Friday, August 11, 2017

The Crippled Guru Psyche

Usually the stronger or sicker is the craving for power over others, accompanied by an insatiable demand for insincere but constant, untrue adulation and flattery, the more vicious the receiving guru or dictator will act to compel such unwarranted gifts from his captive, subdued audience.

And the stronger is his bottomless need to receive such twisted attention, proporitionately he is that much less able to wield power judiciously and wisely.

The only humans that know how to handle power, and do well at wielding it, are those few, rare, good individualists/individuators/anarchists that set other people free to do their own thing, and to exercise with their own share of divinely given personal power, their divine right.

Those that liberate others are the only ones that can wield power, and they are not much interest in wielding public power for very long. Being basically evil, but virtuous through hard work, they know that wielding centralized power politically, bureaucratically or socially is a job that demands 3 year, strict term limits before soul rot set into the heart of the addicted power-wielder.

The only ones that deserve to handle power and can handle power are those that do not want it beyond their own share, or beyond their short term limit.

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