Thursday, August 17, 2017


Prager conducted the Santa Monica orchestra--kudos to him.

Today he labeled this Left rant about Charlottesville to be hysteria. Right on. They use fake outrage over fake offenses from the Right, and they use it to smear all conservatives and Trumps as Nazis. They are conducting an mob/bulllying attack on the body politic of our constitutional republic, and hysteria in the name of identity politics is their weapon--Prager's idea--to terrorize all into verbal submission and silence, as they conduct their totalitarian reign of terror over the entire society.

I am here to tell them to go to hell.

I am here to fight back.

I am here to to warn them to stuff their identity politics up their noses.

Group-living, group think, never allowing any citizen to live as an individuator and free individual, aside from his assigned group identity--these are the real racists against every kind of person conceivable, and against all individuals.

They have a special hatred for conservatives,  and whites. Their phony outrage is their weapon of choice for outlawing dissent, outlawing independent thought, and to do away with civilized, liberating Western civilization.

The cultural wars are not going well for conservatives, especially with all those in Congress, Republicans, not standing up, speaking out, rallying around Trump their leader.

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