Wednesday, August 2, 2017

John McCain

So he got his revenge against Trump by killing Obamacare reform. Nothing like going out with grace and style--revenge does not motivate our Senator McCain.

Yet, I believe I have the lowdown on a secret, primary, most powerful motive that impels McCain, the other Washington insiders (RINOS and Democrats).

Deep down, they gain immense satisfaction at blocking conservative reformers. Conscious or unconscious of this motive, it is written by me in several places that Satan and Lera are enthroned in this secular heart of darkness where big institutions, big government, economic and cultural socialism and groupist living and politicking all take place.

Protecting and expanding the turf of the Dark Lord and his Dark Lady, working, voting and legislating to become great Evil Spirits is what drives Washington insiders to serve the cause of wickedness by growing Washington, and obviating conservative reformers from being victorious.

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