Friday, August 25, 2017

No, Trump is not a racist, although he is a little bigoted as we all are.

The congenital and systemic racists are Leftist: they wholeheartedly reject the humane doctrine of Mavellonialism, under which it is proclaimed that all people are to be esteemed as individuals first, and their color and ethnicity is an interesting tableau upon which they illustrate their live mission.

The Left are obsessed with groups and group identities. None is a free person. None is an individual with character, plans, personality and life possible outside of ethnic and group identity.

For the Left all are assigned group status, and who is good and who is bad, and who is a victim and who is a victimizer, and who is apart of the oppressive elite, and who is an unequally treated underdog--all this is enveloped by group identity.

One's group identity is each person's only destiny, and big, coercive government and its intelligentsia, strong man and apparatchiks are the one's to hand out the roles of who is a winner, or loser, or oppressor. Economic and political justice will be enforced by federal police by the threat of guns and prison cells. Inequality will be righted, and fairness will be enforced as class warfare is abolished by force at the federal level. Group identities will inform bureaucrats as they categorize all by their color, ideology or gender assignation.

The racists are the functionaries embedded in the Leviathan's belly.

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