Saturday, July 28, 2012

God, Guns & Country

What a grand slogan to proclaim! We built and will keep the greatest and finest ever nation strong and vibrant, based on following God's way nationally and on a personal level.

Guns: we need two to three billion of them in private hands in America. The armed citizens keep the police and military less inclined to take over the government. With Mavellonialist ethics and an anarchist commitment to participating as super-citizens, we can handles owning so many weapons.

Somewhere in the Bible the writer refers to being a soldier of Christ. I am not a follower of Christ, but I believe He is divine and is a son of God.

In conjunction with being a follower of God is the requirement that we live and act as soldiers of God. We must be very well armed to make this work, as a reality.

The soldier is fit, focused, loyal, patriotic, brave principled and self-disciplining. These positive traits will serve a well-armed and well-living citizenry.

Future soldier-citizens of both genders will follow God. They will own lots of guns. They will serve their country while keeping it and its leaders walking the line.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Ordinary Person

A hero is that ordinary person that rose to the occasion, and her response fulfilled a pressing social need.

The accomplished self-actualizer is that ordinary person that really did something with her life, and made the most with what God gave her to work with.

The over-achiever is not really an over-achiever; she is that ordinary person performing at the higher end of her personal range of capability.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Cornerstone

Journal Entry: 2-4-2012

The philosophy of moderation would make a sturdy cornerstone upon which to construct one's theory describing how the world works. This queen of the philosophical investigations serves to unite and eclecticize all branches of knowledge, taking points from all while not absorbing all points from any point of view. In this way important insights are not downplayed or forgotten. A myriad of sources of information, truths and facts will spur maximum creative philosophizing among individuators.

As philosophy was once the queen of the sciences, let it be so again. We must allow the philosophy of moderation to serve as most productive representative of philosophical outlooks filling this desirable role as queen of the sciences.

The thinker/individuator, trained in moderate philosophy, is in the best position to do original work. Friendly opposition and competition is to be encouraged among rival schools of thought as these opponents advocate and counter-advocate their point of view in the free and open marketplace of ideas. This setup is ideal for generating a profusion of new, profound ideas exotic theories, and promising lines of investigation.

Lack of competition in the marketplace of ideas is the surest way to stagnate intellectually. Original, independent thinking and innovation requires free and open research and expression of personal opinions without consequences for unorthodox positions published. The advancement of civilization  is at stake.

Fanatics (Some of them are brilliant but their narrowness limits their potential.) are one-dimensional. They tolerate no dissent or admittance of persons and points of view that would clash with the official version of how things work. This clash, friendly or unfriendly, is disallowed. It is intellectual and moral death for the populace to reside under the canopy of one universal way of thinking, speaking and acting.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Social Scene

People are naturally socializing creatures that are selfless/selfish and predatory. Remember always that the social scene is a jungle, not just a place for comradeship and social comforting given and taken.

Only as moral beings, highly trained and developed as self-actualizers, are people self-involved, unselfish and politically, socially cooperative, peaceful and law-abiding. This unnatural condition for them works as elders have built up their youthful superegoes with that psychic veneer of civilized behavior placed over the surface of their unconsciouses to keep the lid on and control the bubbling, volcanic batch of primal urges pushing to the surface, to come out into the world to express themselves. Imposing upon the young of each successive generation the elaborate veneer roof of civilizing behaviors has served humanity well for thousands of years. This imposition by elders and parents have been critical for human survival and well-being.

For a nation not to decline into negative anarchy and lawlessness, people must be separated from each other (excessive proximity deteriorates the strength of the instilled veneer) and brought up as sophisticated anarchists busy doing their own thing so they do not have the time, interest or inclination to bother their neighbors. We dare not allow people to run in demonic packs untrained and inseparable. They will tear society apart until it collapses.


Activism is my blessing. Activism is my burden.

Higgs-Boson Particle Found

Today it seems promising that researchers have discovered a new particle, maybe this one. Finally The Standard Model and more exotic theories beyond it may be lent empirical support. Could it be that, if alternative worlds and dimensions were proven a posteriori to exist, this on the material side of the coin could lend support on the spiritual side of the coin, to believing in God and such alternative domains as heaven, hell and purgatory. Maybe so. Their scientific progress is fascinating to spectate on.

Double Liberty

Under a capitalist economy with anarchist political structures in place, those twin ideals of tandem political liberty and economic liberty can be realized and enjoyed over a long, stable, rewarding period of time.


Today's The New York Times online carried an editorial quote from a Kurt Andersen titled The Downside of Liberty:"For hippies and bohemians as for businessmen and investors, the extreme individualism of the '60s has been triumphant. Selfishness won."

Altruists like Andersen never get it right. Selfishness rises out of the selfless individual. Altruism got us into this mess, and his solution is more of the same. So evil proliferating is compounded by adding fuel to the fire of wickedness to make it burn higher and hotter, consuming everything in its path. Leftists mean well but their good intentions are transformed into a nasty nightmare due to the unintended consequences of their horrible solutions.

Actual, widespread individualism has never been tried or really learned by an generation of trained, smart, moral, innovative, aspiring individualists. They would be self-interested, but selfishness is not one of their traits. Paradoxically, their enlightened self-interest is the only successful means to achieving and maintaining what is good for all.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Existing As A Hermit Considered

Journal Entry: 1-29-2012

Mavellonialists may choose to live as full-fledged hermits. They may want to live in perfect solitude away from worldly worries, distractions and interruptions. If that is their vocation, so be it.

However, most Mavellonialists desire and seek social interaction with family, peers, friends and neighbors. Being an advanced individualist need not be incompatible with social functioning. Indeed, some of it is essential for good mental health. So interacting helps her maintain perspective (escaping narcissistic and solipsistic tendencies).

Being alone to self-actualize most of the time is demanded of those seriously honing her craft. But isolation must not be exclusively the way she fills her days. Utter isolation is a poor substitute for spending needed time with others for the comfort and edification of all.