Thursday, August 17, 2017


What really happened at Charlottesville? Yes, we should condemn racism and hatred, and Trump did so and I do so? The Soros-funded Alt-left Thugs are racist against whites, individualists, individuators, Southerners and conservatives.

Trump is a verbal clod but he is no racist. That Leftist mobs and street thugs seek to smash Trump, smash conservatives, smash the American Way of life and the Constitution, and they have whipped up this media-fed frenzy to silence conservatives and bring Euro-style socialism to America.

What Trump should do is apologize, not for being racist and pro-Nazi, but for speaking  without script and without being grounded in conservatives principles.

He should condemn racist and Nazis. He should also condemn Alt-Left totalitarian aims for our future. He should warn all that violent, mob street riots and terrorism by any, anywhere, from the Left or Right, will be met with federal and local law enforcement curtailing of any effort to disrespect law and order, or to break down the civil society.

He should point out the much of Southern values and Southern Confederate heritage run very parallel to the traditional American Way of Life that he seeks to restore as part of his push to restore American greatness. Tearing down statues and fomenting racial hatred disunites and destroye America, not to be countenanced.

The Left discredits the slave-owning and racist Southern past--now largely abated and old news--as a fresh justification for destroying any new support, especially among young people, for the American Way of life, their real target for eradication.

He should, as Levin suggests, be working on Congress and going to the people all over the country to get his conservative agenda restarted, so none are distracted by the fluff non-issues brought up out of this Charlottesville charade.

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