Friday, August 18, 2017

Religion of Peace

Muslims are quick to take offense when Westerners accuse them of not being adherents to the religion of peace that they claim that Islam is. Here are some concrete steps that they could take to reassure us, and actually make things better.

1. Worldwide, make it a legal, secular crime for all imams and mullahs to preach jihad and the use of terrorism against unbelievers, and other-believers anywhere. Arrest, try and imprison for life any religious figure that teaches young men at mosque or in religious schools that they will go to heaven for butchering anyone in Allah's name.

2. All Muslim governments to work domestically to arrest and wipe out terrorist cells.

3. All Muslim governments to work internationaly to arrest and wipe out terrorist cells.

4. All imams and theologians to teach that holy war and terrorism are from Satan, not from Allah.

5. Teach the young to be religious, but to blend Islam with Mavellonialism.

If Muslims take concrete steps like these, I will be inclined to believe that their faith has become a religion of peace.

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