home will come to know and realize prosperity and freedom. Now that is wisdom. That is compassion, not the crap that you are hustling, Francis.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Belief In Human Goodness

The modern belief in basic human goodness is a misconception closely linked to complete trust in and reliance upon centralized governmental authority to run and regulate our lives down to the last detail.

There is also a strong correspondence between a belief in human, basic depravity and a fear of and distrust of someone wielding too much federal, collected power.

Because we are so sinful and corruptible, we cannot resist the temptation to addict ourselves to power-lust and concentration of all power unto ourselves, snuffing out liberty and independence for all citizens under our thumbs.

For this reason, we need the balance of power framework to keep people from becoming despotic as Obama has done repeatedly.

Satan Does Not Exist

Since you do not believe that the Devil exists, or on Sa's power and rule in this world, you deceive yourself and your audience and followers when you brag about how courageous you are, and how you love the truth.

Even In America

Even in America loners need to be careful and on guard. It is a mean and dangerous world, and much more so for loners than joiners.

Post Road

The Somali cab drivers and Somali limo drivers dominate the waiting lot on Post Road by the airport. They seem to have run most everyone else out and off.

This is the future of America with open border and endless immigration wave after wave. Whole areas of the country and our cities become balkanized ghettos wherein the language, the faith and the abandonment of the American Way cannot be sustained.

We do not need millions of Latin American and Muslim immigrants take over and fundamentally transforming America.

We need our immigrants to be few and interested in conformity to the American culture. They to assimilate or go home. It is that simple and that imperative.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Wickedness In The World

There is so much wickedness in the world. What are its sources? Well, Satan and Lera are the evil couple that rule this world, so it is logical to conclude that it all is traceable back to their scheming and maneuvering.

And our depraved natures, and corrupt social culture and crowd living all reinforce the growth and perpetuation of wickedness in the world.

We must join God and the Good Spirits, and fight our natures and the dark powers that rule this world. It is an uphill battle, but it is the only one really worth waging.

God, Please Close The Borders

God, please close our borders, and limit our legal and illegal immigration until America is one people, one Constitutional Republic, one nation, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Once our capitalist system is restored, our military might and respect for abiding by the Constitution, may be export the American Way, your divine Way, to the rest of the world for adopting and consideration: 1 Chronicles, 17, 35--"And say, 'Save us, O God, our savior, gather us and deliver us from the nations, That we give thanks to your holy name and glory in praising you.'"


1 Chronicles, 17, 36: "Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, through all eternity. Let all the people say, Amen! Allelluia."

Bless you God, may you and your Good Spirits come to rule our world once more.

The Best Place

Go ahead. Individuate. You have no place better to live or be.

Levin On The Supreme Court

He says it is not obstructionism, nor is it necessary to have a 9th Supreme Court for the remainder of Obama's term.

He advises that the Republican Senate do nothing. Great advice.

Love Is All That Matters

Well, not quite, but love is likely what matters most. So love God, love the Good Spirits, love the self and love others.

Burning Desire

How do we instill in the young a burning desire to excel, to be anything they want to be, and achieve anything that they want to do?

I recommend three vital additions to their orientation to super-succeed: First, they must be brought up religiously, trained to obey God's call to them to come alive, and develop their talents to the maximum, as a living prayer, a celebration of God's presence and magnificence.

Second, children must be brought up to be very disciplined, and very hard workers.

Third, parents must teach their children to aspire to maverize their entire lives.

These three training programs should awaken the burning desire in most children to excel and be all that they can be.

Our Evil Natures Show

Liberal Senators and liberal members of the House stay true to their statist views in purity of vote and stance.

Republican talk conservative as members of Congress and as judge nominees, but, once elected or appointed, they decide to go Washington, and go statist, selling out individual sovereignty, the Constitituion, the people, and our capitalist system.

Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell and John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy are examples of betrayal on the Right that never occur on the Left. Why is that?

Deep down moderate conservatives despise true conservatism, true goodness and individual liberty. They secretly admire and align themselves with liberalism, crowdism, collectivism, statism and fanaticism, the wicked political forces at work in the world which advance the cause of Satan on earth.

Pusillanimous Mitch

McConnell will cave with the rest of the RINOS and allow Harry and Barack to put in another Kagan on the Court to destroy the rest of the Constitution.

Through the Tea Party and NRA we are fighting to appoint no nominee until Barack is out of office, but it will be a fierce, uphill battle. We likely will not prevail with RINO Senate Traitors so willing to knowtow  to Barack once more.

Cruz On Court Nominee

Religious liberty, freedom of speech, the 2nd Amendment and abortion are just a few of the key issues that a statist nominee by Obama would undermine.

Cruz refers to this election as a referendum on the the Supreme Court. It is that vital that we keep the the position vacant, and then get voted in a constitutional originalist.


Levin wants a constitutional originalist appointed, not a leftist radical like Kagan appointed by Barack.

We need to appoint no Obama candidate, and let the position go vacant and then put Cruz in as a orginalist President, and to allow him to nominate an orginalist judge, to defend the Constitution, which we need restored.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

To Forgive Student Loans

Should we forgive student loans. Not any of it for non-military students. For those willing to serve for years, we could forgiven two years of college loans at taxpayer expense.

Progressives Are Regressive

Progressives are regressive, and conservatives are optimists and reformers, the wave of the future.

Your Point of Pride

What is your point of pride--what it is reveals so much about you. Is your popular standing your point of pride, or is it your remarkable level of accomplishment. The former reveals that you are a joiner, a mediocrity and a nonindividuator.

The latter predicts that you are a loner, a most impressive master of your field, and a rising star among individuators and the Good Spirits.

Julia Gillard

This gutsy prime minister of Australia has declared that Australia and its traditions is for its citizens, not immigrants. Either they learn English and adopt the Australian way, or leave.

She took the words right out of my mouth.

Post Road

Sometimes the most feasible, convenient place to park my shuttle bus between run to the airport is on Post Road, a parking lot reserved for such commercial vehicles and limousines. Years ago, dozens of hotel shuttles would stop here, but now it has mostly dried up. 90% of the vans and limousine drivens are Muslim, Somali men.

They seem to have pushed most other groups out. They dominate the limo trade, the non-hotel trade and the taxi trade. Whites and other ethnic groups are not to be found.

I stopped for gas at BP last winter, and an elderly white man was gassing up his limo. I was in a mood to be a smart aleck so I asked him why I do not see him at Post Road with the Somali drivers. His indignant, quick, evasive retort was that they have their spot, and we have ours.

To be the only American and White Driver in among 30 or 40 Muslims, so praying on their kneel rugs is a wierd experience. To me it is a prescient glance into the future: where Muslims congregate in sufficient numbers, they take over. They push out all rivals, and their convert that trade or that spot to a place run by shariah law. It is a forewarning of things to come if we do not end Muslim immigration temporarily, and keep it quite limited for 40 years until we have restored America to its traditional greatness, and have forced all to assimilate to the American Way that we will be exporting to whomever in the world wishes to receive it.

Islam's Pull

Islam's appeal to its adherents is somehow linked to its complete grouporientedness, its emotional comfort, its all or none theology, its fanatical fervor. The followers pass this faith onto each successive generation. No world faith has a modern grip on its believers in this way.

The followers' utter devotion to their faith, and their complete certitude that they are the one true faith gives them unbreakable unit, and immense power in the world. The downside is that its followers cannot maverize, cannot moderate and cannot modernize.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Are You A Hutterite?

So your like big family, communal living, no private property and big families.

In the future world of individuators and individual-living, there is nothing to dread. If you choose to continue your collectivist lifestyle, fine. It is  fine, but but  hope that you incorporate Mavellonialist values as much as you can into your traditional way of life.

Beneficial Jews

Disproportionately, American Jewish intellectuals offer so much wisdom and guidance for modern Americans--think of Hoffer, Levin and Prager.

What would the 20th century have been without Marx and Freud?

Ironically, Jewish influence on Western peoples over the last 2,000 far outweighs their numbers.

Weirdly, the West benefit from them while routinely, repeatedly plotting to murder them.

In this world the wicked and the less talented seek to wipe out the virtuous and smarter contributors.

Similarly, great souled individuators offer culturally what  groupists need, but the latter are ungrateful, hating them all the more for pending on to personal ruination.

Off Base

Often those in charge are stupid, cruel and arrogant. They are also decisive and most ready to pass sentence upon their target, who is innocent, or whose offense warrants no such swift and severe punishment.

The Trainer

I picked up a professional dog trainer and his wife from the airport last weekend. They  had been to Mexico. He came across as a most accomplished man. He told me that he has trained 24 different species of bird dogs, and other trainers refer the more difficult to train dogs to him.

He confided to me that dogs, especially a type of Italian bird dogs, love to smell a person's breath. That is how they determine if they like a person or not. I had never heard that before.

I wonder if they love to give kisses, especially people's mouths, to capture the essence of their breathe.

The old myth that breath was connected to the soul and revealed the nature of the exhaler might be what dogs are seeking information about, that is, one's breathe uncovers one's character for them.

He informed me that training a dog is basically bending them to "our will", human will.

I got to pondering that and mentioned to him that bending the will, if done gently by soft technique, will bend the will without breaking their spirit. He seemed to agree.

This lesson could apply to children too. The parent need to bend the child to her will, but she wants to use soft touch whenever possible, because and obedient spirit is desirable but a shattered will is a most disagreeable outcome.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How It Is With God

1 Chronicles, 17, 27: "Splendor and majesty go before him; praise and joy are in his holy place."

Put Them In Their Place

It is futile and debilitating for oppressor and oppressed alike when the oppressor brags about putting someone in their place of assigned social rank.

Good people, especially maverizers, would express zero interest in putting anyone in their place. Such wasteful effort contradicts the reality of individuating under which each human being puts herself in the place where she needs to be. Only she knows where she should be and how to live, and under what circumstances. It is impossible to ascertain what is good and right for the next person--especially a very developed, singular person.

So release others to love and live as they please; as free maverizers, they will will self-locate and be situated where it is optimum for them to exist, and they must make this selection in perfect freedom.

God's Prophet

Some may scoff at or be horrified by my ultra-arrogant claim to be God's prophet and to speak for God.

Actually this ability and aptitude is equally available to any human being searching for divine guidance, enthusiastically and eagerly beseeching God to talk to him.

I am a regular Joe just doing what anyone can do, and should be doing. Just maverize, talk to God, listen to De's responses, and the relationship is established and is vibrant and strong.

God is calling to each of us all the time, and we just have to strike up a conversation for it to bear fruit and become a divine-human connection.

Let It Go

Do not pother and fret about some puzzles that cannot be solved or made understandable. If your life is otherwise productive, wholesome and fun, do you have to resolve and answer every problem and mystery--especially this one that you seem unable to resolve? No, you do not. Just go around it and et on with your life.

Then, later, if you have the time and the inclination, come back and try to make sense of what vexes you. Sometime, it becomes self-evident what is going on once the fog blanketing the situation dissipates.

I Voted

There was a special election today in Bloomington to fill an open seat for State Representative. The turnout seemed low and mostly elderly. I voted for Republican Chad Anderson on the way home from work.

He promises to: fight tax increases of working families and small businesses--excellent.

He promises to: bring fiscal responsibility to state government--excellent.

He promises to: create more good jobs in our communities. I do not believe politicians create jobs. Private for profit businesses create the jobs. Politicians grow government, and that kills jobs. A more honest and realistic promise would be to downsize and end government regulation of business, and that will stop the killing of jobs, a more useful conservative politician goal.

He promises to: reform government so that it works for us--not the special interests. Well, reforming government is another illusion. We are too late to be reform it, we mostly need to defund it and downsize it. Moderate, RINO politicians like Jeb Bush keep promising to reform what cannot be fixed. so young Chad Anderson is good at communicating cliches, but how effective will he be reforming Mark Dayton world at the state legislature?

I do not want our politicians beholden to any special interests on the Left or Right. They serve and obey the people, and keep government small and humbled and out of the individual's way--that is about all any politician can or should promise.

Billions Sought

Obama want billions of dollars for gun control in the 2017 budget. I recommend that he use that written memorandum as something to hand to Ted Cruz so he can grind it into the carpet under his Texas cowboy boots.

The Court Stays The Executive Order

The gall of the Supreme Court to halt Obama's EPA's  Clean Power Plan regulation to force severe restrictions on existing power plants int he name of reducing carbon emissions.

Their presumption that he did an despotic, unconstitutional end run bypassing Congressional authority is correct.

He requires impeaching. The EPA requires disbanding, and we need a Republican President to appoint justices and judges that uphold constitutional limits on executive overreaching.

America desperately requires citizens to step up their game and live and politically engage as supercitizens to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Honor Our Traditional Values

Honor, practice and live by our traditional values. They are the values from the past that, if followed faithfully--with some Mavellonialist values added in--will lead to our bright, sustainable future.

Monday, February 8, 2016

That Damn City Government

There is a notorious slum landlord in Minneapolis--he may be Somali. He is a rebel with lots of rental properties with a list of inspection violations that would extend from here to Winnipeg.

In about December the bumbling, self-righteous City Council in Minneapolis decided to get tough on this scofflaw and revoked his renter's license. The result: all of his dozens, likely hundreds of renters are on the street, some with no place to live. How would you like to be homeless with a family at 10 below zero in Minneapolis in December, due to city government?

Now, in fairness to the City, they may have given tenants a 30 day notice to vacate. Whatever happened, I have a young black mother with 3 teenage kids, 3 months homeless now. They liked this landlord and they had a place to live int he winter in Minnesota, and the rent was affordable.

She is putting $2,000 per month on her credit card to stay at the hotel, and when the line of credit is exceeded, she gets kicked out on the street until she gets her paycheck (she is a PCA and works 80 hours a week) and pays down the credit card.

She is trying to get an apartment in north St. Paul, but the landlord there is having trouble evicting a troublesome tenant, and she cannot find housing.

The deputy or some cop showed up at her unit, and gave her and her kids 5 minutes to get their purses and phones, and get out or be arrested.

Where in hell is the social worker to transiiton these poor people to alternative, affordable housing?

Typical government: if the housing is not perfect, throw the book at the landlord, and throw tenants into the street until the units are in apple-pie order. That is fine but what are the homeless victims to do, that have no other place to live? Another unintended consequence from government, ham-fisted machinations. This gal has no home, no car, and is worried about her 13 year old daughter being safe on the streets and at the hotel. Thank you Minneapolis for helping the down and out.

When they are down, just give them a good kick in the ribs.

God Is With Us

God will protect us, especially if we form our militias and learn how to fight and handle fire arms. God helps them that help themselves: 1 Chronicles 17,  21-22: "He let no one oppress them, and for their sake he rebuked kings: 'Touch not my anointed, and to my prophets do no harm.'


Remember all that God has done for us: 1 Chronicles 17,  12: "Recall the wondrous deeds that he has wrought, his portents, and the judgments that he has uttered . . ."

Zika Babies Revisited

I am usually clear in my ethical standards, but the abortion issue torments me. I do believe that life beigns at inception, and that a little soul accompanies the embryo right away.

On the other side of the ledger, the parents have souls too, and they have a right to bring a healthy baby into the world. It may be that aborting a seriously malformed Zika fetus is spiritually and morally justifiable, but I reconfirm that abortion should remain legal but rare, and not after 4 months or so.

We need to work hard to get a vaccine on the market to fight Zika. That would help.

Crowd Pleaser

Make your choice: you can either please the crowd and run with the run, or please yourself and go your own way.

But choose you must. You cannot please others and the self at the same time. It is physically and psychologically impossible. Should you elect to maverize, you will go your own way.

The Socialist Is In

The doctor is in and will see you now. Now that Barry is one his way to nationalizing health care, reducing entrepreneurial general practitioners to the status of being mere employees of the state, the new generation of doctors are starting to act the part.

They seem more preachy, more bossy, less tolerant and more sanctimonious than did private sector doctors a generation ago. They wish to pry into their patient's personal lives and gun ownership patterns, things unheard of from doctors 20 years ago in less prescriptive days.

When GPs are converted into good conformist little socialists, as bureaucrats, they seek to direct and control their patients, not just provide medical care. Power over the stupid, loser, patient (unruly adult children) is a phenomenon that fellow bureaucrats working for the City have displayed for generations. They live off the public and dictate to the public, not serve and obey the public.

Is Control An Illusion?

Is control of their destinies by humans an illusion? No more than yes is my response.

The individual, especially the individuating individual, is aware and in control more than not, and her will is almost free.

The joiner is asleep and controlled more than not, and his will is almost not free.

God Has A Plan

God has a plan for you. Let God lead you to where you are mean to  be. Your life is in God's hands if you accept this divine guidance.

The Families

I worked at the hotel this weekend. The manager on duty was a Somali-American woman, and the assistant manager was a young black gentleman.

Two young in-town black families checked in and were assigned rooms on the 5th floor. They had lots of little kids under ten years of age, and were enjoying the pool, going to the mall, etc.

Someone, probably the two dads, were toking up in the rooms. The neighbors complained as the smell wafted around the whole floor. The MOD went up to one of the rooms and when the guests opened the door, she told me the cloud of smoke drifted out towards her.

She kicked the two families out immediately, and then the fun started.

I came back from the airport as a group of about ten of these folks gathered around the desk. The dads were sort of slowly hauling luggage out when one angry, belligerent mother went up to the MOD and blasted her verbally. She angrily denied that they were smoking pot, She asserted that they, the men, were smoking it out in the car, and that is the smell notable on the 5th floor.

The MOD stood her ground and finally the outraged mom ran out of steam, and said she was disputing the credit card deposit that the MOD had already charged for the rooms.

The kids, 4 or 5 of them, wide-eyed, watching this whole charade, were seated quietly on couches against the far wall. I think they were terrified of that Mom and did not dare move.

This MOD is tough but fair, and she would have booted any tokers out, not matter their background. The two families refused to leave the hotel, and kept glaring at the MOD. She told me to stand by her at the front desk for she was afraid to be alone with these people. I stayed there for almost an hour.

Finally 3 Bloomington cops showed up, led by a burly black sergeant, and after another 30 minutes, the families left.

I cannot imagine a Lutheran, farm wife, with her kids in tow, acting like this. If someone lit a joint in her room, and they got tossed out as they predictably would be, she would be so embarrassed and humiliated that they would flee quickly and quietly into the night.

Not this young black Mom. She complained loud and long that they did nothing wrong, the hotel was unjustly picking on them. If anyone dares to check her family's selfish, heedless, coarse behavior, that authority figure is wrong, not the malefactors. Now, go to the front desk in the lobby, and scream and shout and argue for 15 minutes with the MOD until she calls the cops out of fear and anger to have you removed.

This is quite the moral training that the Mom is handing down to those innocent, little kids. If one does a crime, or commits a horrible social blunder, one is outraged at being interrupted and attacks the authority figure curtailing one's outrageous, maybe illegal behavior. The mom is teaching the kids that one can do whatever one wants, whereever one feels like it, to whomever one targets, and if there is a cop, teacher or hotel manager to interfere, they need to be slapped down and be set upon immediately.

It is our liberal society that has given this mom this sick, warped, dysfunctional view of how to act in front of one's children.

The black kids, and all kids, need a mom and a dad married and with God in their lives. They need to be taught to respect authority, play by the rules, and behave oneself. When one messes up, one apologizes, atones, and quietly moves on.

This disgusting display is far too common, and reflects a society of entitlement not sacrifice and personal accountability. If that Mother were redirect her anger towards showing the children how to maverize, she would be a credit to society, and so would her well-disciplined, well-bred, achieving children. Bad values, poor outcomes. Good values, exemplary children.

Nationalism Forever

We need to be citizens of America first, and live by the laws growing out of and consistent with our Constitution.

If global and United Nation trends conflict with those values and needs, let them be swept aside, or given third-or fourth-place consideration.

We must save America first, and then Americanize the world, including the Islamic countries.

Sessions Test

If you are a solid conservative, the Sessions Test for Republican Presidential candidates will happify you. Its 5 questions are sensible, important ones that every hopeful should go on record as answering.

Special Prosecutor?

Some Republicans want Lynch to step aside and appoint a special prosecutor against Hilary Clinton.

It would be just because Obama's team is way to corrupt and ideologically biased to run this investigation into her email scandal.


War is hell but we have to wage them, especially a good war. And they cost lots of money and we should pay for them as we go, and everyone under 75 should serve two years every time there is a new war. A war we fight to win, and a war we kill the opposition--hopefully as few civilians as possible--until they are utterly defeated.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Pattern

What I have long observed and experienced on the painful, receiving end is when a loner/rebel fights with a sadistic joiner seeking to impose pecking order humiliation and low rank upon the disassociated loner, it is the same as fighting the whole group.

Their friends, their enemies, whom they like, whom they dislike, whom they exclude and whom they include is based upon established group opinions which are followed to the last t by all conformist insiders.

It matters not if the target is guilty or innocent, smart or dumb, good or evil, because the allegiance to the group opinion is law, and that emotional fantasy is unshakable, and will be followed and enforced by the insider groupists.

What Do I Think Of You?

What do I think of you, and what do I know about you  before I hear your life story, or hire an research done about you? Here it is: my generalizations are accurate, and apply, although their predictability is relative to your unique personality, choices and way of living. You are born wicked. You live in sin.

God built you this way, and the import of this double, divine blessing is that God has given you a serious ethical hurdle to surmount in order, for you,  to be a good person and lead a good, holy life.

If you individuate, and are filled with love (Pure love is pure liberty.), and are a spiritually and morally wholesome person, you will have lived up to the high behavioral standards that God has sent for humans. God demands excellence from De's children, nothing less. God has built you genetically to live as angels, so why not be good angels or Good Spirits while yet alive?

As you succeed, you will be rewarded with God's esteem in this world, and with time in heaven after death. If you rebel or fail, hellfire, to varying degrees, for varying lengths of time, will be your lot until you have repented and atoned, and made yourself, after death, by second and third efforts, worthy to enter the pearly gates.

God does not much care what good deity that you follow or worship, as long as you are trying to get to heaven. Following an evil deity is definitely forbidden.

On Hannity

On Hannity yesterday, Brazeek (sp.) the anti-radical Islamist terrorism expert pointed out that peace for those in Islam is usually translatable as how it should be once Muslims have established world domination.

That interpretation of their understanding of peace is consistent with their Koran-blessed strategy to lie to and dissemble to infidels,  until they can be overthrown, and the Muslims are in a position of superior strength to impose shariah law, death to unbelievers and establishment of the world-wide caliphate.

I believe most but not all Muslims believe that it is their divine duty to be at war with the rest of humanity until that world-wide domination is enforced and spread everywhere. Until then, ceaseless war is the job of every adult Muslim. They do not seek peace but hegemony, and then they will be peaceful once the Imam of Iran rules the world. No way. Not here, not now, not ever, as long as I can wield a gun.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Cruz claims that our rights come from God, and this is infuriating liberals. Actually, not only do our rights come from God, but our duty to individuate as God commands us to do is a divine responsibility that we cannot afford to shrug off.

To Push Or Pull

The old, astute political axiom is that the people get the government that they deserve.

When the new generation of Americans arrive upon the scened, and are individuator supercitizens and lawful anarchists, they will not wait for statesman politicians to pull them along towards frugal, efficient, effective but limited governing.

Instead the citizens will push politicians to obey and where to head, and how much they can spend to get it done. They could convert any dull, slow or venal politician into a competent, plain-talking statesman.

So What?

A common, arresting criticism of home schooling children is that they learn fewer or no social skills. Well, the generation of statist nonindividuating children conditioned in the public school system have plenty of social skills, and nothing else.

The lack of group-living orientation, if it was a by product of home schooling one's children, would be something that the country could use a lot more of.

The Curse

Public schools and our colleges are raising a brainwashed, indoctrinated liberal generation of young people. This betrayal of parents and taxpayers should surprise no one because teachers and professors are public employees just teaching their pocket books, and growing their economic base.

Children are instilled with the nonindividuator, statist world view. Neither they are the country has a future if this worrisome trends continues unchecked.

One solution would be for conservative parents to home school children, send them to private schools and Hillsdale college so that they get a rounded, balanced education.

We conservatives must lobby Congress to pass reform legislation so that tax dollars follow the child, not to the local school system. We desperately require to break up the monopoly on education enjoyed by professors and teachers of the progressive persuasion.

We cannot grow the American Way without a coming, budding generation of non-statist, individuator young people.

Glory In His Holy Name

1 Chronicles, 16, 10: "Glory in his holy name; rejoice, O hearts that seek the Lord."

Seek God and glory in De's holy name. You will be so glad that you did.

Song of Praise

1 Chronicle, 16, 8-9: "Give thanks to the Lord, invoke his name; make known among the nations his deeds. Sing to him, sing his praise, proclaim all his wondrous deeds."

Let the whole world that you follow and praise God; it is your obligation, your honor.

Share That Heritage

We need to pass on the American Way to our children and grandchildren.

Humans are born collective, depraved, ignorant, arrogant and unwise.

Without being immersed in and habituated  to our firm, healthy tradition of virtue and hard work, our fine heritage will be lost, and humanity will be the worse for it.

Public Virtue

Mark Levin writes about the need for a people to display public virtue that is an extension of, and political addendum to their lives of private virtue.

Only a free people comfortable with living lives of self-support, honesty, love of the truth, and a loathing of corruption are able to function as supercitizens controlling and maintaining a well-run constitutional republic.

The Free Life

To  live as an individualist is to experience liberty.

To love as a groupist is to subjugate the self to a life of conformity and soft tyranny.

Which life appeals to you?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Never Apologize

If you are a decent person, and as accomplished individuator, never apologize for being beautiful, right and accomplished. If jealous, detracting joiners are offended, tough.

They could easily set aside their gossip campaign, their smearing your good name, and their whispered, negative remarks. They could shed their plan of character assassination, man up, and amount to something themselves. That would be a whole lot more mature, wholesome and productive.

Bundy Thugs

Last Saturday the twisted StarTribune editorial staff trashed the Malheur militia as Bundy thugs and birdbrains.

These heroes, fighting for property rights, individual liberty, limitations on federal ownership and control of states' lands, are trying to raise the public consciousness about the need to limit federal reach, and to scale federal thugs back.

Of course that point of view is not covered in Minnesota, land of 10,000 ruling class liberals, and then some.

Never Changes

Human Nature is always depraved, and people usually do their worst. Most people are not to be trusted and are unreliable allies when the chips are down.

Only when American values deemphasize group-living, and replace it with higher class individual living, then human nature will not change, but people will know more about ethics, about their divine obligations, and will learn how to live well and behave well in spite of their fallen natures.

As these positive developments unfold, things will slowly begin to change for the better.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Field Of Dreams

I was driving bus this weekend and the phrase from this iconic, beloved, 1989 movie popped into my head: 'Build it and they will come."

I pondered and  mused a bit more, wondering if that phrase describes what I have sought to do with my budding faith and philosophy of Mavellonialism--"Build it, and they will come."

Well, I have built it up, and they have not come--but they likely will, in droves, perhaps in 100 years or so.

Of course, as a misunderstood great soul, I am utterly unattractive to social climbers, running in packs, seeking to improve their standing and good name is social circles where being seen does count.

The climbers ambitious for in-crowd uptick in social power and clout, discard those not useful to their rise, and someone like me, regarded as a hopeless, total loser, is quickly thrown under the bus.

My faith, my devotion to God, this spiritual field of dreams is, for the popular joiners, their version of social hell, a nightmare world to horrifying to describe, yet encounter.

These groupists do not want to hear the truth: that, in their rebellion, depravity and denial, they reject this messenger, an otherworldly winner, and so seal their fates as otherworldly losers, and they may call for some time in hell or limbo.

I will not flatter them. I will not cosset them. I will not buckle under when they seek to buttonhole and silence me. I will be the gadfly buzzing around their closed ears. They will not hear what they want to hear.

Those Pesky Relatives

I have relatives from both coasts that snub us Midwesterners as backwards hicks. They were Midwesterners--or their grandparents were--not so long ago.

The Midwest people are the best and greatest Americans, in my opinion, because they are solid, non-gameplaying, not flashy nor fickle and dissembling.

A culture of individuators would be more mid-Western in behavior and values, than the effete snobbery and fashionable connectedness and position-grabbing so craved by conformist coastal peoples.

How can such smart, educated, affluent, law-abiding, ordinary and decent people act so stupid, ignorant, intolerant and mean to people from other regions of the country?

And they are completely wrong: we are all God's children, and we are all about created equal, and no one is much better or worse, superior or inferior to about anyone else. That is the God's truth, and the scientific, biological and objective truth.

What makes these snobbish relatives so stupid, mean, fluffy, shallow, superficial, pathetic, nasty and heartless is their genetic addiction to group-living, reinforced by societal norms surrounding maintenance and enhancement of social position and cleaving to popular stance among other groupists.

God is love. God is truth. God is an individualist. God is calling us to leave the group and live as individualists, individuating and loving, living angels free, developing and creating.

Satan is hate. Satan is about lies and lying. Satan is a Marxist and collectivist, a political totalitarian and social clique-maintainer. Satan rules this world, and has most humans ensnared and dying while alive, living their quiet lives of social despair, as group-livers.

My coastal relatives that fly as a flock of starling to get and maintain social rank and popularity, are thus endangering their immortal souls while defying God's command and beckoning.

They believe the lie they live so much, that they really believe that they are superior to rather down-to-earth Midwesterners still relatively close to the land.

Our primate ancestry is about 3 millions years old, so the advantages of group-living as a pack of gesticulating, strutting, raucous, prattling baboons, is a way of life that has outlived its social usefulness, and now it retards human advancement.

Individual-living is the coming thing, unstoppable, inevitable and most welcome. Give your Midwestern relatives a break--that gesture just might save your soul.


I am pro-militia because an organized, intensively self-trained and state-trained citizen militia can help keep the peace, protect against criminals, terrorists, illegal immigrants entering the country, civilian patrols when a community is hit by a tornado etc., foreign invaders, and imperial Presidents that seek to impose a hard tyranny on the citizens by announcing martial law and order all to turn in their guns.

Having declared this, I believe that our efforts to give land back to the states for miners, loggers, farmers and ranchers, and others to use to make a living (as well as for conservation and for recreational users) should  be done peacefully and legally.

Malheur may have been a mistake, but killing Finicum only makes him a martyr like John Brown was.

We All Underesteimate Our Enemies

Just as Southerners underestimated the brains, courage, stamina, fighting ability and staying power of Northerners before the Civil War, we all tend to underestimate our enemies.

We indeed may be the good guys, and they may be the bad guys, or both parties to the dispute are both victimized and blameworthy instigators.

It is important to remember when one goes to war against a hated enemy, that they are smart, undaunted, brave, resilient and they can win and we can lose.

We must not be like Hitler and the Germans underestimating Russian resolve. Smearing them as subhuman did not work when Stalin's army marched into Berlin.

When a cocky middle-aged man gets a divorce, he just assumes that he can bully his ex-wife into submission--well, it does not work that way. Right or wrong, witch or princess, she can be stubborn, angry, furious and willing to fight for years to the last penny, to pound his sorry ass into the ground.

Fight when you have to to, but realize that the opposition is formidable, and victory will not be easy to achieve or keep.

Be Frank

Do not be crude, or insulting, but do speak your mind. Seek after the truth, and then speak it and your intentions to one and all, privately and in public.

As Americans become accustomed to speaking the truth, and hearing the truth most of the time, from most of the people, surrounding them, we will all benefit from honesty in the air.

Private virtue and public virtue are enriched and increased as honesty is recognized and practiced as the best policy. Freedom is best protected by people that know the truth, and express the truth. Our culture of frankness will set us all free, and keep us free.


The Tea Party just endorsed Ted Cruz--Amen.

E Pluribus Unum

We need one language, one political system, and one culture to which all foreigners and citizens assimilate into, and become part of our melting pot. All regions, all states, all counties are part of this federal union.

We need to live as lawful anarchists in near perfect liberty in our local cantons, while recognizing and celebrating that we are all a united people, supercitizens and patriots too.

Let all assimilate, and none seek to balkanize or alter the American Way.


The moderates that have influenced me: the Good Spirits, Laurence Ramsey and Eric Hoffer. These mentors were moderate conservatives. Sydney J. Harris was a liberal moderate whose axiomatic wisdom deeply influenced me in my late teens and early 20s.

The fanatical influences working upon me are my fiery O'Sullivan temper and personality. The worst fanatical influences working on me are the Evil Spirits, stirring up my own sinful, passionate nature, and my killer instinct. With the wrong set of circumstances, I could have committed atrocities like My Lai. Like Eric Hoffer, I was born with a savage heart.