Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Islamic Blasphemy Laws


Leo Hohman, the WND editor and reporter, has a fine and alarmng article today about Muslim nations seeking to battle Islamophobia by instituting blaspheme laws against media around the world.

 One is not allowed to criticize Allah, Muhammad or Islam.

Now, I will not go so far as to accuse Islam of being a satanic faith, but blaspheme laws are from Satan, straight up, so that part of Islam is wicked, backwards, and must end now.

God is truth and God is love. God commands all humans to individuate mightily and for life. That entails that God allows almost pure free speech, and fearless, open-ended intellectual indpendence and investigation.

People should be free to say whatever they want about any deity, any prophet (including me) and any faith. 

Now, the denigrator of the deity may burn in hell after death, or spend an extra 4,000 years in Purgatory, or be punished immediately by increased suffering here and now as the offended deity metes out justice, but that is between De and the blasphemer.

Other people are to leave them alone, period. No street justice, no cop extracurricular punishment, no using the courts to attack blasphemers and verbal offenders.

That fifty Muslim nations sign onto this, reveals how fanatical and barbaric they still are. They unapologetically seek to suppress free speech.Blaspheming, state laws are relics of a bad past that need to disappear right now.

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