Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Trump made to apologize for white Nazis, sickos and losers, and the counter-rioters, the White-hating, America-hating Communist thugs that rioted and tore down historic Confederate statues.

We need law and order--why did the police stand down and let these thugs fight each other in the streets?

Trump should say lawlessness will not prevail, and that peace will be restored and maintained. March peacefully, but no violence will be countenanced.

Prager accuses this of all arising out of identity politics. Rush quotes sources yesterday suggesting that identity politics is destroying the Democratic Party as no one will unite with anyone, and no one is qualified to understand or speak for gays who is not gay.

Identity politics grow out of group-identity, and such sick, destructive affiliations wreck civil society, preclude civil discourse, and stifle the individuals under such a regimen.

Until we follow God, individual-live and maverize, such pointless, barbaric public displays will continue, and Americans cannot progress.

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