Friday, June 30, 2017

No Hurry-Scurry

Haste is not fundamental to a well-planned, well-executed process of spending your life maverizing. Research, advice-seeking, listening to hints from God and the Good Spirits, and following the whisperings of your own heart are all sources for putting a plan of splendid self-improvement in place.

This cannot be done pell-mell, and nor should the execution of adopted plan be rushed. Going at it whole hearted, and then half-way, going fast and then slow--these various ways of moving upward and onward will lead you to where you need to be and get too. No hurry-scurry is needed or advised.

Gender And Desitny

Miley Cyrus regards herself as genderless, speciesless, ageless spirit.

Well, Miley your self-regard is a form of nihilism and murdering the self.

The Mother and the Farther expect great things from us all as members of the human species, as mortal creatures with but a few years to shine and get things done, as gender-centered women and men, self-realizing as maverizers to fufill each of us our tremendous destinies.

Sorry, Milo, you are uninformed and misinformed.


Being in the upper echelon of any group of citizens or professionals is not about birthright, or genetic superiority. Rather, it is about hard work and application, for that slot at the peak of society is earned, not granted.

Making A Difference

Of course, you can make a difference. God put you here to make a great difference, and, if you actualize grandly, morphing into a very great soul, you might even make the most difference.

Get to work.

Whence You Originated

You do not stem from God and love, if all you can conceive of is darkness, death and grand nihilism as the event to be imposed on all people.

Ever Upbeat

Good people, going forward, will be positive, loving individualists. They will not eschew group-affiliations, but will moderate their participation in and expectations from such associating.

The Last Laugh

The children of darkness are having a good time now, and they are the ones smirking and chuckling. But Judgment Day is coming. The day of reckoning is coming. We will see who is laughing then.

Insider Loss

When a group develops a group narrative that is 80% lies, 80% mutual and 80% self-deception, there is no admittance of truth or new ideas into their purview. For such a group there can be no redemption, no future, no gain.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What You Want

So you want to register and ban guns. Go to old nazi Germany 75 years ago, and you could have had your way.

We are going for national reciprocity across state lines, and universal constitutional carry, open or concealed. Put that in your pipe as we begin to exercise our gun rights in Washington, DC.


It matters not to God, and it should not much matter to you if your clothes are out-of-date, not stylish.

What should matter is if you are physically cleaning and neat, and if your good manners and smile make you an attractive person. The rest of surface glitz.

Psalm 37, 7-8

Wait a little while, and justice and victory shall come to the children of light, so long put upon and reviled by the children of darkness: "Leave it to the Lord, and wait for him; Be not vexed at the successful path of the man that does malicious deeds. Give up your anger, and forsake wrath; be not vexed, it will only harm you. for evildoers shall be cut off, but those that wait for the Lord shall possess the land."

Psalm 36, 10

God illuminates us with De's presence and love: blessings and felicitude flow forth to us: "For with you is the fountain of life, and in your light, we see light."

Monday, June 26, 2017

Quit Griping

Do not waste your days whining, kvetching or feeling sorry for yourself.

Find a reason to live, be grateful and get on with living.


Forgiving put seeking reasonable punishment of criminals and sinners is not cruel and vengeful but is just administering of measured, deserved punishment.

Moderate Reasoning

Moderate, desirable reasoning is mostly step by step, linear ploughing through the facts and connections, but it is also part flashing insights, hunches heard and heeded, and jumping from point to point with premised gaps and gaping holes, jumping from thought to thought like a grasshopper working a wheat field.

What Do You See

The average, nonindividuating joiner does not understand the motivations that propel a great soul forward, let alone comprehending her judgment and assessments. There are reasons why the great soul sees the world differently than do sleepy groupists.

First, the great soul loves the truth, so recognizing what is, and living in truth is her modus operandi.
Second, running in packs make us illusion-loving and lie-embracing.
Third, the great soul is intellectually curious, and that nudges her to do research and discover how the world works, this increases her knowledge and thus makes her wisdom based on facts and withitness. The groupists in packs are ignorant and lazy, and, in the circles that they move in, intellectual curiosity and independent thinking are neither sought after or encouraged.
Fourth, the great soul is rational and joiners are emotional, and that makes the latter much less intelligent, informed and well-choosing.
Fifth, the great soul is a eagle souring 200 feet above the earth, so her bird's eye view and objective locus cause her to grasp the big picture before anyone else. The joiners are myopic, local and subjective so they cannot see what is going on over the horizon.
Sixth, the great soul is motivated by love, and the joiners are engineered to hate of self and others.
Seventh, the great soul serves the Mother, and the joiners serve Lera.
Eighth,  the great soul has a  moderate orientation, and the joiners are extremist.

With these enormous and significant differences in mind, it is easy for  me to accept and realize that she is much more able to judge, assess and get what joiners are about, than it is for them to find out what makes her tick, let alone pass judgement and justice against her. These morally inferior people are unworthy to judge her.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Do Both

Republicans must rally around Trump and push him to the right. They need to beat up McConnell and Ryan and get the legislative backlog unjammed.

Trump must campaign among the people, and the conservatives must boycott all the fanatically, lying socialist old media sources, and come up with truth-telling, truth-loving alternatives, some conservative and some moderate and objective.

We must go forward with our conservative agenda, principled, consistent and insistent, and that is how we will control the national narrative and help Trump drain  the swamp.

We must run campaigns district by district through out the nation that is national and local in emphasis, both at the same time, a simple, clear conservative and promoting a small-government and pro-capitalist agenda.

The List of Infamy

There exists online tonight a rogues gallery of the 48 most evil people that have ever lived.

Make sure that your name is not on that list in 20 years.

Try to make the list of the 48 best people that have ever lived, or at least be one of their individuated supporters and backers.

Psalm 36, 1-5

Humans from the cradle to the grave are a wicked, darkness loving lot, prone to sin and to fall away from the straight and narrow, rarely finding the path back to heaven: "Sin speaks to the wicked man in his heart; there is no dread of God before his eyes, For he beguiles himself with the thought that his guilt will not be found out or hated. The words of his mouth are empty and false; he has ceased to understand how to do good. He plans wickedness in his bed; he sets out on a way that is not good, with no repugnance for evil."

God sees all, and the Mother and the Father read every human heart, so our cruel, selfish, wicked ways and doings are known and marked against us in both worlds.

Good Spirits love and forgive us, but justice requires punishment for unrepentant rebellion and defiance against goodness and God. The Spirits hate our sins, but not the sinner, no matter the depth and length of punishment meted out to pay for our crimes.

The wicked love their wicked ways, and are revolted by holiness, love and goodness; they have forgotten how to do good, or make their way back to goodness.

Be not like them, nor lose your way.

Drayton, North Dakota

Recently, I made a flying business trip 400 miles northwest of here to check on a piece of farmland that we inherited and own. I stayed overnight at a small motel on the freeway about 30 mile from my parents farm.

I was carrying about 10 firearms from pistols to revolvers, to long guns and a semiautomatic rifle. With a bunch of construction workers outside drinking beer, listening to music and grilling 30 feet from my truck, I was not going to leave that arsenal in the back seat of the truck overnight, so I hauled two trips worth of cased firearms openly passed the 69 year old night auditor, at the front desk.

She never batted an eyelash, looking nonchalant and indifferent as if I was hauling my brief case and laptop passed her. I did inform her that after visiting my property up north, I was headed for the lake and our favorite gun club for sports shooting for a few days.

Imagine if I walked passed the night auditor with that arsenal at a small hotel that I know, close to the University of Minnesota campus. There would be a collection of half a dozen squad cars surrounding the hotel, with short gun drawn, waiting to apprehend me.

America needs a whole lot more of North Dakota and a whole lot less of New York City. We gun rights folk are working on it.


I am the vanguard; I take the hits, I blaze the trail. One day, maybe soon, the world socially, politically, culturally and legally will undergo a sea change.The majority of citizens will be self-actualizing. The alert, transformed, conscious masses will individual-live primarily, and group-live secondarily in priority, preference and in length of time spent.

Then family, community, work place and institution will have been brought up to regard making room for budding great souls in the midst of and outliers of all groups and all social settings, moving in and out of cliques, ranks and social structures seamlessly without fuss or discomfort much for anyone.

This remarkable transition will be a very different world then the one that the naturally great-souled I was born into in the 1950s. The world will have made room for lone rangers, marvellously developed eccentrics and those following their own way. Such accommodated, popular giants, moving in and out of, and among groups and non-groups will be typical, ordinary, undisturbed, liked, admired, and even capable of acquiring large, powerful stature and rank in all kinds of institutions and ways of living.

I have suffered greatly for being such a pioneer, but billions will benefit from my suffering. I know that I am the bulldozer selected and anointed by God to pave the way for humans to find their way forward and home to New Jerusalem.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Largest Hate Group In America

This is the accusation that Rush hurls at the Democrats and he is spot on. They are fanatics, rotten and purely wicked.

It is time for Mavellonialism to be the new religion of the faithful, and we beat back the socialist children of darkness.


A great soul, especially a kind, wise and holy person, is a hunted target. Satan and Lera conspire to take out the great soul, by various means, including wicked groupists that willingly, knowingly work tirelessly to taken down the living saint.  Others do so as part of an attacking mob, unknowingly serving hteir dark Lord and Lady.

Is Religion Irrelevant

God is not dead, and faith in America to help us restore ourselves to holiness, greatness, liberty, constitutional federalism and prosperity is a must.

Worship God, sponsor God in your life, family and neighborhood and blend Mavellonialist thought with your traditional or adopted faith.

An American without divine guidance and divine protection is a doomed America in decline.

The Victory


Well, Karen Handel won over Democrat Jon Ossoff in the Georgia special Congressional race tonight. 

The American people have spoken again. Perhaps there is hope for our country and conservative agenda, yet.

Larry Elder

Larry says he is a black Republican because he believes  black Republicans truly are welcome in the Gran Old Party--and they are.

He likes GOP because it is the party of growth and prosperity. Well, Larry, yes and no. Yes, when comparing them to the Socialist Left. Decidedly no when contrasting them with small government, pure capitalist conservatives like Cruz and Levin.

Happy Birthday, Mr. POTUS

I just signed an Internet birthday card for President Trump, wishing him a Happy Birthday. His birthday is in 2 days. He is a RINO; he tweets distracting crap pulling attention away from his semi-conservative agenda; he has not gone to the Red States to fire up the Base to light a fire under lazy, sold-out, cowardly, duplicitous, unprincipled, spendthrift and faithless Washington Republicans in Congress.

Still, he is a whole lot better than Hilary. Happy Birthday, Donald.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Mope No More

Quit obsessing about your problems. Find something better to do with your time; maverize, pray, do charity or get a part-time job to make extra money.

Are We The New Soviet Union?

With the mainline media and Left to hostile to trTrump, lying always in everything they say, write and publish, it occurred to me that that was how the Old Party Loyalists and state press members aced n USSR.

We have become so degraded, so blatant in pushing our propaganda narrative upon the public that the masses, many of them anyway, accept the Big Lie as the truth. Now the Left and the Media lie all the time; they are totally corrupt. Look how low that we have sunk.


Individuators are likely serious, earnest people. this does  not mean that we are without humor or joy. No, we are solemnly dedicated to advancing God's cause and serving the cause of good in contesting the presence and supremacy of evil.

We can smile, joke and retain an optimistic outlook while staying focused on what we are here for.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

New Day

Tomorrow is a new day--make the most of it.

Baby Deer Feeding

A cute video on Facebook tonight showed 10 white tail fawns being bottle fed by a woman. They hungered after the milk. Their instinct to live, to thrive and grow to adulthood was obivious and fascinating to observe.

Their instinctual love of life, and will to survive are willful commitments that we humans should evince. Very impressive.

Moderate Skepticism

I am no thorough-going skeptic, asserting that only a small amount of analytic propositions are true, and thus are knowledge, and that everything else is probable knowledge at best. The extreme skeptic would posit that humans can never possess any  knowledge about anything is ever possible. All is subjective guessing, opinion, and unsubstantiated belief.

As a moderate epistemologist and moderate skeptic, I would suggest that humans possess a little certain knowledge and a lot of very probably so knowledged. The human intellect, using reason more than feeling, but utilizing both, can construe what is right or wrong, what is true or false, what is real or fantasy, and what is knowledge and what is mere opinion.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Psalm 35. 26

Sinners will be put to shame: "Let all be put to shame and confounded who are glad at my misfortune. Let those be clothed with shame and disgrace who glory over me."

100,000 Signatures

Minnesota Gun Rights, spearheaded by Ben Dorr, is seeking to gather 100,000 signatures this summer to have and share with every legislator in the state, putting them on notice that we will be back this next session to pursue the passage of Constitutional Carry in Minnesota.

We will not be denied by urban gun-haters that have gone so far forward already to destroy and Californize this great state.

First, gun rights, then free businesses to do their capitalist thing, and then reduce the size of state government.

Yes, I signed the petition.

Do You Love Life?

Do you love life? If you do, Mavellonialism is the perfect philosophy for enabling you to express that love.

If you do not love life, you are in a stygian cave, cut off from the sun, from radiance from divine gifts. You may even enjoy doing evil things to yourself, to others and the world.

Sentient Being

Are you conversant with the communications from and constant, promising presence of Good Spirits at work in you and around you?

If you are sensible to their presence, and welcome them, they offer you aid, comfort and a pathway to salvation.

If you are unaware of their presence, you have cut yourself off from God, from assistance and a relatively easy road to travel up to heaven on.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fake News Results

The agitators in the media and on the Left have ratcheted up the hate speech and threats of violence and assassination against Trump, and now there is this shooting against Republican Congressman in Alexandria, Virginia.
When extremists keep raising the bar as to hating and demonizing the opposition, violent attacks against them may follow.

This is how a civil war, as Buchanan warns, come about, and the civil society is shredded and lost.

Publicly Funded

Girls Just Got To Have Guns had an online article about if one would take one's child to attend a publicly funded drag queen hour.

That such a spectacle is paid for by the taxpayers is one scandal. That parents would take their children to view this abomination is calamitous. The kids need to identify with the gender that they were born to--with a few humane and legitimate exceptions. Kids need a Mom and a Dad.

All this other theatrical strutting, posturing and cross-dressing is silly, irrelevant and not be be given serious consideration.

63rd Birthday

Today I turn 63. I do not know if that happifies me or not, but I feel pretty good, and have had a pretty good run. I do not know how much time that I have left, but I am going strong, and going forward, maverizing, caring for my family and country, seeking to serve God, and God's cause.

Those are real presents, real blessings.

Free The Banks

Repeal Dodd-Frank.

Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Self-realize and individual live. Join those holy, great and good individuators--the Mother, The Father and the Good Spirits.

This is the crux of Mavellonialist living; you can still groupp-live; you can still be as lethargic, enervated, sleepy and mediocre as you desire.

Any degree or blending of Mavellonialism with the nonindividuated lifestyle is a start, and better than doing absolutely nothing at all.

You Say That You Want A Revolution

If you want a genuine, lasting real revolution, it must be prudent, logical, dispassionate, conservative, principled and carefully planned and executed.

You goal should be to free up on individuals so that they, in a maximum state of legal and personal liberty, are able to maverize as only supercitizens anarchists living under a constitutional republic are able to do.

Now that is a revolution, so go for it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Beautiful Barack

It was mentioned on Facebook this evening that Barack is still one of our most admired Presidents. I almost fell out of my chair. That so many take this stance explains a lot about where we are at as a people.

We Are All Californians?

The old political cliche is that so goes California, then the rest of the country follows. I sure hope not. Jerry Brown's Venezuelan cesspit will lead to our constitutional, moral, financial and cultural annihilation if we commit suicide as citizens of that once great state are doing.


Trump is not polished, nor refined.

I wish he would Tweet but have each tweet review by his speechwriters, and attorneys.

I wish he would create real news by going to the people across the country, two days per week, campaigning, campaigning, campaigning, selling his adopted, not native nor believed, conservative agenda to the people.

If he did that, by going on offense, he could withstand and overcome the Leftists nihilists determined to destroy and remove him, ending any conservative counterrevolution, sanctioned by the average people that voted for Trump.

The Left regards us as stupid, inferior, sinful, naughty children that need to be commanded and directed, so they flout openly our Trumpian mandate.

Be Blessed

May God and the Good Spirits travel with you, and may your calendar going forward always be lived and experienced with their presence among you, and in you.

Mild Drought In North Dakota

I have never forgotten my farmer roots. Drought means death: I never wish a drought upon farmers. Drought can mean death to the farmer's financial prospects. No crop leads to little or nothing to sell at home or international market, which entails huge loss of farm income, even bankruptcy for overextended, foolish young farmers that borrowed too much in the good years, and may not survive the poor years.

Drought can mean death; if there is not enough to eat millions of hungry people can starve.

Drought means death in that a lush green Eden is now transformed into something stunted, ugly, borwn and bleak.

May the NoDak farmers receive their moisture, Dear God.

Monday, June 12, 2017


Do not waste your life seeking to find fault with, and over assessing what others are doing, and what they should be doing according to you. you are out of line and it is none of your business.

You are to maverize, talk to God and be busy doing your own thing. Your neighbor's doing and affairs are none of your concern.

Mexican Fans

These fans recently booed our soccer team at some world soccer event. I think we should build the wall, close the border, send illegals home and even cut legal immigration by 70%.

Maybe then they will boo a little louder.

Psalm 35, 7-8

Evildoers On the Make: "For without cause they set their snare for me, without cause they dig a pit against my life. Let ruin come upon them unawares, and let the snare they have set catch them; into the pit they have dug let them fall.

May God and the Good Spirits crush them.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Army Sash

Elias Velazquez is now allowed to wear his army sash to his high school graduation ceremony? What? This is an outrage. He graduated, and has joined the military--should not this hardworking, achieving young man be celebrated for his service to our country?

Let him wear his sash. It is time that we started celebrating the military again.

Beacon Of Hope

Valerie Jarrett complained recently that America is now no longer a beacon of hope> Gee, Valerie, why is that--because Obamasim is being replaced by Trumpism, that RINO mix with modest conservative ambitions?

you Leftists have done all you can to sink our greatest nation, and its Constitution. When and if you meet your political goal of deconstructing America, then we will no longer be a beacon of hope.

Evildoers: Psalm 34, 17

You wicked ones, look out: "The Lord confronts the evildoers, to destroy remembrance of the from the earth."

Psalm 34, 20

Let not your heart be troubled: "Many are the troubles of a just man, but out of them all, the Lord delivers him;

Barred From Life

That is a self-inflicted wound.


In your youth, if you do not aspire to earned personal greatness and outstanding achievement, you have retired from life before you haven even gotten going.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Reality Winner

This NSA leaker offers that being white is a form of terrorism. Actually, being a Leftist that is a white, blond self-hater is a form of terrorism.

We need to move beyond color-obsession and race identity and race consciousness. These are backward-looking ideological statements serving to keep white and people of color down, huddled and without freedom, wealth and fulfillment.

No, Reality, whiteness is not terrorism. Terrorism is your mouth keeping people distracted and unaware of their divine obligation to leave the pack, and individuate.

Psalm 34, 17-18

The wicked shall pay: "The Lord confronts the evildoers, to destroy remembrance of them from the earth. When the just cry out, the Lord hears them, and from all their distress he rescues them."


No, ignorance is not bliss. The well-developed individual, accomplished, skilled, knowledgeable and evolving, aspires to know what the world is about, what he is about, and how he can make a difference in making that God's territory.

Ignorance is a mental state favored by nonindividuators, stultified, indifferent, clustered, without energy, ambition or hope.

The knowing person, the skilled man, can fix and repair many emerging problems. Being competent and able to straighten out messes and fixing one is wrong--these efforts exhilarate, and satisfy. They may not be blissful, but they sure are pleasing.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Louis Lamour

In several of his Western novels, this author characterizes his hero as someone that is fond of others, but does not expect much from them, realizing that they are weak, greedy, selfish, craven, crooked, massed men and women.

This realistic but accepting approach of tolerating the backsliding, shortcomings and misbehaviors of people around one is a most vital outlook to take on.

We must always recognize and accept others where they are coming from, not where we as idealists demand that think they should be.

We must never forget to respect their individuality, their freedom, their power and their free will to live as they see fit, even sinning and making very poor choices.

The most wicked person (the most lethal person) is the embittered, power-hungry idealist that hates others, and holds a massive grudge against them for not following him, worshiping him, and falling into line with his demands and exhortations. This is the classical pseudointellectual that Hoffer so feared and warned us against.

Once they are in power in a totalitarian regime, their war against the people is a frightening thing to behold.

Much better, not to expect too much too soon from  fallible humanity, while still respecting them, while remaining fond of them, while hoping and praying that one day they will wake up, see their duty and head in the right direction. This reaction to their rebellion and defiance against our program is the ethical action that God expects of De's idealists and reformers.

Nothing sickens the soul of the frustrated reformer like desiring control of others; horrible damage was done in the 20th century in the hands of such snarling intellectuals determined to bend mass humanity to their wills.

Your Demeanor

You are to esteem yourself, and defend yourself against all wicked attackers that seek to beat, rob you, mock you, cut you off from social favor, even murder you.

You use violent self-defense if necessary to keep them at bay. Short of that you fight with every conceivable nonviolent, and legal means to thwart their hostile intentions and malevolent campaigns against you.

These are all duties that you are ordered by the Good Spirits to carry out and live by. You are to enslave none, and injure none, but nor are you to accept without vigorous struggle, any effort from any individual, any group and any association to rob you of your money, your freedom, your say and your life. You will be willing to die, a gift in action of to God that none will hurt you and not rue the day.

This is the Golden Rule being enforced and practiced by you in the everyday world.

Beyond these assertive forms of self-protection and just fair ways of dealing with others, your demeanor your approach are still to be stances of courtesy, humility, diplomacy, friendliness and reasonable trustworthiness. You are honest in all transactions with others. You do not make promises easily, but seek mightily to perform based upon the commitments that you do absorb.

Your welcoming attitude will still win many over, the neutral ones, the ones that know you not.

Psalm 34, 14-16

McConnell and Ryan, the beavers that build the dam ever higher, holding in the Washington swamp muck and water that Trump is seeking to drain. These Washington insiders, these big government Republicans, are rotten to the core and speak with Forked Tongues. McConnell claims that he can't even find 50 votes to repeal Obamacare, roadblocking Trump, as Rush points out.

These wicked men and women grow groupism, grow the Obama, Marxist dictatorship, and bring us to poverty and ruination.

These are evil days and the rulers are evil creatures, cowardly, selfish and reckless.

May these Biblical lines remind us of how politicians should act, and work to bring God's kingdom to Washington: "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking guile; Turn from evil, and do good; seek peace, and follow after it."

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Prager U

He had a short video hat I looked at today, and he note that the Left will setlte for what feels good, and may or may not be effective.

The Right thinks about what does good. They are much more practical than members of the Left. Those on the Right  concerned about what is the most effective.

It is noble to wish something to be done, but getting it done is a much harder, more timely challenge.

White Privilege

White privilege does not exist, never did, and is not a concept worth one minute's reviewal.

What is so is that human privilege has its roots in the heart of each human citizen--therefore human privilege can be accepted and enjoyed by all, but as maverizing the the route divinely appreciated by the Good Spirits.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Does God Answer Our Prayers?

I believe that God does answer our prayers. Even an actual non-answer or perceived non-answer is an answer of a sort.

Were we to grow in psychic power and grow in godliness, as the number, caliber and earnestness of the children of light grow an deepen here on earth, then we will communicate more directly with God, perhaps through direct conversation, through flashes, through signs in our unnatural, artificial world, or in the natural world.

It could be that God is answering our prayers and we just are too self-contained to noticed, or are stubborn about heed or receiving a response that we did not demand.

In the main, I am sure that God answers most of our prayers most of the time, and that we can take comfort in that.

The Hardest Job In America

Breitbart this morning is carrying an article about some black intellectual that offers that growing up black in America is the toughest job in America. I have several responses to that.

First, growing up as a great-souled individuator and hyper-loner well may be the most difficult job in America.

Second, blacks have more opportunity for liberty, privilege, wealth, opportunity and maverizing in America than in just about anyplace else in the world.

Third, by working hard, by individuating, by participating in the capitalist system here was a business person or as a skilled worker, blacks can do very well indeed for themselves in America.

Fourth, to achieve and do well is always difficult but the rewards, the sense of pride and the satisfaction about realizing what one has earned and achieved do make enduring difficulty worth it.

Fifth, blacks must wean themselves from groupism, the Democratic Party and a dependency on Big Government, and, indirectly, this opens up the way for them to have better, less difficult lives going forward.

White Privilege

The Left never gets it right. The issue never was--or now at least--white privilege. The significant issue is human privilege: it is a privilege to exist, and to become, to maverize, is the reason that God put you here. Get going, make something fantastic and impressive of yourself, never again concentrating on what others have or do. That is none of your business. Quit looking for excuses to not do your own thing. Amount to a great soul: that is your birthright; that is the only privilege that you enjoy.

Turning Gray

Age gracefully, but do so as a fervent, committed activist maverizing until the last day is over for you.

Oh Yea of Little Faith

Yes, you. You are just like I am: a sinner, a weak man of small trust in or steadfast faith in God's love, presence and good will.

To give our whole person, our whole lives, our whole trust and understanding to God--now that is a tall order that is not easy to comprehend, and is very painful and very arduous as a spiritual self-improvement project.

Rather we can do it by fits and starts. We can place our lives in God's hands. We can submit to God's will and obey De's commands, instructions and recommendations.

We coexist with God as friend or foe every day of our lives in this world and the next, so why not be persons of strengthening faith that love and believe that God is with us always, even in our bleakest, darkest moments.


There is nothing more chilling than abandoning welcoming God for good. For such unfortunate soul;s, there is no future no joy, no hope, no love, only death and damnation. If that does not scare the daylights out of one then one truly has nerves of steel, is mad, a true believer serving Mistress Lera.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Get It Together

Hey, you believers so self-righteous and willing to combat those that believe differently from you, You are both worshiping good deities, but your hatred for and willingness to attack and crush other-believers makes you all in league with dark powers.

Think how powerful the good forces will be if you align with them for the  long haul.