Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Feeling Entitled

If there were ever an adjective that conservatives would like to disemploy from the English language, it is expressed when someone declares that they are entitled to something. People feel it is the government's job to do everything for them, whether they deserve it or not, are worthy of such largesse, have made a contribution back to the world, or have earned an honest dollar through out their entire lives. Some would accuse such spoiled brats as being too imbued with individual assertiveness and self-esteem for their own good or societal good. Actually, any honest, self-respecting individual would never be so impolite as to ask for more than he has coming, or to be grabby when he has no right to be. People, especially a certain breed of selfish joiners that are moochers and parasites, without self-esteem and dignified pride, are not ashamed and embarrassed while demanding public assistance before they have tried everything they can on their own, to support themselves. What is the individual American entitled too? He should be liberated to work, love, start a family, pray and mingle with others (or not) as he sees fit in pursuit of life, liberty, property and happiness. What he is entitled to beyond that is negotiable and should be minimally granted even if he is entitled to assistance. Self-help is the way to go. What is he not entitled to? He cannot enslave others, or serve as their slave. He cannot fail to individuate. He cannot let others support him, and he cannot blame others for his failures.

Mark Gallagher

I just came back from a physical therapy appointment, and was listening to Mike Gallagher on talk radio. A guest called in and she quoted some famous quote that: "If you are a conservative at 20, you have no heart. If you are still a liberal at 40, you have no head." I would like to examine that proverb. It is witty, sounds snappy and is fairly accurate. The young are all tender-heartedness, youthful idealism, passionate, intensely caring, smugly rigid and self-righteous in judgement. The old liberal is often a stale ideologue. The balanced, sensible adult never lets go of his heart while he head traces how things unfold.

The Chosen One

I have always felt that I am God's Chosen One. I am not a divinity in any extraordinary sense of the word--except that, I possess, that same, regular gift, that potential that all of us share to grow into angelic angel-hood as we self-develop. I am a sinner. I have many faults. Still, God spotted some something in me that De liked. I believe it is my radical openness to truth and divine love, without which one cannot serve God as De's prophet, helping to introduce a new religion, a new moral code, and higher civilization for people to enjoy. I have embroiled myself in controversy before by blurting out wild remarks and spreading to the public some rather startling ideas. This serving as a Mavellonialist prophet is my mission in life. I do not know how many years I have left, but already the message is out there, with a blog site, a web site and four books published. I will not seek to disentangle myself from what I have wrought--nor do I want to. I just hope and pray that these ideas and faith catch on before I die. I must be patient and allow things to unfold as they will.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hanging In There

There are days when it all does not seem worth it. There are days when the wickedness rampant in this world, and cruelty inflicted by the Devil's children on the innocent seems to severe to bear any longer. The godly person has a job to do. To hang in there, to stand tall, to do what is right, say what is true, and face adversity head on. It will one day get better in this world for the sufferer, but for sure for the endurer after death.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Egoism, my brand, is the ethical apex. It has little in common with being selfish--that is the purview of the selfless--but it has a whole lot to do with enlightened self-interest. There is no beneficial self-interest that does not involve self-development. There is no genuine endeavor to develop the self that does not require boat loads of self-discipline and self-control. By setting things right at home, the whole community is well served.

Role Models

One of the reasons that role models are so critical is they give others--especially the young--a visible, concrete examples of positive, alternative ways of living. Imagine how irrefutable this wise theory will be proved to be once 3% of Americans are active, successful individuators. There, from that point on, will be no stopping the arrival of our anxiously awaited high civilization. With the irrefrangible moral and spiritual factors accompanying the high civilization inception, soon God will rule our world.

Broken Homes

Traditionally, it required non-broken homes with two biological parents just to raise healthy, average children. Let me iterate a common warning: broken homes lead to broken young lives. Broken homes lead to broken dreams, where youthful promise is wasted, even misdirected too often to a life of crime and violence.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Those Pyschic Undercurrent Connections

We are born with the predominant tendency to join, but the recessive inclination to be an individual, a loner, apart from the group, exists in all, in some stronger than in others. Where Satan is strongest is in the collective center, so Sa arranges that maybe 99 out of 100 youngsters are broken of their recessive inclination to be apart. They join the group, work for Satan, and hold down humanity as well as themselves. They are corrupt and enslaved, and this goes on generation after generation, century after century. About 1% of youngsters in each generation, by accident, social conditioning, choice or genetic bent, elect to be individual, and not be broken, but instead elect to remain liberated and of good will, serving God. My criticism of breaking the 99% of youngsters here is not inconsistent with my writing elsewhere that all youth must be broken of their evil ways, but not of their free, independent spirits. Their being broken to the ways of the pack is to steer them away collective rebellion against God, and to individuate, unbroken in that sense. The ideal aim is for 100% of youth to have the chance to self-realize. Those farther in to the corrupt, collective center pick on the 1% that are liberated and apart. They make the price of positive rebellion very high and very painful. Wherever the 1% go, this same persecution, abuse and discrimination is directed against them, for joiners are everywhere and dominate all governmental, work, familial, neighborhood and social settings. None of this will change until the Age of Mavellonialism is upon us. These isolated groups that do not know each other, sniff out an outsider immediately. The outsider can never really join after being unbroken until about the age 6. Joiners lose all desire to be free after about the age of 5 or 6. These roles are set for life. These isolated groups, the worldwide network of them, likely share a psychic, undercurrent of working together to keep Satan's kingdom in charge by holding down individualists everywhere all the time. Sometimes people that are joiners and do the persecuting are fully aware of what they are doing, and gladly do vicious things to outsiders of their own free will. At other times, they are semi-conscious of what they are doing. A bunch of the time I believe these negative social behaviors are driven by the collective unconscious, and the joiners really are not aware of being persecutors and haters. My whole mission as an ethicist is to bring this into the light, so we can change behaviors locally and globally so individualists can get some relief, and joiners can finally start to emerge from the shackles of slavery and enjoy life and an activist relationship with God.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

All Children Are Born Bad

Journal Entry: 1-9-2012 All children are born mostly bad. They are born mostly as robots. That they turn out to be unproductive, mediocre, lazy, cowardly, selfish, violent, without vision, occasionally criminal. They are mostly not to blame for how they fail to turn out well, and for their misbehavior. Being the robots that they are, how else would most of them turn out? I blame society and Satan for raising robots that are non-achievers and villains. The miracle revolution is underway. Once Mavellonialism becomes the religion and moral philosophy of 25% of Americans, there is no stopping us. Where children are raised to be free, smart, individual and of good wills, wickedness and sloth become irrelevant temptations for them. Replacing such unappealing temptations is the motive of duty to lead a good and godly life of self-development. We can micro-change society in each individual and macro-change society as more and more individuators assume their roles as contributing adult citizens. These young people of good will, free will, rational individuating will awaken their sluggish peers and lead the battle to push evil and darkness back.

There Is Hope

Journal Entry: 1-9-2012 Life is not hopeless. You can get control of your affairs and make changes for the better. Your life and deeds can be meaningful. You can build a fine, positive life that makes sense and makes sense of your worthy industry.


Journal Entry: 1-9-2012 I believe it was Tolkien that wrote that death was the gift given to we mortal humans. I believe that is correct, and is a most valuable insight. This insight is central to making the moderate way of living work for mortals. The moderate way is spiritually and morally superior to one-dimensional thinking and living. A creature that tastes both life and death life has a richer, more interesting, more creative and more stimulating life than an immortal being like an angel or one of the high elves that only knows unending life and will never know death. Change causes us to bawl, feel discomfort. It forces us to adjust and find a new self, reborn with new outlooks and new ways of coping with changed circumstances. Being reborn 10 or 12 times during our brief lifetime equips us with a psyche to deal with inevitable change. The angel with an IQ of 14,000 versus we mortals with our puny 105 point IQ are obviously mismatched in ability. Still, humans are superior in some ways. The angel's decisions and actions will be flawless. But the caliber of changes that the human endures and succumbs to, as imperfect and fragile as he is, are ones that produce real change and advancements. His flawed efforts of adjustment are glorious attempts to rectify things. They are glorious because the moderate center is the font of creativity and invention. The spark of originality guides the humans as his actions, instincts, thought, flashes and hunches come up with new ways of doing things. The world and he are ineluctably altered by his choices. It could be that mortals provide the universe with the element of creativity that God needs to keep things going, evolving and in balance. In death there is spiritual and intellectual growth. There are stretched emotions and incomparable, unique visions and reactions only a mortal could generate. Painful yes, but death informs us too.

The Moderate Intellectual

Journal Entry: 1-8-2012 The logic of the moderate intellectual may seem to reflect complicated thought patterns, confused thinkers or sloppy, imprecise employment of language. This need not be the case. The moderate thinker like me must strive to minimize these mistakes. At best, Moderate logic will more difficult to lay out or follow, more murky and less precise, and these pitfalls maket the writer message and meaning that much harder to grasp.

Enslaved, Bad Wills

Journal Entry: 1-8-2012 We are basically evil and our wills have a powerful attraction to be enslaved and non-free. There is still some freedom and good in our wills not matter how enslaved we are, or how bad a character we have devolved into being. By accident of nature, but far more common by artificial training, the will of the individual person can be saved so that those portions of the will that are free and good can be strengthened so the individual becomes a good person of wholesome free soul and will. The individual can be raised from childhood as an individuator whose will is mostly free and mostly good. He usually would choose to self-realize, to love, to do good and to follow God's way most of the time. He conducts himself blamelessly, not because he is a robot, programmed to do good. His wholesomeness grows out of a humane rearing program. But once he is an alert, knowing, informed, free, wise and experiencing adult, most well-raised individuals like him would be disinclined freely to choose to return to evil ways and being enslaved by the Dark Power. Once liberated and individuating, the moral agent will have a good and free will, and not seek the lesser, sordid state of being--in most instances. The will is not free until the agent is a liberated individual, anxious and eager to undertake, in a state of full psychological awareness and well-informed about options and their consequences, to make, substantive, adult choices. Usually he will choose to good option, for now that he wields a free will, he is predisposed to doing good. He has become logical, judicious, rational and moderate. A free will is mostly a good will, so choosing to do good most of the time is predictable and to be expected. Individuators wielding their free will have become lower level angels of God. They are very knowledgeable. They are higher up and apart from the masses. The unfree will or the non-free will usually belongs to joiners huddled in the herd. The non-free will is the beast in the group where slavery, evil, bad wills, non-performance, fanaticism, passion, lies and other repressing game mechanisms work to weigh the people trapped there. This dark cloud perennially over their heads weighs down the slaves; but they are proud-even militant--about what an honor it is to be a popular slave. They are arrogant, complacent, socially reinforced and defiant. They rebel against God. They are deceived, self-deceiving, brainwashed and manipulated.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brought Up To Be Nothing

Journal Entry: 1-7-2012 Each individual can be brought up to be a groupist, a follower. Should he join a gang, a group of robbers, out of control revelers, or sign up with a mass movement, he has chosen or society has elected that he be about as dumbed-down as he can be, reduced to be a savage, a slug, a dud, an emotional beast, a barbarian. He has become a mob-member. Evil, darkness, mediocrity, sloth, filth, passion, poverty, crime, lawlessness and chaos are the outcomes daily of his attempts at living. Each individual, regardless of race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation, can be raised up to self-realize, to actualize his potential so that death takes him, he has come as close to reaching his entelechy as he was capable of doing, or at the time and talent to accomplish. When 97% of young people are happy, thrilled and enthusiastic while actually doing what God and their parents expect of them, they will be living as smart-ups, indirectly improving the world around them while directly amending themselves. The culture of moral, legal and spiritual goodness will abound. Liberty, law and order, light,prosperity, widespread affluence and a smooth running government and economy will be the fruits of their labor. It all hinges on how we raise our children. They are born in sin with a modest capacity to behave and grow, with strict, but wise, loving, humane upbringing, 97% of them will do even better than turn out all right. An enlightened society with a progressive culture oriented in ambitious godliness will bring to pass New Jerusalem perpetuated by these trained, not natural children of light.

My Moderate Theology

Journal Entry: 1-7-2012 Does my moderate theology serve as the key to unlock the treasure box revealing the Framers of Truth as they are for human purview? Yes more than no. I am quite enthusiastic about its prospects for forwarding our understanding of ultimate issues.

Making Sense of Things

Journal Entry: 1-6-2012 All of the philosophers over these thousands of years have tried to make sense of deep things. Each has not shilly-shallied but has constructed a whole worldview built upon axiomatic first principles, stated carefully in clear language, with terms well-defined. Coherent chains of reasoning link all the pieces of this ideational edifice together as a whole structure. Their glorious failures may get closer and closer to the ultimate truth about things as the centuries proceed going forward. In the meantime all we can do is live, conclude and behave based on the information and current systems of thought available to us. Our real need to justify our existence as best we can is a positive reason for assembling edifices of thought to explain things, to make sense of things, and to give us an explanation for how we live as we do. Those edifices are based on faith, intuition, tradition, empirical research, experience, history, reasoning and religious sources of sacred authority. We are rational animals. God wants us to reason, speculate and dialogue, and expand upon our hunches. This efforts and their byproducts allow civilization to grow and progress, benefiting all concerned.

One Day

Journal Entry: 1-6-2012 One day I will be famous or may be infamous. I will likely be reviled, not respected and celebrated. That belief ,that I espouse that most likely rile readers and listeners, is my insistence on human depravity. No one wants to hear the truth: that they are wicked from birth, and sin repeatedly. This is bad news that no one wants to receive. Why do I keep hammering on something that makes me censored, discredited and punished? The simple answer is I care about people and I care about the truth. God told me to spread De's word to the world, and that is what I am doing. As an ethicist, I must help people rediscover what and who they are, and where they must start from, to improve themselves, and make the world a better place. A liberal, secular society, immersed in denial, shallow assertions and easy optimism, feel that I am wrong and outrageous in my messaging. They have and will ask why I am so negative, bitter, misanthropic and pessimistic, hating people so? What went wrong in my personal life to lead to such negative proclaiming. I reject their characterization of my past and how it bleakly taints my worldview. There is some truth to these criticisms, but mostly I am a realist that believes he is describing the world and people as they are, not as I subjectively paint them to be. We are born in sin but, faith, will, effort and upbringing can convert us, personally, one at a time, into being and living as good people with good wills and good natures, both acquired and built on the old, biological, genetic, wicked foundation, still there and still operating at full speed. AS good adults we do good more than we sin.By choice, hard work and heavenly input (grace), we can surmount our natural selves. We fight low self-esteem all our lives. That innate sense of self-loathing corrupts us inside and oozes out to warp our thinking and acting unless we unnaturally defend ourselves by intervening consciously with healthy countermeasures. We feel depressed. We feel disappointed with life and ourselves. We feel alienated, abandoned, rejected. Our sinning compounds our feelings of worthlessness. Our sinning makes us feel more bad and more guilty. Rather than reform, the innate and easy way to go is to double down, sin more, lie to ourselves more to block out the objections from our guilty conscience. All of this cumulatively makes us feel worse. We are frightened and disconsolate. We feel incapable of improving our lot. We must self-talk and improve our lives and feel emboldened, empowered, encouraged and resolute: ever getting back up and fighting back with every ounce of our being to be better and more whole. The gain in self-esteem will lead to us feeling better and acting better. People that love others and themselves are at peace. They are non=game players. They are polite, kind, respectful and decent. They are pleasant. Where there is no self-esteem, deception, stealing, violence and meanness are common. Where inner peace is typical of residents, truth, local justice, humane treatment and trust abound.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The State Know Best

This is the watchword dripping from the lips of the statist. The individual is a helpless, dependent child requiring the nanny state to protect him, to guide him, to provide for him and direct his every movement. The benevolent state and its many sincere, well-intentioned functionaries will never forsake him to struggle and perish in utter freedom in that nasty free market environment. He need dream no dreams, risk nothing and never try to better himself. Struggles towards self-improvement and self-reliance are treasonous, unproductive, counter-revolutionary attempts at him to gain traction as he strives to move away from and loosen the deadly grip of the state. None are allowed to succeed and become selfish, arrogant and self-aggrandizing. Those that insist upon being productive will give back to the collective according to their ability. Non-producers or takers are the ideal citizens, cherished by the state. They never admit to making mistakes. They are not at all responsible for their messed-up lives. They are helpless, hapless, feckless victims entitled to free everything just because they take up space and breathe air. These parasites have learned to ask no questions and to keep their heads down: their reward is subsistence government support. They will be provided for according to their needs. They only need to vote the party lines to reelect their socialist leaders. These exemplary citizens are living the utopian life, the good life. They only need to conform to what their masters and mistresses demand of them. They are to obey in silence and submissive wonder at the brilliance of their overlords, those leaders to far-sighted and superior that their judgment can never be questioned, let alone doubted. The followers are to ask no questions, and are to blindly accept official Big Lies.

Armed Radio

Tonight I was driving home after dark listening to some show on talk radio referred to as something like Armed Radio. One expert was lamenting that Jefferson got it wrong by talking about the right to bear arms and other rights. This misguided expert seemed to pooh-pooh the first principle that natural rights come from God and are bestowed on humans, and all Jeffereson did was codify them in the Declaration of Independence and other later added them to the constitution.

To Defeat Obama

Journal Entry: 1-6-2012 Obama could be defeated if all conservative citizens and the Republicans in Congress, the right-wing pundits and bloggers would unite and speak as one voice as have the Democrats. As one oppositional voice they should declare him a dictator to be opposed with all their might. They need to launch Occupy Wall Street type right-wing demonstrations. They need to hold lots of congressional hearings in the House to subpoena witnesses and dig to find out what his officials have been up to. He should be sued and impeached for all the extrajudicial, extra-constitutional actions and regulation unilaterally promulgated in the Executive Branch. Conservatives must appeal directly to the voters, revealing how Democrats have not stopped this dictator, unlike how many Republicans worked to thwart Nixon. This President must resign. He is a traitor and a dangerous enemy to the survival of our democracy, our Constitution and way of life. We could be enslaved if we do not speak up right now. We will go bankrupt if we do not curb his statist ambitions. There needs to be a nation-wide, ongoing philippic against this guy building up to his legal removal from office. We dare not let him serve four more years.

What We Know

Journal Entry: 1-6-2012 We do gain some certain knowledge and much high, probably true knowledge from our senses. We gain some knowledge from our feelings too. We obviously gain most of our certain knowledge through logic, reasoning, intuiting and quick grasping of self-evident core propositions upon which we build chains of valid and sound arguments.

Literally Direct Democracy

Journal Entry: 1-6-2012 With modern technology, it could be possible to have direct democracy with all voting for candidates, ballot measures, etc. It may still be that, for running the federal level of government, some degree of representative democracy is still useful and efficient as how to run things. Obama is seeking to be king, and bypass Congress and the courts to impose his will and write as well as administrate laws. He strives to craft a voting majority of poor people, on the government dole, utterly dependent on it and voting their pocket book by backing big government hacks who deliver the goodies. Obama presents himself as their savior and champion. He only pretends to care about them for they are his instrument for attacking the middle class and the rich and powerful, bringing all under federal sway. Bread and circuses are being provided for the masses to keep them distracted and compliant. Direct democracy in this worst case scenario would allow a majority of groupist have-nots to rule society or at least support what their demagogue dictates. That is a very scary proposition. Direct democracy, before being implemented, must be wielded by highly principled, highly educated, highly participating, highly informed soldier-citizens that are Mavellonialist anarchists. They would provide society with a wholesome outcome from electronic voting under direct democracy. These super-voters would be logical, stoic, self- restraining, idealistic, skeptical, moral, freedom-loving and controllers of politicians and the political process. They would never accept legislation to deprive a neighbor of his property or freedom. They would not confiscate his legitimate power share or be intolerant of his eccentric ways, views and values. Until super-citizens are so trained and created, it will not do to install direct democracy. The illiterate, selfish, emotional mob voters cannot handle such power and authority. Representative democracy is good enough for them until they come to their senses and take the high road.

Reading History

Journal Entry: 1-6-2012 One reads history and it is shocking and depressing. Human rights and democracy seem like very recent inventions. Freedom, liberty and capitalism seem like relatively recent inventions. Civilian control of the military is a very recent invention. The predominance of the middle class and a non-statist economy are recent inventions. Average people, not the elite, running things is a very recent invention. It is often noted that caste, war, terror, torture, injustice, slavery, famine, disease, hunger, cruel elites, intolerance and suffering of every description are the subjects of historic accounts. This is hard to deny. It makes me appreciate what we have in America today. Let us be vigilant to preserve it. Let us focus and reform the American system gently, slowly and gingerly to evolve into a system where a million cooperative policies and rules connect but do not smother any of the Mavellonialist/anarchist citizens.

America Is Still The Place

Journal Entry: 1-5-2012 America is still the place where dreams can come true. Hard work and self-application can still pay off. Acquiring a college degree or post-secondary certifications do not hurt either. You can become prosperous here, but you have to consistently go after it and work for it.

Finding One's Way

Theoretically, and in the abstract, one can intellectually identify one's course to follow to win the brass ring. It is quite another matter to go forward and achieve what one so casually described as the goal. For instance, do others stand in your way? Are they formidable opponents or cream puffs? Is their opposition sturdy enough to crush your efforts at advancing? Do you have the pertinacity and the tenacity to see your way along? When complications arise (and they will) do you have the sheer will and energy to bull your way through the road block? Do you have the imagination and ingenuity to untangle thorny problems obfuscating your view and slowing you down? Do you feel fatigued, and overwhelmed as money, social opposition and health problems mount up, making you feel defeated, derailed, dejected and checked? Remember, attitude, self-esteem, self-confidence, friends and religious faith can and will revive you if you concentrate on these positive influences. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Get going on the road again to finishing your life goal. You have a whole lot of living left to do and many sight to see, experiences to enjoy and remarkable feats to accomplish.

The Poet

Journal Entry: 12-4-2011 I read somewhere that the poetry of William Butler Yeats got better as he aged. Now the classical point of view is that genius sprouts early and is gone by the artist is 35 or so. With individuation, even if the greatest genius came to prominence quite early, I imagine that with inspiration, hard work, one artistically could improve well into one's 80s or even unto death's doorstep. Old karate masters age that way, so why not others too?

Our President

Journal Entry: 1-4-2012 President Obama does not like America nor does he believe in American greatness and exceptionalism. He is a Euro-phile and a Islamo-phile that wants to remake America into a version of socialist France. He seeks to convert Americans into globalists. America is still the greatest nation ever built. If we believe in our destiny, values and culture, and place our Mavellonialist, bourgeois democracy in God's hands, it will work out gloriously. Even if the totalitarian reign of the Beast should come about, or even wipe out all 7 billion of us, or nuclear war erupts, or a huge meteor hits earth, if a few thousand humans survive, they can rebuild society and the world, a Mavellonialist utopia. Then humanity would rise to unprecedented heights. There is hope and survival after the Fall, whatever it is, whenever it will come, no matter how awful it is to experience. We will rise again and do better and live better.


Kant thought that a moral act done for its own sake or for the sake of duty was the pure, desirable, superior motive for acting. He was likely correct. But when we make decisions that we have to make right now while in the trenches of daily life, slogging along, trying to keep our morale up and keep trucking, secondary or even tertiary moral motives make the the motive we select. If I work hard, I will be prosperous. If I live right and am faithful my faith, family and standards, God and my neighbors usually will approve of my efforts and choices. I likely will enter heaven at the end of it all. These empirical motives inspire us and should not be slighted or dismissed. That is impractical. The trivial motives works best, especially n less developed folks with weak wills, without iron self-discipline.


Congress is debating right now on whether we should bomb Syria. First, we do not know for sure that Assad gassed the people with sarin gas. It might be the rebels. Second, if we weaken the Assad regime sufficiently, so it is overthrown, like what happened in Egypt, then Al Qaeda or Muslim Brotherhood style, radical theocracies may be installed. What will they do to the Christians, Shia and secular minorities in Syria, let alone to Israel next door? We dare not find out. I recommend that we do nothing for now but seek to gather up and get rid of the weapons of mass destruction in the country. If further proof shows who did the gassing, let them be war criminals to be tried by United Nations. I always like Bush's democracy project for other countries. But Mark Levin points out where no civil society exists, regime change based on radical majorities selecting their tyrannical prime ministers in a free election is not democracy. The rights of minorities must always be protected from the majority, or the country is not a democracy. I hate to back secular dictators over those seeking Islamic democracies, but supporting the lesser of two evils is all we can resort to in Syria for now. We must not bomb Assad or seek to overthrow him.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

God is Alive And Well

Journal Entry: 12-4-2011: No, God is not dead. But we may be if we stiff-necked unbelievers continue to ignore and disobey God. Our rule on this earth may end and most or all life may be obliterated if we don not wake up. We had better wake up real soon, smelling the coffee. and immediately implementing some revolutionary changes.

Rein In The Government

Journal Entry: 12-4-2011: Government is not to be overly intrusive into the lives of the citizenry. The scope of work allotted to the federal government under the Constitution disallows its legally gathering power, riches, control, prestige and sways for itself and its governors, a ruling class, a small elite, lording it over everyone else. Government is to be limited in size and range of influence. It is to serve and protect the people, not exploit, rob, dominate, regulate and oppress the masses. The interests of the ruling elite are not the interests of the people. The elite has been allowed to amass power and wealth to themselves at the expense of the voters. This trend must be reversed. The people must rebel, violently if necessary, to throw of the yoke of officialdom. The people must be free or dead, never submitting to the whip and flick from overseers.

The Devil Rules This World

Journal Entry: 12-03-2112 We are sinners, and are the captives of the ruler of this world, the Devil, that prince of darkness. Living on earth is not the worst of all possible worlds but it decidedly is not the best one available, either. Earth is a bad world and we have bad wills because we naturally love and embrace evil. We also have bad wills because we move in groups; groups inhabit institutions. As institutional residents, our naturally occurring bad wills are worsened and strengthened in evil ways, by social pressure, training sanctioned by functionaries, and authority figures enforcing hierarchical rules. Therefore, the artificial world of humans is a satanic world. In our ignorance and natural inclination to love wickedness, is is nearly impossible to summon the will power to fight the regime in place. There is of course hope, and I have devoted my life to fanning the flames of that torch of hope. If we dedicate ourselves to God and virtuous, holy living, we cannot help but to elevate ourselves, and modestly make it a better world to live in, and bequeath to our offspring. It is quite possible that the moral gain from introducing Mavellonialism to our people, especially once most of them convert to it, will be enormous. Mavellonialism one day will be popularized. Then, as the new normal, Mavellonialist citizens will have remade their genetic bad wills into good wills. As Mavellonialism sweeps the land, this will still not be the best of all possible worlds, but it will be a great place to live and raise a family. Manufacturing a good will on our own as we individuate is no mean feat, and is a noteworthy achievement. God will recongize the change, approve of it openly and reward the good soul that now serves De and not Sa any more.

Fast-paced Change

Journal Entry: 1-03-2012: As the economy, technology and material prosperity continue to abound and multiply, these rapid transformations easily erode away family, personal and traditional mores until personal customs are so altered that the traditional practices from whence they sprang disappear or seem quaint and unrecognizable. I am an activist. I am in favor of progress and adapting in most instances. I am all about soaring to greater heights. But it is most perilous for people, including adults and especially children, require mooring in those traditional ways. On one hand we must challenge and fight to improve our customs, rituals and traditions. On the other hand we must battle to retain, honor and take note of our traditional ways for the sake of emotional comfort. Continuity and stability are vital if we are not to lose our sense of who we are, where we come from and where we are going amidst the whirlwind of perpetual change in which we ambulate. We seek traditional ways and practices to fend of feelings of isolation, solipsism, depression, alienation, loneliness, anomie, uprootedness, feelings of abandonment and meaninglessness.To be rooted is to be happy, connected and content. To feel cut off from our ancestors and their ways can lead ultimately to a damaging loss of self-esteem. If our self-worth further deteriorates, we can be encompassed and imbued with such powerful feelings of self-loathing that we get lost in some ism. The most dangerous condition for society occurs when millions of shriveled souls seek relief from their wretched lives by surrendering all they have and are to some cause, demagogue, mass movement or, politically, allying themselves with and working for a totalitarian central government. Customs are not just appealing--they are useful. We would be wise to hold onto them and celebrate them in fast-paced, bewildering world.

Pat Is Spot On

Pat Buchanan wrote an article called "Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution" which was published in the online magazine, Human Events, on 8/23/2013. He comments on Christopher Lane, a Australian visitor, being gunned down by 3 punks, and the shooter was black. It is believed that a primary motive was racism against whites. To quote Pat: "Teenagers that can shoot and kill a man out of summertime boredom are moral barbarians, dead souls." Pat refers to these thugs s the product of a society that less and less is recharged by such conscience-forming and character-forming institutions as home, church, school and a moral and healthy culture fortifying basic truths. And the damage is most noticeable in the in the black community. The Cultural Revolution which rose up liberal and manufacturing victims from the 60s on have generated these young thugs that are dead souls. Now it seems to me that God exists and Lucifer exists. In this world we serve God or we serve Lucifer. If bringing up dead souls is the outcome of the Cultural Revolution, than liberalism and Satanism enjoy more than a casual affinity. Nobody wants to go back to the "Good Old Days" but these Bad New Days must be carefully trimmed and shaped with its roses planted into a bed of conservative values in order that we can get it right, and read live souls not dead souls.

Feeling Sorry For Victims

It is appropriate to feel sorry for victims, for some have had more obstacles than other to overcome to make it in life. That is well and good. But Doug Giles accurately, in his August 25, 2013 newspaper entry, lambastes the race-baiters in and outside of the black community for blaming society for the failure of black teens, rather than attributing teen misbehavior and dismal performance to the lack of two person-parenting, poor values inculcated and of course the awful free choice behavior selections made by too many the black teens themselves. Things like poor grades, high dropout rates, out of wedlock birthrates, a culture celebrating crime, cop-killing and rape are outgrowths and a corrupt, bankrupt value system. Tweets about vicious reverse racism, use of drugs and alcohol turn off the rest of society. Flash mobbing, blaming others, and displaying a cocky, rebellious attitude turns off the rest of society, gaining no well-wishers. The only real solution to black teenage problems requires Mavellonialist values to stem the tide of wretchedness, poverty and failure. First, family values: the black kids need to grow up with a mom and dad to guide them. Second, each minority teenager must be taught to and embrace being a person apart from his gang, racial or neighborhood affiliations. Third, with his and her individuality accepted by them as the way through which to develop in the future, then they can be introduced to the psychology of self-realization. Through these three simple steps, all the wild, dysfunctional behavior castigated by Giles, would no longer much represent what black teens are doing. As a precondition to implementing the three steps offered above, as a way to radically transform the lives and chances of the majority of black teens, it would be instructive to accept my point that we are born depraved. Where young men and women are born rotten, and not civilized by absent fathers, and then roam as teenagers in gangs, the horrifying violence, waste and criminal behavior being committed by these youngsters is what we must expect and certainly will receive ad infinitum with near certain expectation. It is all cause and effect. Garbage values in (kids brought up wrong) lead to the machine of life producing and churning out sour, bitter, mean teenagers who will act upon their garbage values. It is almost always the fault of society and parents when teenagers have failed. We have free will but I am also a determinist. Raise them right, and most of them will turn out right, and even excel. Let us teach all kids but especially minority kids the right values, and then we will raise teenagers with the right stuff, not out-of-control hooligans that are teen-ragers out to victimize society.