Friday, August 11, 2017

Universals Considered

Do universals exist in reality, or are they just conceptual names and definitions arbitrarily selected by humans a mere convention and custom that mean not much more than that?

I am enough of an Objective Idealist and Objective Materialist to believe that universals exist out there in some parallel universe, and that our spiritual/rationalist intuitional sensory organ detects these universals.

I also believe that things out there in the external world do exist independently of the subjective consiousness of the pereiver.

I also know that we perceivers are self-delusional and communal delusional as group-livers, and that makes our ability to glean certain knowledge about the external world very problematic.

Even where humans are clear thinking and almost purely without illusion, there is some skeptical need for epistemological caution about boastful, absolutist claims. We could be wrong, and our conclusions may not apply to the whole world everywhere.

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