Tuesday, August 8, 2017


There is little in life to rival the ferocious and final withdrawal from and rejection of loners outted by joiners. The loners are isolated and disappeared for life.

Why does this occur?

1. These patterns of behavior and misbehavior are  instinctive, innate and archetypal. These patterns are socially repeated over and over again around the world, everyday, conducted and participated in by millions and millions of people.

2. Loners are viciously punished by joiners to warn other joiners to stay in line, and never to consider abandoning group-living for individual-living.

3.  Evil people hate good people with a passion and work hard and in earnest to destroy them.  Generally loners are better and more moral than are joiners, so the evil joiners detest, fear, oppose and attack the superior loners in their midst.

4. The local coalition of joiners seek to complete their social ambitions: to gain in social rank, collective power, favor, position, popularity and respected standing. To associate with loners will result in a loss of social status; to disassociate with them is to bolster the joiners' social status. It means that the price they pay is to grow in evil, sickness and insanity, but most willingly do they pay that price.

5. Joiners are conservative, superstitious, unwelcoming and suspicious in a petty, stunted, narrow way. To fear, shut out and resist the stranger is their instinctive, primal motive. The loners in their midst represent the unknown, the strange, the hostile and loners thus are enemies to be walled off.

6. God and De's Good Spirits are loners, individualists and individuators. Therefore, the loner, sharing a natural affinity with God,  is closer to God than joiners are. Lera and the Evil Spirits are joiners, collectivists and nonindividuators, so joiners are closer naturally to the dark forces.

The consequence is that joiners seek to avoid and expel loners as a means of keeping God and the Good Spirits at bay. Joiners wish to live group lives of lies and denial, and this is largely achieved by escaping from truth, God and love, escaping from freedom.

7. Loners are freer and joiners are more enslaved, and those that live lives of subjugation, do not want contradictory loners in their presence reminding them of their failure to grow, to  be free and happy, and their failure to seek liberation and enlightenment. If they eliminate loners, the joiners are not reminded of their inability and unwillingness to live responsibly.

8. Loners, especially those working to be great-souled, if they become the majority of the citizenry, would lead to all being more or less equal. Joiners are the ones that group-live, live in institutions as and are ranked in pecking orders ruled by heartless elites. The class society is made possible and supported by joiners that group-live.

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