Tuesday, August 8, 2017

You Failed

You failed to deliver. They promised to repeal and replace Obamacare, so we gave them the House, the Senate and the White House. Most of them lied, betrayed us, sided with the Swamp creatures, and voted to keep this failed entitlement as the law of the land, nationalizing at least 1/6th of the economy, growing wicked, profligate, freedom-snatching, individualist-oppressing big government.

They, the elected politicians, did fail. But they are but puppets, sleazy, disreputable, unscrupulou servants really.

You, the groupist, nonindividuating, mediocre citizen lusting after and addicted to "free" government goodies, desperately pleading with politicians, judges and jurists to do your thinking for you, and to run your lives for you, so that you, a selfish, cowardly, stupid, sullen voter and citizen can live as a ward to the state in perpetuity.

You need to grow up and be a man or a mature woman, whatever genitalia that you carry. Maverize, grow in strength, power and spiritual and political savvy as an individuating anarchist and engaged, dominant supercitizen. Unite with other, strong, enlightened, determined supercitizens, and your servants in Washington will come to heel pretty quick.

They failed you because they are corrupt and basically evil. You failed because you are corrupt and basically evil and did not provide your political leaders and political representatives with the instruction and guidance that they so desperately require from their supercitizen voters.

When you fail, the country fails. When America disappears, the whole world goes down. You have failed and the consequences may be monumental and lasting.

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